The first blockchain asset platform in the DARB world for everyone

DARB Finance is a global multilingual platform that combines all the advantages of blockchain technology while maintaining the simplicity of traditional buying and selling platforms and cash platforms. This platform is designed for speed, security and scalability, which allows you to successfully process thousands and thousands of transactions in a second
The platform calculates the details of sales with the number of discontinued purchases and daily sales, mostly based on the day, using the volume of changes that day, which can also be distributed in the form of DARB cash that was recently obtained here and today. At ETH, this store stores 35% to 50% of sales from DARB owners.

This Bizzaria Limited, a company launching a blockchain headquartered in St. Julian’s, Malta, Tallinn, Estonia and Warsaw, Poland, are ready to start one of the most important decentralized projects to drastically try blockchain and cryptocurrency adoption and really help users use: Darb. The aim of the project is to equip users with a platform, which is an easy gateway to the crypto world. Accessible to businesses, professional traders, technology people, and most importantly, ordinary people who do not have permission to enter the world of crypto assets.

Darb is a platform that is supported by its own verified token that will help people embrace and transfer markets with a stable, measurable, and trusted chain, as well as multi-currency wallets needed to be purchased with cryptocurrency, with cards or can only be used to support payments with fingerprints!

Darb is your personal interface from the blockchain world.

These are the key points of what we have to do and what we will do:

Finished with crypto-fiat transfer, DARB Finance is a multichain wallet for cryptocurrency and tokens, which will revolutionize the business and at the same time allow you to buy shopping with crypto payments. Everything is possible with the screening of FIAT and the crypto-asset world; 
Portfolio portfolio and follower program management; 
Social trade; 
Monitoring social media trends and crypto-news; 
Physical crypto-fiat terminal to collect both worlds;

How to start?

1. Register in Darb

More than 30 seconds! Our registration process is very fast and you can connect your account with Facebook or Google!

2. Trade

We know the most important community! That’s why the DAR economy improves on users and works as an incentive. Every trade mines tokens, but trading is a game for two – which is considered a token, DARB generated from trading will be distributed between you and your trading partner. The distribution ratio is 65% for MAKER and 35% for TAKER.

3. Get a share of your Darb Income

After a full day of trading, the Darb system will calculate your revenue share and calculate your newly mined DARB tokens every day. Darb platform Share between 35-50% of revenue with DARB owners. Distribution of Revenues Paid in ETH every day. All coins are mined in daily distribution.

4. History

Each Proof of Trade milestone enhances additional features (such as DARB-ETH trading pairs on Milestone II) or increases% of revenue.

5. Advisory board

The top 50 users who have the largest number of DARB tokens will be invited to the personal slack as the Advisory Board and will help obtain new ideas and collect new features developed as the first feedback. The board will be in close contact with the DARB team. This list will be updated every month.

Why Use Darb?

The Architectural
Exchange  System  needs to be designed from the ground up taking into account security, limitations, speed and scalability. Our team has gained experience and maintained a world-class financial system that made finances for several seasons.

Our matching machine
matching machines are able to maintain orders of 3,700,000 per second (where for example Visa has 1667 and MasterCard 5000+). That makes Darb Finance one of the fastest exchanges on the planet. You can be sure, that your order will never crash because of a matching machine that is never again.

Darb Finance was built in accordance with the highest standards, audited and won victories. We know the security provided will be given. That’s why we order the best from international companies or from smaller and more geeky companies. We provide a high level of isolation between our services and granular access permissions for each of our applications.

Fair, regulating low cost (FLF)
Darb Keuangan goes beyond the CHEAPEST Singer on the Market. In addition, costs are reduced from volume, so you don’t need to jump from platform to platform, we love your time and input! 
– 0.05% for Author 
– 0.2% for Author

Demo Account
For users who want to first, we also have a solution. Create a demo account, use demo coins provided and install best practices with our tutorial. It’s safe and profitable from all that is a real market, it’s time for you to try trading without pressure.

Support 24/365
There are 8765 hours in agreement, and each is unique. Cryptomarkets never says stop, everything can happen, but it needs to be safe, our disputing and professionally dedicated staff will be available at all times, to answer your most difficult requests or resolve issues discussed on our platform.

Private Tokens
For those who are looking for more Tokenisation, we recommend and give your approval in the ERC20 standard. For a small fee, it can be registered at Darb Finance, get your followers to get your assets! To ensure you have the only smart contract owner, Darb Finance transfers ownership of the smart contract to the ethereum address provided by the user.


01.10.2018 Fase I
Launch the official platform.
Change DARB Finance available.
12/14/2013 12:00 Fase II
Preliminary evidence of trade
REST API is available
01.01.2019 Fase II
A pocket web company is available.
The company’s web portfolio is available
DARB Finance allows the transfer of mud from cryptography to ETH.
Q1 2019, Phase III
Branded branded bags available
Cellular programs are available on the DARB platform
The DARB Academy starts
Q2 2019 Phase IV
Explore additional options to combine cryptocurrency technology and blockchain into the latest cash services.
Combine international cryptocurrency with the normal FIAT market
Get an EMI license
DARB Academy strong trend
Phase IV in the first quarter of 2020
Remove Crypto and Fiat Terminals


The DARB platform, of course, is one of the answers that can provide security and protection during the storage of cryptocurrency properties with various cryptographic, multilingual functions. The Exchange architecture is mature and ready to use, and you can use it for demo accounts that you will find at a glance first. The low cost of making the Darb platform is what you need to work with your virtual property correctly and easily.

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