The DMC will be used to unlock and refine the smart contract for investment settlement in the Decentralized DM Infrastructure. By legalizing the ancient system, DMC will create great efficiency and scalability for the industry.


What is DCM?

About DarcMatter
DarcMatter (DM) – is an award-winning global fintech investment platform that provides transparent and direct access to alternative investments. DarcMatter is the owner of the platform and operated by Return on Change Inc. Founded in 2014, the DM platform connects GPs that actively raise capital with Investors (LP) globally, to connect seamlessly, access funding documentation, and invest in a curated collection of Hedge Funds, Private Equity, and Venture Capital funds efficiently online. Headquartered in New York City, DM also has offices in Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Seoul, South Korea, where regional teams work with local investors to provide direct access to cross-border investment opportunities through the platform.

ok, I will track how global top Platform is here, DarcMatter is a global platform that I know is fully operational, which convinces investors worldwide to access the class of alternative fund assets in a transparent and safe manner for you. What I know Highlights for DarcMatter include:

Global Award: Given as Top FinTech’s platform is more than 4 countries
Worldwide Investor Reach: 1300 investors (agencies, advisers and individuals) take advantage of the platform as a source of new investment opportunities
Global Access Area: 150+ Funds on a platform I know more than $ 10 billion in total AUM
The Global Thinking Team: The awarded team and top-caliber and advisors investors.


Darc matter will run on the NEM Ecosystem which has innovative features such as proof of importance, Mosaics and namespaces features that allow the platform to be more decentralized and secure than other top blockchain ecosystems.

Darc matter plans to transform the multi-trillion-dollar industry where Private Equity, Hedge Funds, and Investment Vehicles industry that is highly demanded by investors and over the past few years investors have shown an interest in allowing fund managers to manage their portfolios. I have researched deeper on the industry and market Darc matter targets and have summarized them in this entry available here DARC MATTER MARKET AND INDUSTRY

Darc matter ICO


Darc Matter is currently offering investor an opportunity to invest in their platform, below are details abou the ICO more deep analysis of the ICO available here DARC MATTER ICO and also on the official DARC MATTER OFFICIAL WEBSITE

Total tokens generated: 1,000,000,000 DMC

Public pre-sale of the DMC tokens start date: March 7, 2018 (with two months lock-up period).

ICO start date: April 7, 2018

Price of DMC token: USD0.200

Meanwhile, in the past, there was an industry focusing on the negative financial industry, which I know consisted of reserve funds, private equity funds and reserve funds, it was the last chance for the public to become one of the most important classes in the world. Existing alternative investment is defined as something that is not in the international mind, whether cash, equity or bonds. therefore this term is used to cover exotic assets such as luxury goods, art, wine etc. from this I read, the most widely used and sought from the beginning has become an asset of alternative funding classes.


then how the transaction is based on what I’ve read All fees associated with the transaction using DMC will be paid to DM, the parent company. when the settlement of each delivery transaction concerning Singularity Node (see below) transfers the information and the rest must be given to DM in return for certain functions.

as I know the DMC will be used to lock and refine smart contracts for investment settlement in the DM of Decentralized Infrastructure. ie with the adoption of ancient systems, DMC will create great efficiency and scalability for the industry.
Below is an illustration that I know.

Personal Pre-Sale (Through Invitation)
Pre-Sales Public Specification
People sales



Token – DMC
Platform – NEM
Type – XEM
Token on sale – 500,000,000
Investment info
Receive – BTC, ETH, XEM
Distributed in ICO – 50%
Soft cap – 5000000 USD
Hard cap – 35000000 USD



DarcMatter is an existing business offering opportunities previously reserved for the wealthy and powerful people in the society, the business integration of alternative funds with blockchain technology to deliver a strong business model is a strong investment to rely on. The fund industry is indeed in need of technological touch and decentralization and darc matter adoption of blockchain technology to bring a solution is a solid choice for an investment.

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Willis Towers Watson. 2017. An unstoppable rise in alternatives. [ONLINE] Available at: https://www.willistowerswatson.com/en/press/2017/07/The-unstoppable-rise-of-alternatives. [Accessed June 15, 2018].

Economic Times. 2016. Alternative investments have grown 5-fold in 2 years. [ONLINE] Available at: https://economictimes.indiatimes.com/markets/expert-view/alternative-investment-has-grown-5-fold-in-2-years-jo-murphy/articleshow/54805934.cms. [Accessed June 15, 2018].


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