Darico Ecosystem Coin is a utility token specifically designed to empower people

Over the past year, a new business model has emerged that allows entrepreneurs and projects of all kinds to generate revenue and enable private individuals to gain access to tokens for projects they support. This led to Cambrian innovation explosions and allowed people from all over the world to participate Non-technical people will now have the opportunity to purchase tokens from projects they love, and allow businessmen and project teams to reach these people as candidates customer.

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Darico is an asset-backed cryptocurrency designed specifically to provide more secure and accessible gates for cryptocurrency investments than is currently available. Security, tracking capabilities and non-governmental cryptocurrency properties mean they have very large numbers. to offer both as the main deposit of value and transaction method. However, until accessibility and stability issues are successfully addressed, crypto will be difficult to reach audiences widely.

Darico combines the tremendous potential provided by the two largest cryptocurrencies – Bitcoin and Ether – with the most widely understood, historically tested, secure gold assets stored. Thus Darico offers an easy path to cryptocurrency investment that allows holders to benefit from the potential growth of Bitcoin and Ether values, while having the comfort to know that their crypto assets are backed by gold security.

The second challenge faced by investors is the illiquid crypto. The process of profiting from trading platforms or turning them into fiat is often complicated. Services are often absent, or when they are available, the conversion process may take up to several days to complete.

Since cryptocurrency can lose significant value due to price volatility in minutes, a slow conversion process can contribute to a huge investment cost of cryptocurrency. In the current domain, Supply / demand for hidden crypto deployment makes it virtually impossible to sell the asset quickly without the price being affected.

The bigger problem, however, is the ability of investors or small groups of investors to raise prices up or down by making large orders or trying to convert very large amounts to fiat especially in lower marketcap coins. Practice known as Pump & Dump. This aspect of liquidity is not only a source of volatility, but also causes cryptocurrency to lose value when the market faces large fluctuations.

The last significant risk with the investment of cryptocurrency is a high positive correlation between cryptocurrency values. When the price of Bitcoin fluctuates, most other criypto assets follow. Currencies have the same characteristics and are therefore exposed to similar risks.

Bitcoin dominance of about 50% of crypto market share and its use as a method of payment for other cryptocurreny trade, or altcoins, is one of the factors causing this high positive correlation. By entering gold, Darico is designed to break this positive correlation, giving investors a coin that will have its own value.V

What Factors Make Darico Standing?

There are other available cryptocurrency investment tokens available, but the team behind Darico designed this one with a lot to differentiate it. This should provide investors with asset diversification, as well as long-term investment security, with only one cryptocoin. Thus, there is no need to seek the best investment to include a diversified portfolio; Darico does it for you. Investing in Darico Coin automatically gives you a diversified portfolio. Great opportunity for current investor or trader crypto.

Because Darico relies on gold, Bitcoin, and Ether, it is able to provide gold stability with both Bitcoin and Ether liquidity. Factors in potential cryptocurrency, and Darico Coin provides investors with all the best characteristics of traditional investment and crypto.

Darico Ecosystem Coin is a utility token that is specifically designed to empower people by providing professional and user friendly investment tools that enable holders to monitor, trade, invest and spend crypto currency confidently.

Darico Coin Holders will receive exclusive access to the entire Darico ecosystem, including wallets, terminals, liquidity pools, Index Funds, debit cards and exchanges.

The Darico ecosystem gives DEC holders the tools they need to monitor, trade, invest, and spend their cryptocurrency confidently. Darico users will gain access to its unique products that make up its ecosystem; Darico purses, terminals, index funds, debit cards and exchanges; a unique set of crypto tools to enable users to operate successfully in the crypto market. In addition, Liquidity Pools play an important role in providing sustainability for the Darico Ecosystem, and enable sustainable growth.

Important facts about coins

Darico coins are supported by 33% solid gold in custodian safes, 55% BTC, and 10% ETH.
Self-mined coins; This genesis block will produce daily coins for the next 18 years to reach the 240 million limit. Possible assignment and ownership of the genealogy account.
Earnings that are highly accessible, liquid, user friendly, and generate Darico Exchange.

Darico reduces volatility and correlation

The combination of gold, Bitcoin and Ether forms the foundation on which Darico stands.

Funds raised at ICO Darico will be used to purchase assets that support their value. This allows long-term investors to hold their coins with confidence knowing that the fluctuations caused by short-term daily trading will always be attributed to the true value of the assets that support it.

Taking into account the long-term objectives of a set of Darico assets, these assets are selected proportionately based on the Strategic Asset Allocation Strategy to reduce the risks associated with cryptocurrency, while reasonably exposed to their potential growth potential.

In the end, it is gold that holds a more stable and secure lock cryptocurrency. Its value has been tested for centuries and although it is impossible to know exactly how Bitcoin and Ether will go forward in the future, we can confirm that gold will always be in demand and seen as the last safe place to store value. Also, gold has a historical correlation of zero with the currency of crypto.


At least 90% of the amounts filed during ICO will be used to purchase assets that will refund Coop Darico. According to the proportion of its asset basket, 55% of funds will be converted to Bitcoin, 35% to gold and 10% for ether.

1. Auto Mining
Through automatic mining, the genesis account will emit new coins daily for 18 years until it reaches a cap of 240 million. All Darico genesis account holders will share emissions based on current ownership. Account ownership and future coin genesis rights may be transferable.

2. Darico Wallet
Darico provides easy access to crypto trading for non technical users. We developed Darico’s application and debit cards. Darico, the possibility of unlimited transactions on the web or outside and facilitating new types of investment is just as unlimited. because they are interesting.

3. DRC Token.
The value of the DRC token will be driven by its use and the number of people investing in it as well as the Liquidity Pool, which will continue both Bitcoin and Eter in addition to gold, to provide a baseline and safety net for DRC.

ICO Darico and DRC Token Details

DRC is a token that drives Darico, and is currently in pre-ICO sales, which ends Dec. 30. At the time of this writing, 606,000 DRCs have been sold out of the 3 million allocated, which is equivalent to $ 2,038,003 USD. Those who invested during pre-ICO received bonus 110 DRC for each ETH invested.

The ICO itself will last for six months, during which 60 million, Darico will be sold. Any excess coins that are not sold will be burned, as these retain their value. Contributing up to 3 million DRC will provide 110 DRC for each ETH. After this point, the tariff drops to 100 DRC per ETH. Starting from 25.000.001, it becomes 90 DRC, and it becomes 75 DRC at 50.000,001. Following the ICO, at least 90 percent of the funds collected during that period will be used to purchase the assets behind Darico Coin, with the divisions mentioned above.

The team behind Darico has many years of experience in related fields. Mojtaba Asadian is founder and CEO, while Solange Basseterre is the project manager. Ihor Pidruchny is a blockchain architect, and Andrew Zubko is a blockchain engineer. Other members of the team include Roman Tsivka as an intelligent contract developer, Liwaa Chehayeb as business development manager, Kirsten Morel as content manager, Kelly Stafford as community manager, and Marco Schlauri as marketing manager. Counselors include Luke Szkudlarek and Mario Colombo.



Conclusion for the ecosystem

Darico has the potential to be a smart and reliable investment for everyone, regardless of their familiarity with cryptocurrency and whether they already have crypto assets. The combination of backing crypto with gold should provide stability, liquidity, and other desired benefits. While this is clearly a long-term investment, just like any other investment portfolio, it seems to be an intelligent decision.



Website: https://darico.io

Whitepaper: https://darico.io/en/Darico-Whitepaper.pdf

Twitter: https://twitter.com/darico

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