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With the development of the blockbuster and crypto currency, every day there are more and more altcoyins (tokens), which forces even experienced investors to tighten up, not to mention newcomers to this business. We have to follow a huge amount of information from dozens of different exchanges in order not to miss the profit. It is good that there are also developed platforms aimed at making the work of the crypto-investor the most convenient and effective. The Darico project is just one of them.

about the project

Darico is a decentralized block-based platform for investing in crypto-currencies, which includes an exchanger, a purse, analytical tools, training courses and the like.
With this platform, you can easily buy, sell and invest various tokens with the maximum benefit. The greatest functionality, however, will be available to holders of DEC project tokens, which, however, have something to interest the investor.

Darico can be divided into the following parts:

– terminal Nyus

A news line that uses artificial intelligence in its work, which will allow you to learn only the most important news of the cryptomir. Accordingly, it is subject to flexible adjustment;

– Chawk index fund

Having learned the important news, which will affect the rate of a currency, the investor will want to invest. First you need to create an investment portfolio. Chawk index fund will help you with this, where specialists of the platform will offer you a portfolio with one of three risk levels, the choice is yours.
Accordingly, like any index fund, Chawk will regularly make a profit, Darico specialists will also constantly structure it for the greatest benefit.

– multi-currency purse Gnius

Replenishment of your brokerage account (investment portfolio) will also occur through the Gnius inside-platform purse, which uses two-factor identification, and also allows you to link your other crypto-currency accounts to it. As the name suggests, the wallet is a multi-currency, which is very convenient, because there are a lot of coins. With the help of a purse, you can also always be aware of a particular currency by adding it to a special tracking list. At the moment, a version of the wallet for desktop operating systems (Windows, Linux, MacOS) is already available, and mobile application development is in full swing;

– exchange DarEx

The exchanger will certainly have Gibraltar’s lawyering, which, incidentally, is not such a high degree of interest in regulating crypto-currencies. Commission for the sale and purchase will be paid automatically by DEC tokens;

– pool of liquidity

This pool is created to make the platform and the internal token insensitive to the fluctuations of the rates, less volatile, so to speak. The pool will be collected from ICO funds (50%), and contain BTC, ETH and gold reserves, which is correct in terms of diversification;

– DePay debit card

Creating a debit card is an excellent solution. Negotiations are in progress with leading payment systems, so that it is possible to easily pay for purchases with the help of DePay, as well as to withdraw fiat money anywhere in the World. At the same time, the conversion of the Crypto-currency-Fiat will occur very quickly and with a record minimum commission.

On the token and ICO

As we have already explained, the platform token is called DEC . The stability of the price of the token is backed by gold reserves and stocks of the main crypto currency (a pool of liquidity), why the investor should not worry about the safety of his funds. This approach allows diversifying investor funds with one currency, which is incredibly convenient.
The digital safety of the investor’s funds from theft and fraud is guaranteed by the blocking and technology of smart contracts, and also reliably protected in the Swiss bank’s storage. And it’s not a joke.

The platform passes ICO:

• Dates: January 30 – July 30, 2018
• Name of the DEC token (ERC20)
• Token issue: 120,000,000
• Tokens for sale ICO: 72,000,000
• Price per token: 1 DEC = 0.5 $
• Maximum sales target: 36,000,000 $
• Minimum investment size : $ 100



The developers of the Darico platform have a very correct and professional approach to business: they offer investors exactly what they expect from honest and modern investment tools. Add here a detachment with smart contracts, as well as active legal activities to develop the project, and get an almost perfect way to multiply your capital!

Darico Roadmap

For more information, visit Darico on

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