DataBloc seeks to create the first enterprise-level economic system for storing data and services.

The goal of DataBloc is to become the dominant sharing economy in the data services industry, and we use the blockchain solution for one-time competitors.

The DataBloc software running on the blockchain coordinates the flow of data distributed over several points. Since there is no central point of failure, the system is remarkably resilient to violations.

The DataBloc software solution, StoneFusion, is a $ 40 million, 8th generation product that includes 16 full-time software developers. StoneFly software provides the future of DataBloc for data sharing. It was Mo Tahmasebi who turned StoneFly from a start-up company into a well-established business with 16 full-time software developers. StoneFly understands that data is what feeds modern business. The company has developed advanced data storage structures to meet the needs of the enterprise with its main product, StoneFusion.

Features of the DataBloc platform include:

· Created base of more than 2000 corporate clients

· Permissions-based blockchain, which opens up the possibility of using hidden storage capacity in global data centers 8M +

· B2B and B2C data exchange creates customized, scalable, secure and transparent storage and maintenance solutions.

Road map

January 2016 – Start of StoneyFIy and the first launch of StoneFusio.

October 2018 – The 8th generation of StoneFusion comes out.

December 2018 – Start DataBIoc, Inc.

February 2019 – Private outsole starts for STONE, RBC and shares in DataBloc.

Q2 2019 – STONE Token Public Base

3Q2019 – Beta version of the web plot released. Offer of Royolt tokens. Stimulation begins.

Q4 2019 – Public launch of a web form. Sales by smell and medium business begins.

2020 – Additional data services added to the web platform.

2021 – Marketing for 5G customers begins.

2021 – Hybrid beta released without permission.

Information on the sale of tokens:

Presale discount: up to 40%

Allowable currencies: BTC, ETH and Wire

Total supply: 333,333,333

Number of tokens for sale: 200,000,000

Price per token: 0.5 USD

Hard cap: 10,000,000 US dollars

Soft cap: 100,000,000 US dollars

For more information, see the official website:


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