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Startup Origin in San Francisco is setting up a set of network protocols that allow developers and businesses to create decentralized marketplaces on Blockchain, with a focus on shared economies (sharing economy).

The Origin network protocol is a set of open source Blockchain structures for buyers and sellers in services such as Car-sharing (minute or hour rental) or Home-sharing (The feature of sharing photos, videos and music without sync) for trading on the open web is decentralized.
Applications of this protocol will directly store transaction data such as validity and pricing on Blockchain.

Origin recently released the Origin Protocol Demo DApp test, directly on Ethereum Network. They also announced that some companies have committed to developing additional applications on Origin floor.

“Our mission for Origin is to establish protocols that allow electronic markets to be governed by regulations instead of aggregating heads. We want to eliminate rent-seeking intermediaries, maximize personal freedom, reduce censorship and redistribute value to network participants, ”John Fraser, co-founder of Origin, spoke in a conversation with Bitcoin Magazine: “Partners are relying on Origin because they realize they can reach the market sooner and we can share the brand network application by co-operation. ”

Fix the problem of Centralized Marketplace
Uber and Airbnb, popular electronic markets for ride-sharing and home-sharing, often seen as people Play top in the booming sharing economy. Another noteworthy term is “People as a service,” which describes the business forms of these two companies, where the attraction from the funding has priced both. The company is in the tens of billions of dollars.
Consumers are aware of Uber and Airbnb faster, cheaper, and better than comparable services to traditional services like taxis and hotels, which are transmitted through sophisticated applications that are easy to use. Although consumers are impressed with the purchase of direct applications from individual vendors in the decentralized model, peer network (P2P network), Uber and Airbnb are centralized, delivery systems. Translation between individual consumers and suppliers is guided through infrastructure, Hub networks and software belong to companies that own the exchange.

The centralized model makes Uber and Airbnb sensitive to control activities and it is likely that both services will be suppressed by the government at any time. Meanwhile, in addition to paying fees, owners of platforms that are fully in control of the network and individual providers are being condemned for exploitative behavior.

“Take Uber and Airbnb as a prime example,” Fraser said. “Both companies are strictly controlled or even banned in cities around the world. The two companies have also banned some individuals permanently from operating in their markets.

Uber and Airbnb services lack Uber and Airbnb companies

According to figures provided by Origin, Uber, Airbnb and other centralized shared markets, it is expected to earn $ 40 billion per year from trading platform fees from now until 2022, and the platform The shared economy is generally expected to reach US $ 335 billion by 2025. Some sharing services are centralized 30% of the fee for organizing these transactions.
Origin wants to remove these intermediaries with new standards based on Blockchain technology.

Origin trading platform “allows people to freely trade on Blockchain technology in decentralized markets without having to go to an intermediary to search for benefits,” said Coleman Maher, who recently joined Origin as You are in charge of long-term relations. “We aim to eliminate excessive transaction fees, reduce censorship and redistribute value to the community.”
“We are envisioning a large set of virtual use cases (such as vacation rentals, freelance software engineers, rental tutors) that are considered Origin’s leading standards and shared data. , ”Excerpted from the Origin product summary. Origin’s applications will have user sharing features, creating a “shared network effect” that benefits all application providers and consumers.

DataBloc The First Enterprise-Grade Sharing Economy for Data Storage and Services

The creators present DataBloc, the main undertaking grade sharing economy for information stockpiling and administrations. The DataBloc stage is a web stage that flawlessly and safely interfaces specialist organizations and undertaking clients.

The DataBloc programming, otherwise called StoneFusion, will be a ninth era authorization based blockchain arrangement created by StoneFly, a settled
information administrations organization situated in Silicon Valley. The product underpins different information administrations and capacity types, and offers endeavor quality information streamlining, accessibility, availability, security, and insurance.

Specialist co-ops download StoneFusion and rundown their accessible administrations on the DataBloc web stage. Endeavor and open clients enter their capacity

necessities and which information administrations they require. Clients at that point select obliging suppliers from a curated rundown and buy benefits specifically on the web stage. DataBloc is the main arrangement where venture quality administration suppliers can download a product that enables them to sell abundance information stockpiling also, benefits over the web, without client procurement costs—all inside a secure blockchain system.

The measure of usable information is developing exponentially close by headways in Man-made consciousness, Social Networks, Machine Learning, and the Internet of Things. Shockingly, under half of all information stockpiling limit is being utilized. Brought together information specialist co-ops have wasteful organizations models and need security. Completely decentralized models improve security, however since anybody can act as a specialist co-op, clients need straightforwardness about who is holding their information, making critical selection contact. Be that as it may, a permissioned blockchain offers a legitimate center ground arrangement where clients profit by the security of the blockchain while keeping up straightforwardness about who is holding their information.

The present rendition of StoneFusion is being changed to a permissioned blockchain arrangement. Brilliant contracts on the Ethereum blockchain will oversee all exchanges on the DataBloc stage. Stone (ticker: STONE) is the utility token

used to purchase and sell benefits on the DataBloc stage. Eminence Bloc (ticker: RBC) is the security token that acquires a continuous eminence on the income created by the DataBloc stage. Both STONE and RBC are ERC-20 convention tokens and have a fixed supply. To raise development capital and disseminate the tokens, DataBloc is selling STONE in a private deal pursued by an open deal. After the STONE open deal, RBC will be sold in the first historically speaking Royalty Token Offering.

Stone Token Sale

Token Distribution


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