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The use of social media is one of the leading producers of data in the online world. The e-commerce is an equally important element in the data generation. The data is the secret sauce of the internet which is running many industries. Companies collect our data without our explicit consent and use them to earn revenue, and increase their profits. The data buyer is unaware of the legality and accuracy of data. They need cheap data to market their services to the required number of users. The data is the fuel of data brokerage firms, who source and sell a variety of data. Users of the internet services have become a mere tool in the hand of big internet companies.

We need a platform, which provides security and transparency to the user’s data. A platform, where the user can control his data and can choose the way he wants to use it. Given the technological advancement in the world, it is not an impossible task.

What is DataFund?
Basically, Datafund is a protocol that guards personal data, provides safe storage and enables ethical data exchange. Individuals create their own datafund to reclaim, own and manage their data. Datafund is a new form of personal data oracle and a data market where organizations are incentivised to give data back to individuals and to participate in a fair and ethical exchange of data value. Contributors to a specific datafund are rewarded with intrinsic tokens of a receiving datafund.

Individuals using Datafund will be given ownership and control of their personal data in a convenient, trustworthy and financially beneficial way. Datafund will support companies by offering a solution that is regulatory compliant and allows transparent, secure and financially smart data management. Datafund’s solution for companies focuses on internal and external data monetization and related service offerings

Benefits for Individuals

  • Control Your Data:
    Control what you share. Delete what you want. Give and revoke consents.
  • Keep Your Privacy:
    Not even we know your data, unless we have your consent.
  • Create a New Income Source:
    Maximise revenues by sharing anonymised data. Create your personal Datafund and start earning DEX tokens.

Benefits for Enterprise

  • GDPR Compliant:
    All-in-one solution for consumer data storage and sharing, with track-back and opt-out functions.
  • New Revenue Stream:
    Transparent data exchange with the consent of the individuals that turns the cost of your CRM into an additional revenue stream.
  • New Data Streams and Leads:
    More efficient updating and enrichment of your consumer database

Token Details and Team
As the protocol development reaches its planned milestones, Datafund will develop a DEX token that will act as a utility token. The standard of the token will be ERC777, which is also ERC20 compatible. The DEX token will allow users access the platform, enable staking and bidding for market participants, decentralized protocol governance once the manage phase of the project is completed and lastly optionally pay for data usage (consents) and services.

Symbol: DEX
Amount to be raised: 20,000 ETH
Min. cap to be raised: 3,000 ETH

40% of the total supply is reserved for Tokensale, while 22% will be used for Partnerships & Ecosystem, 20% will be reserved for Team, 13% will be used for Foundation, while 4% will be reserved for Advisors, and lastly 1% will be used for Privacy awareness campaign. The team working on the project consists of entrepreneurs, business professionals, scientists, engineers, hackers and freedom fighters, all with the same vision of building a personal data economy.
To Join:

As the decision making in every aspect of life becomes Data-centric, we need Platforms like Datafund which users can efficiently manage their valuable data. We have to be the guardian of our own data. Datafund is the right choice for our data management.

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