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DataXchain is a Blockchain-based decentralized data trading platform powered by Deep Learning technology. It brings together data owners and data users and provides data owners the chance to monetize their personal or created data, and gives data users a chance to buy and use any kind of data they might require for their business or personal purposes. The platform will allow individuals to have complete access to their personal data and own the right to share them to individuals and companies and get rewarded for that.
The process is pretty simple. Data owners will upload their data, which can be in the form of a text, a video, an audio or an image, in the platform which will go through some labeling process and then the Data Matching technology will match the data to a Data user as per their requirements and they then will buy the data from the platform. The transaction will be completed using DataXchain’s utility token DXCT which are then transferred to the Data owner for sharing his data with the Data user.

What is DataXchain?

DataXchain is “Blockchain-predicated Decentralized Data Trade Accommodation”. DataXchain gives a custom fitted coordinating administration between Data Owner and Data Utilizer with our intriguing “Savvy Matching Engine (IME)”


Why Dataxchain

DataXchain will transmute the present data redirection and enable Data Progressivism through DataXchain, a novel ‘Blockchain-predicated Decentralized Data Trade Accommodation’. Utilizing the DataXchain Stage, every one of the information of DataXchain’s adjuncts and customers will be cognate, consolidated and managed correspondingly and sensibly. Boss Yong Chang Baek CSO Woo Yung Lee

What is the DataXchain solution?

DataXchain is a “Blockchain-predicated Decentralized Data Trade Platform” which coordinates the what information proprietors can give what information clients need through a custom fitted information coordinating administration. Through ‘decentralizing’ information proprietorship and exchange, DataXchain betokens to make another information worldview in which people, in lieu of information mammoths, claim the rights to their very own information and are fairly redressed if their information is utilized. It adscititiously intends to make a fresh out of the plastic incipient information exchange biological community in which anybody can without much of a stretch make Digital Assets to offer or offer. With information infiltrating relatively every component of our lives and turning into an indispensable asset, the conceivable outcomes DataXchain can bring are perpetual as is the degree to which it can significantly enhance our lives


DataXchain will open up another time in the Astute Data Age in which everybody can appreciate square with furthermore, upbeat advanced financial exercises.


DataXchain will assemble an information biological system to exchange My Data plausibly and similarly, towards the security of every individual’s information proprietorship.

Some Features of the Platform

Data Matching

Data Matching is a process that matches a Data owner’s uploaded data with a Data user by the preferences set by the Data user. The process makes sure that the relative data reaches the correct destination. Users can also search for data and preview the data before making a final decision.

Data Wallet

It is sort of a wallet that would allow a user to store their data along with their assets on the platform. The data then can be uploaded and traded on the platform from the wallet. The users will be able to see the potential value of the assets they own as well as see the history of their transaction through the wallet.

Data Enrichment

Data Enrichment is a feature that transforms raw data into defined digital assets making them more precise. The process takes the data through a tool called X-Labeler that can capture the smallest details of an image or a video and making it easier for the Data users to find what they are looking for since the data would have more labels attributed. It would also make it faster for the Data owner to get their data traded faster since the matching would be quicker after this.

Data Deep Learning

It is an artificial intelligence technology that deeply learns the data and automatically analyzes and verifies them without involving any human activity. The process checks the quality and appropriateness of the data before letting them be listed in the platform. The data model outputs are stored in the DataXchain’s blockchain after the process.

Token Information


  • Symbol: DXCT
  • Price: 1 DXCT = 0.0003 ETH
  • Hard cap: 135,000 ETH


  • Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 DXCT
  • Crowdsale: 73% (730,000,000 DXCT)
  • TOBL Foundation: 15% (150,000,000 DXCT)
  • Team & Advisors: 10% (100,000,000 DXCT)
  • Bounty: 2% (20,000,000 DXCT)





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