DataXchain “decentralized service trade data on the basis of the Blockchain”. DataXchain provides a personalized adaptation service between the data owner and the data user with our exclusive ” intelligent adaptation engine (IME)”
As the data owner loads my data (image and sound), the data enrichment process (labeling and cataloging) begins to transform the raw data into the final digital assets. With the recommendation and search feature, the data user decides to buy a digital asset. After the purchase decision is made, Smart Contract starts automatically and the data owner receives the DataXchain token (DXCT) : . The data user then gets permission to download the data to download the purchased data as many times as you want.
DataXchain believes that the aim of the Intelligent Information Society is to provide ultimate efficiency to all mankind, based on the new values created on the ICT foundation, by delivering intelligent technology and innovation to the general public. The data flowing through the information communication network around the world represents a fundamental resource to our society. However, under our current industrial
system, data is locked within centralised systems and services, generally represented by a handful of social media and internet portals. Our personal data has been harvested by these Data Giants to generate profits or satisfy their own interests.
DataXchain is a “Blockchain-based Decentralised Data Trade Platform” which matches the what data owners can
provide with what data users want through a tailored data-matching service.
Through ‘decentralising’ data ownership and trade, DataXchain aims to create a new data paradigm in which
individuals, as opposed to data giants, own the rights to their own data and are equitably compensated if their data is
used. It also aims to create a brand-new data trade ecosystem in which anyone can easily create Digital Assets to share or sell.
With data penetrating almost every aspect of our lives and becoming a vital resource, the possibilities DataXchain can
bring are endless and so is the extent to which it can dramatically improve our lives.
Ease of use
Provides a simplified download procedure and a potential cost viewing service on the website and mobile app
Intelligent data processing: with advanced AI and big data technology, it provides automatic mapping and cataloging service (DataXchain Engine)
Strong and fast maintenance process: DataXchain allows simultaneous but massive process across multiple open source projects such as the Ethereum Sharding project.
Provides seamless service to ensure stable service and flexible software
architecture for high-tech applications
Increased security and real-time tracking: DataXchain overlays security with Smart
A contract managed by a Blockchain network and a separate key vault.
Prevents filter bubble with automatic matching process based on different hybrid algorithms
DataXchain is a “Blockchain-based Decentralized Data Trade Service”. DataXchain provides a tailored matching service between Data Owners and Data Users through our unique Intelligent Matching Engine (IME) and transactions are facilitated and recorded by Smart Contracts. Following a purchase decision, a Smart Contract is automatically executed and a paid DataXchain Token (DXCT) is delivered to the Data Owner. Then, the Data User acquires data download authorisation to download purchased data as many times he or she desires.
One of the features of DataXchain that distinguishes it from other similar platforms is its powerful, one-of-its-kind
technology that powers the “Data Enrichment Process”. Through this patented technology, DataXchain is able to
transform raw data into highly defined Digital Assets, which constitute a distinguishable, tradeable form of data. For
instance, under the process, a simple photo or video can be assigned a complete package of attributes under the
system’s hyper-sensitive analytical tools which can capture even the smallest details in photos and videos. The result
makes it easier for Data Users to find what they want down to the most precise attributes, while Data Owners will
experience a higher pick-up rate for their data.
Just as crude oil is refined into gasoline, DataXchain brings the commercialisation of My Data to a whole new level.
This is expected to be a key driver of conversion and usage, which underpins the success of every platform.
For a more detailed explanation of the Data Enrichment technology, please refer to section
Platform chapter.
DataXchain has a wallet function that empowers users to take control of their data and sell them through the DataXchain
network. Apart from displaying the amount of DXCT users have, users are also able to inspect the potential value
of Digital Assets in DXCT and trace every transaction, in the usage history
DataXchain ICO
DXCT Crowdsale
Total Supply 1,000,000,000 DXT
The price is 0.06 USD per token
Sale Starts 09/20/2018
Accepted Currencies: BTC, ETH, USD
Hard Cap of USD 30 m
Min / max Purchase USD 100 / USD 500,000
Airdrop / Referral Bonus 117,500,000 DXT
ICO sale
Token price: USD 0.06 (market price after listing)
Chips for sale (W / Bonus) 730,000,000 DXT
Pre-sale: 10.08 ~ 10.28.2018 84.375, 000 DXT
35% bonus
Main sale round 1: 10.29 ~ 11.04.2018 30% bonus
Main sale round 2: 11.05 ~ 11.11.2018 25% bonus
Main sale Round 3: 11.12 ~ 11.18.2018 20% bonus
Main sale Round 4: 11.19 ~ 11.25.2018 15% bonus
Main sale Round 5: 11.26 ~ 12.02.2018 10% bonus
Main sale round 6: 12.03 ~ 12.09.2018 5% bonus
DataXchain’s key strategic partner in its development is one of South Korea’s leading provider of big-data and AI
solutions, Xiilab. As DataXchain’s strategic partner, Xiilab has the necessary big-data technology, expertise and operating
experience to help dataXchain leapfrog its development process. Not only are the key members of the Tobelet
management team from Xiilab, DataXchain will benefit from Xiilab’s resources and connections and the DataXchain
platform will be jointly developed with Xiilab, hence ensuring its successful implementation.
Some key facts about Xiilab :
• Founded in 2010, Xiilab is listed on KONEX (Korea New Exchange)
• Xiilab was the first venture company in South Korea to list on KONEX
• Emerging industry leader in the field of data-based services and Artificial Intelligence (AI)
• Largest AI platform operator in South Korea
• Key products include xDams, xDams: Vision, and Cheese Counter solution based on big data and A.I
Other Key Partnerships
Apart from Xiilab, dataXchain has secured partnerships with leading companies in their respective market segments
such as The LINUX Foundation, Oracle, Ethereum and MFU.
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