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Hello, Have a Good Day and Happy. This time I will introduce a project and platform that is ready to make a breakthrough in your life. The project named Datum, Let’s review together ..

Every day we make 2.5 Quintillion bytes of data, and 90% of the world data has now been created in the last 2 years alone. The stored data grew 4x faster than the world economy and contributed to a substantial shift in economic power and economic value sources.

The Datum Network allows one to safely store data structured in a decentralized way on smart contract blockchain. DAT intelligent tokens enable the sale and purchase of optional stored data while applying data usage rules as specified by the data owner.

What is Datum?

Datum is a highly decentralized and distributed NOSQL database supported by the blockchain ledger. This technology allows one to back up unstructured data such as social network data, data from usable devices, smart homes and other IOT devices in a safe, private and anonymous way. Datum provides a marketplace where users can share or sell data on their own terms. DAT intelligent tokens enable the sale and purchase of optionally stored data while enforcing data usage rules as specified by the data owner. Datum Network aims to disrupt the current data broker model by providing access to more direct and better value and user data.

Datum includes the following key elements :

  • A fast decentralized data store that lets users keep structured data safely running on smart contract blocks
  • DAT tokens allow storage and sharing of this data
  • Market data, allowing individuals to monetize their data as per their requirements
  • Datum utilizes BigchainDB and IPFS to provide an immeasurable and decentralized distributed data storage backend.
  • Data storage and data sharing are paid by the DAT token.

The Datum Network will consist of a 3 Billion Billion tokens, with a 1.53 billion DAT tokens available in the public token crowdsale. Datum Network aims to provide entities such as the most efficient and frictionless, data-driven, enterprise or individual data access individual while respecting the terms and conditions of the data owner. By becoming a dominant data market, Datum aims to revolutionize the existing data market where data creators rarely pay for data and monetization occurs by middle men who do not add any value. The Datum Network will support initiatives aimed at improving the control of data by sources (eg individuals). We aim to work towards a future where the first and foremost data is owned by the creator (eg the individual displaying the image) and where the creator can choose to share.

Background Datum

We live in a knowledge economy where data is a strategic asset that enables companies to acquire and maintain their competitiveness. The value of raw data varies from one hundred cents to several hundred dollars per individual. The more enriched, analyzed and utilized for specific use, the more it increases.


User – Submitting data. Data may be personal or business data and collections thereof or data from IOT devices and other data sources.

Storage Nodes – Provides computing power and storage capacity for storing data on a de-centralized network. Storage Node is part of the BigchainDB cluster that allows Datum to provide global data storage.

Consumer Data – Any entity that wants to access data. Users can provide data as per the appropriate terms, either for free or for a fee.

DAT Token Holders -Govern the Datum network and provide a “fuel” that allows transactions on the Datum network. Datum focuses on user empowerment (data source).

Client Datum

Datum clients empower users to control all their data and optionally share or sell their data over the Datum network.
The Datum client is designed for a large number of different platforms such as mobile and desktop. We also designed support for embedded device platforms used on IOT devices, electric cars, etc. To open the device data values.
In the first phase, datum clients will be offered as mobile apps for iOS and Android.

Focuses on the following key development goals :

  • Overview of stored data
  • Overview of ownership of the DAT token
  • Simple privacy controls
  • Detailed data access report
  • Focus on end user adoption

User Specification (data source) is looking to complete the following criteria :

1.Secure: The data is encrypted on the source

  1. Tamper evidence: The data has not changed
  2. Unlock value: Data can be monetized
  3. Storage: Decentralized storage
  4. Privacy: Data is stored anonymously
  5. Controls: Users remain in control of critical points such as: a. Life of data b. Data details c. Use of data in the future

****Consumer Data***

Consumer data can request data. Ultimately, individual network users provide access to data. The credibility of data consumers is an important aspect. Thus, data consumers should be given an incentive to build a trusted track record in handling data responsibly.

Datum Network is very concerned with “Know your Consumer”. While an industry theremist focuses on “Know Your Customers (eg YOU), there is hardly anything that supports the right of users to know their partners.” The Datum Network improves this by empowering users to determine who can access their data.

Data Valiation

Initially Datum Network will rely on buyers to validate data and manage false or invalid data. However, data validation mechanisms can be implemented in the future and Datum also plans to implement a trust rating system for all users (including data owners and data buyers as well as storage node operators).

Use Case

Users submit data and get paid by consumers:

  1. User sends data to Datum Network using client software. Users pay for gas to send their data. Because data is encrypted, only users can provide decryption keys to all interested parties.
  2. Storage Node receives data and stores data. The data is replicated to many other storage nodes.
  3. Consumer Data expressed interest to buy a piece of data.
  4. The user receives a request to purchase data with details such as the buyer and the price offered. He can approve a purchase request or counter offer with a modified proposal.
  5. The user receives a proposal, the user receives a DAT Token and the decryption key is sent to the Data Consumer who pays on the DAT Token.

Token Economy

DAT is a utility token that can be exchanged for certain privileges in DatumNetwork. Such participation in the data and registration market as a storage node, etc. Token exchanged for this activity should be destroyed, because DAT inventory remains at issue, the net effect of this activity is that DAT inventory will decline over time (deflation).

  • Market participation and activity encourages spending (destruction) tokens for privileged services
    Storage Nodes are paid for storage and transmission of data.

Road Map

The Datum team has one focus: Creating a viable data market to start
returns the value to the token holder within the shortest possible time.

September 2016 – Founder Concept Development started exploring large-scale data storage for IOT devices in the medical home sector and are smart and designing the first prototype to compile unstructured data.

June 2017 – White Paper & Concept Validation With the release of white paper and generated community feedback, we have adjusted the concept and compiled road map for Datum Network.

August 2017 – Pre-Sale & Alpha Version The presale for the DAT Token begins on August 11, 2017, and ends on September 8, 2017. DAT tokens enable users to participate in the new data economy.

October 2017 – Datum Token Sale Datum Token Sale is planned to be launched starting 29
October to 29 November or until the hard cover is reached. Datum released the initial alpha release of the Datum app
before the token sale launch. The development of the Datum test network continues.

December 2017 – Launch Test Launch Network test network Datum marking beta release and will allow basic functions to be explored by developers and society.

March 2018 – Candidate Release Candidate complete feature release will be sent to test network and undergo intensive testing and bug fixes over the next three months.

June 2018 – Launch of Datum Launch Datum Main Network marks the start of the new data economy. At this point the Datum Network will consist of a decentralized Storage Layer, Datum Application, Open API for sending and consuming data and a full fledged trading system.


Our team has more than 100 years of experience in building large-scale data processing and management systems. We are based in Switzerland, Singapore and Hong Kong and combine the best of the world: Swiss Quality with Singaporean Efficiency and Hong Kong’s Dynamism.

“This article was created in exchange for a potential token  reward through Bounty0x”

Webiste: https://datum.org/eng?locale=en

WhitePaper: https://datum.org/assets/Datum-WhitePaper.pdf

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