What is Datum
They’re propelling another decentralized stage that enables clients to store their information on a safe system that keeps running on the blockchain and utilizations savvy contracts.

Datum intend to offer clients the opportunity to retake control of their information as opposed to offering it to organizations who at that point make a benefit from offering it. The stage will likewise offer a commercial center which enables clients themselves to offer their information and removes the mediator.

What’s the issue with the present market?

Numerous organizations offer ‘free’ administrations, anyway they at that point profit from offering your information. Amusingly the main individual who for the most part doesn’t benefit from this deal is simply the client. The cost of purchasing a people information can differ from around $1 to $100s.

Organizations, for example, Facebook or Google gather your information which at that point enables organizations to purchase advertisements with them and after that objective their promotions at you all the more successfully.

Datum intends to enable clients to benefit from their information themselves by offering it specifically to organizations on the new decentralized stage.

The Datum Solution

The new stage will be accessible for a wide range of clients:

Clients: Users will have the choice to present their information on the stage and afterward given the choice of offering it, by being on a decentralized system clients will realize that their information is totally protected.

Clients will have the capacity to utilize the easy to utilize Datum application which enables them to choose what information they wish to offer available to be purchased.

Capacity: The new stage will require a ton of capacity, clients will have the choice of offering stockpiling to the stage.

We all use the Internet every day whether we are at work, at home, while walking with a dog and even on vacation. We leaf through the news feed and are active in the social network. networks; receive a huge amount of information on the Internet; spend leisure time on the Internet, watching a movie or reading a book; we use mobile applications, for example, we play games, and we also perform other actions with the help of our devices. And now imagine that from this you can get more and benefit, earning a decent amount, doing nothing, this can only be dreamed of! Please note that the security of your data is guaranteed by the ecosystem, and you yourself determine which data will be sold. They can be impersonal, that is, nothing will be known about the user, or with the transfer of personal data.

For the provision of personal data, Datum will pay you its currency — DAT tokens. This works as follows: the project participant provides its data to the storage node, providing disk space and providing high-speed access to its information, and the node resells it to the customer, via DAT tokens. All this happens quickly, and most importantly, honestly, as the sale of data is carried out under the terms of the project’s smart contract.

Datum has its own mobile application, which is very convenient for every person, because now all actions will be performed even faster, saving your time. Of course, this application has a number of advantages, which can not

but please the users:

Data security, that is, the user’s personal data is securely encrypted and will not be disclosed to anyone, according to the ecosystem conditions.
Confidentiality, therefore, all the user data is completely impersonal.
High speed of loading and unloading of your data on the nearest storage nodes, which will significantly save your time.
Profit from trading, because users can sell their data, earning DAT tokens.
Simplicity and availability, users can exchange data, and still have the opportunity to open access to data for non-commercial use.
Convenience in using and performing operations, since the application has an optimized interface that provides comfort and a pleasant visual.

Project Datum wants to become an even more useful project, developing and progressing, every day. Ecosystem studies all your actions to understand what people really need. For example, with the user’s permission, the Datum application analyzes information on transactions and purchases using bank cards, which is actively used by advertising agencies. They constitute the so-called “portrait of the buyer”, because in this way, marketing analysts will be aware of the data about how much money you spent in stores, which ones you prefer, what payment instrument you used. Another example is an accurate and detailed study of devices for household appliances, electronics in the home. The Datum application forms a usage map that provides the necessary information. It, in turn, helps advertisers better navigate the demand and offer of products such as electronic, mobile technology to show users really interesting advertising offers that will be useful to a particular person.

Purchasers: People wishing to get to information, clients will have the choice of enabling access to their information for nothing or for a charge. The system will expect customers to check their own particular data with the goal that clients know precisely who’s obtaining their information. Clients offering stockpiling will get token prizes.

Token holders: Token holders will oversee the decentralized stage.

By what method will it work?

The new stage is intended to be simple for clients to get it:

The client initially presents their information on to the decentralized stage, there will be a little gas expense to process.

A capacity hub will get the information and it will be recreated on to different hubs to make it safe.

A shopper indicates enthusiasm for purchasing the information.

The client gets an offer for the buy of their information, the subtle elements of the purchaser will be shown. The client at that point has the choice of tolerating, dismissing or making a counter offer.

In the event that the client acknowledges the offer then they’ll get DAT tokens, the decoding key will at that point be sent to the purchaser.

The DAT Token

Clients will have the capacity to buy information by utilizing the new DAT token, once the tokens are sent they get pulverized, this will make DAT a deflationary resource as more tokens gradually get annihilated.

Clients will likewise have the choice of enrolling to set up a capacity hub which requires a little installment of DAT, once their hub is running they’ll get a level of every exchange.

Datum ICO Details

Total supply: 3,000,000,000

Tokens accessible available to be purchased: 1,530,000,000

Acknowledged monetary forms: ETH as it were.


Road Map Datum

The Datum command

Ecosystem has a team of professionals who have achieved success at the international level. The project has impressive goals, therefore, for the success of the project specialists were involved, in various fields, which, undoubtedly, will leave the project at a high level. The team has experience in automated control systems, as well as in the development of databases. The team members, having combined all their efforts and turning to highly effective business practices, are doomed to win the market in this field.

Project highlights

  • In Q1 2018, Datum completed over $100,000 USD in data transactions with its 90,000+ users and 8 partners
  • In June 2018, Datum collaborated with Sovrin Foundation, an international non-profit engaged in providing every person with an indestructible and adaptable smart identity
  • Datum team has grown from 19 in Q1 to 24 towards the end of Q2 2018 across its offices in Hong Kong, Switzerland and United States
  • Recently listed on Airswap and Joyso exchanges
  • Datum App is already available to download for both iOS and Android – you can access them using the links below
  • You can currently earn 1 DAT per month for simply sharing your location – yes, 1 DAT for now but the Datum team is sourcing location data buyers to increase this reward in the future
  • Further, you can earn anywhere between $0.50 to $5 in DAT tokens for each promotional email you open. In the future, Datum will provide an option for users to get paid for sharing many other categories of data

The Datum project is really a worthwhile platform, which for a short time, deservedly gained the trust of users. Its convenient options, useful features and benefits, added based on the preferences of users, and most importantly providing a comfortable pastime and saving your precious time. Using the ecosystem will give you positive emotions and will provide an opportunity for earning, without difficulty. If you have not yet become a member of the project, hurry.

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