Daxico: Cryptocurrency Exchange

Crypto Exchange is a digital market where traders can exchange one cryptocurrency for other digital currencies or for fiat currencies. In other words, cryptocurrency exchanges are online platforms that act as intermediaries between cryptocurrency buyers and sellers.

Daxico is a new exchange cryptocurrency, wallet and peer-to-peer payment platform. Although the main use is as a place for customers to trade, we can also use it to store our crypto or make peer-to-peer payments. Although this is new, Daxico claims that they are connected or provide liquidity to ensure the best trading experience. Can you use this platform as an alternative exchange, or even use this as your main exchange? Before you answer that, you should know more about Daxico.

Exchange is a trading activity between Bitcoin Value and Other Crypto Currency Values or Fiat Currency (EUR, USD, GBP, and all other currencies, even Rupiah). More precisely, Exchange is a currency trading activity to benefit from price differences that occur. Actually there are many misunderstandings about the differences between Exchange and Exchangers. They consider it the same, but these two things are very different.

For now, the development of Exchange is very fast because there are already many new Startups that focus on Exchange services. It does not want to make the Exchange platform named Daxico lose in developing their platform. Daxico is an exchange platform for cryptocurrency, we can exchange crypto assets that we have in several other cryptocurrency such as BTC, ETH & Fiat. In this article, I will explain some interesting features about Daxico.

DAXICO Exchange

Not just an exchange project that works on ICO! DAXICO exchange. Yes. You will never feel enough. Countless projects have been since the beginning of cryptocurrency time but we are still in the beginning of this industry. What makes this blockchain project different from the others is that they don’t ask for funds. DAXICO did not offer an initial coin offer (ICO), their tokens are currently even traded on their own exchanges now and they are ready to make their original DAXI tokens to work as trading fees on their platforms.

There are times when exchanging token lists based on project community voices. Once they know there will be enough support that can produce good volume and enough for them to make money too. But if you have been in the crypto industry for years, everything has become different.

You will realize that for a coin to be listed on an exchange, the team must pay a large amount of USD. Some teams do the opposite, they prefer to make coins and then exchange them themselves.

What Makes DAXICO Diffirent Between Other Exchange?

For most exchanges, you have to submit your email address when registering with them and what’s worse is that they ask for your ID like a passport to increase your trading limit and finally you can withdraw up to more than 100 BTC. DAXICO doesn’t do all that for you. This I think will be positive exchange for those who want anonymity. All you get when registering is the login details and mnemonic phrases that you will generate for recovery purposes if you forget your password. And for security of course you can set authentication 2fa.


If you visit the website, Daxico will welcome you with a login / registration page. After entering, you will enter the application site which has the colors blue and white as the main colors. There is a left side bar that you can use to navigate the platform. Every time you click on one of the navigation buttons listed there, you will be directed to another page.

The interface is quite straight forward. For example, the Buy / Sell page will direct you to an instant buy / sell page where you can sell crypto directly (maybe at the market price when you ship the order). Choose the assets you want to buy / sell, which assets you want to receive in return and the wallet you use. After that, send your order.

If you click ‘Trade’, you will go to the trading platform where you can book advanced, make a limit or book a place. The trading page looks pretty good, with more or less black / night themes, not like the main page. I personally prefer this. It’s also fast, although I haven’t used it to trade, I can navigate the platform easily. We need to wait if we want complex features like technical indicators.


We will be given various kinds on the Daxico platform, we will be facilitated to register their platforms because the Daxico platform is indeed designed to facilitate the exchange activities that we will do. Daxico registration will not require the following information:

No Email.
No cellphone.

In addition, the wallet they offer uses a Free P2P Payment feature where we can send digital assets to other Daxico users without transaction fees.

Multi Services
The Daxico platform will be supported by various services that will be used as convenience in using the Daxico platform. We will find a variety of services that Daxico will offer, namely.

Currency Support
A service where we can store a variety of different digital assets if the assets have something in common with each other.

Account Support.
We have several cryptocurrency accounts for one crypt currency, which will be used for various types of benefits.

User Support.
We can be given User Support services, in this service we can ask for help not only from Daxico, but we can communicate with each other between friends, family & employees.

Anonymous Trader
So many exchanges have been hacked before and funds, tokens are taken including KYC data that is being completed on Darknet. To avoid this, my DAXICO is doing the best for the safety of traders. And because
DAXICO does not require any registrants, this will allow users to be as anonymous as possible and the way traders want because they do not have to submit KYC procedures. Very good for users who care about their privacy.

Benefits of Becoming an Investor
We will of course provide discounts on trade fees and this project also respects token holders whose platforms will provide dividends to investors holding DAXI tokens in their wallets. This is a good reason to invest in a project.

Total Supply: 100,000,000 DAXI
Contract: 0x5357b9265375ee83a56fe8a74c25e2d486f784b7 Decimal
: 8

All Daxico services, DAXI tokens, and dividend payments are not available to residents or citizens of prohibited countries:

United States of America
North Korea

My overall impression for Daxico is very good, although there are some problems that need to be addressed such as the details of the team (not to be scammed and unable to sue later), technical features, and so on. But if you don’t mind both, Daxico looks like a solid alternative if you want to exchange anonymously. Yes, you don’t have to go through KYC / AML which is unnecessary here if you want to trade, and that also protects your privacy.

For more information, visit: https://daxico.com/
Daxico Forum: https://daxico.com/forum
Official Telegram Group: https://t.me/daxicoex
The Bounty Telegram group: https://t.me/ DAXICOBounty

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