Blockchain technology has been adopted in several areas of life where people have given positive reviews for the use of blockchain technology. Most of the time we hear about our blockchain application, the application is limited to financial institutions.
Today we will discuss its application in the data management industry which is the main sector of human life. There has been an increase in the level of corruption and irregularities in most sectors before the introduction of blockchain technology.
But today we have seen the impact of this technology on our daily activities. This technology has increased the level of trust and transparency, increased security, decentralization and many other benefits. We will discuss its application in the DATA sector today and its importance in this sector.

One problem with data companies is that trust and transparency have become the main problems affecting the data industry in recent years.
The use of a centralized platform to store and store user data has become difficult recently as a result of a lack of trust and transparency on the platform. The success of each project and company in this era is only determined by the level of trust that is on the platform. No one will invest in a platform without trust and most trust issues always occur in a centralized platform where users do not have control of their data and information. It was observed that players in the industry did not have trust in each other. This is why DAYTA has launched a new blcokchain based project that will help all users save.

DAYTA is a blockchain based platform that will help users manage, store and also share access to users’ personal data and information so that users get more profit. It is observed that most data companies always share user data and get money from it even without the consent of the actual data owner. The most painful part is that after companies sell their user data to several other companies, they fail to pay the real data owner because users and customers are often angry with this. If users and customers gain control of their data, it will be very easy for them to track their account details and know when their data is accessed and sold on a centralized platform. This is the reason why centralized platforms struggle with issues of trust and transparency. They know that when they give full access to customers and data owners on their centralized platforms it is the end of their game and that is why they revoke access to user data. All the difficulties experienced by users have been identified by the DAYTA platform and that is why they have launched a decentralized blockchain based platform that gives users access and full control over their data. The advantage of the DAYTA platform is that users can decide whenever they want to sell or not the data or not. User data is one of the greatest assets of human life and customers will not be easy with any company that sells their data without their consent.
Often every time I hear about an attack on a data company, whatever comes to my mind is only customer and user information that must have been stolen. Some information and data are intended to be kept confidential and once they are stolen because hacking is the end of confidentiality. That’s why DAYTA has come up with the safest project through the use of the latest blockchain technology to secure user data from all forms of hacking and attacks.

The aim of the DAYTA platform is to help customers trade in their personal hopes in order to generate more profits than other platforms. It intends to solve all problems related to security and privacy through the adoption of blockchain technology.

Token Name => DAYTA
Token Type => ERC20 License
Tokens for sale => 1,500,000,000 DAYTA
Pre-ICO Sales Date => 01 May 2019
ICO community sales => 11 May 2019
Payment Method => ETH, BTC, LTC, RUN
30% allocated for Pre-ICO
30% is allocated to ICO
20% is allocated to the Core Team and Advisor
10% allocated for partnerships
5% transferred to Bounty

50% allocated for machines
15% allocated for operations
15% allocated for marketing
10% is allocated to business
5% is allocated to Legal
5% is allocated for security


For more information about the DAYTA project, search for the link below:

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Telegram => https: // t. me / mydayta

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