DAYTA has launched a new blcokchain based project that will help all users to store, share their dat

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This time I will provide information about a very interesting project for you to see, in a new cryptocurrency named Dayta . Before heading into the discussion I think we all agree that blockchain technology still requires efforts that encourage adoption to continue to grow and continue to grow in the future.

Blockchain technology has been adopted in several areas of life in which people have been giving positive review for the use of blockchain technology. Majority of the time we heard about blockchain application we always its application is limited to financial institutions alone.
Today we will discuss its application in the data management industries which is another major sector of human life. There was an increase in the level of corruption and irregularities in majority of the sectors before the introduction of blockchain technology. But today we have seen the impact this technology have in our day to day activities. This technology has increased the level of trust and transparency, improved security, decentralization and many other benefits. We will be discussing about its application in DATA sector today and its importance in the sector.

One of the problems of data company has been trust and transparency which has been the major problem affecting the data industries in some years past. The use of centralized platform to store and keep users data has been has been a difficult one recently as a result of lack of trust and transparency in the platform. The success of every projects and companies in this era is simply determined the level of trust existing in the platform. Nobody will ever invest in a platform without trust and most of the trust issues always occurred in the centralized platform in which users have no control over their data and information. It is observed that players in the industry do not have trust for each other. This is why DAYTA has launched a new blcokchain based project that will help all users to store, share their data with the aim of making profits from it in the platform.


In August 2017 Bitriser Ltd brought together legal, regulatory, compliance and technology teams with experience in finance, payment, retail, insurance, and the marketing industry. The team together formed the Dayta project, which will produce and continue the vision of new ways to capture, secure, manage, and ultimately, enable people to take advantage of their personal information in the way the company has done for years. All of this is to clarify the direct relationship between personal information and examples of technical data made after our data goes to other companies and the internet.

Your name, e.g. John Smith, is information that can be identified personally, represents your identity and is often used to verify you as a person. However, we believe that this information should not be considered to have a one-to-many relationship with data that represents the technical acquisition, storage and processing of our personal information. Your personal information is yours and yours, and expanded personal data stored and processed by various companies and technology is something that you have complete control.


Manage, Monitor and Trade your personal information.
The Dayta platform is the future of exchanging personal data, supported by DAYTA tokens.

Dayta’s vision is to resolve various data protection, approval and privacy issues simultaneously. The Team has designed a roadmap to build Dapp and a powerful, easy-to-use, and information-sharing mechanism for information in an integrated digital ecosystem. Our goal is to ensure all participants from the company to the user protect and profit from integrated personal blockchain information that will ensure efficient data audits and transparent smart contracts and agreements.

Control your personal information

The Dayta Ecosystem introduces a personal data management framework that enables users to manage their data, monitor their data usage, and trade access to their data.

Dayta Ecosystem

The Dayta Ecosystem consists of several processes imposed by various participants in the user service data protection framework.

User (Subject of Personal Information)

a.  Register for Services
b.  Review / Receive / Manage Marketing Requests
c. After the Marketing Request has been approved by the user, then
the data required for the contract is delivered through secure and encrypted
API to company data storage that is approved for use in accordance with
the terms of the agreement agreed.


1. Companies that use want to use PII, both obtained through existing ones
contract agreement or through an invitation request to board the ship
customer to market.

2. All Marketing businesses are checked before being included in Dayta

3. Create a Marketing Request with details about who the business is, why
they want to use data, whether active marketing will occur, which one
channel marketing will occur through, is the analysis of data in the scope, how
they will use their PII, focus on regulations, monthly recurring, etc.

Dayta Miners (Proof of Stakes)

1. Processing New Registration

2. Processing Marketing Requests

3. The contract contains all the criteria, attributes, conditions and frequency
use of personal data.

4. Ethereum-based public blockchains will accommodate approval
request for the required period of validity.


a. Verify new users to the network through private registration

b. Verify new businesses on the network

c.  Ensure that all GDPR updates occur, both in terms of real-world verification
and request delivery, but also to miners for blockchain updates.

d.  Handoff to miners for integration of Dayta blockchain

Dayta Services (Dayta Decentralized Exchange – DDCE)

• DDCE supports requests for new personal data, along with views
new requests to users and allow receipt in exchange for Dayta
coins or charity / charity requests.

• Dayta smart contracts are settings that require users to share
PII them. After approval, the Dayta token (XPD) will be used to formalize it
agreement and capture marketing permit, along with everything
agreed parameters for the usage contract.

• Data captured on the blockchain will include the requested data, channel
in scope, analysis rights, follow sales rights, etc.

ICO Event Token

The Dayta Token will be used as part of the Dayta ecosystem to facilitate approval agreements with companies that want to use personal information and process data with the owner of the personal information itself. All data is stored locally by users, and agreements are enshrined through smart contracts on the Daychain blockchain and therefore cannot be restored, transparent and secure. 
No new tokens will be created.

  • ICO Supply and Token Phase
  • The Dayta token appointment will be ‘XPD’
  • Symbol: XPD
  • Supply: 2,500,000,000
  • For Sale: 1,500,000,000
  • Price: 37,500 XPD per 1 ETH

Investor Phase (starting from January 2019)

  • Currency Received: BTC, ETH, LTC, DASH
  • Minimum contribution: Confirmed after application
  • Bonus: Confirmed after application

The prize program starts in April 2019
Pre-sale (May 2019)

  • Currency Received: BTC, ETH, LTC, DASH
  • Minimum contribution: 500 USD
  • Bonus: 35%

Public Sales (June 2019)

  • Currency Received: BTC, ETH, LTC, DASH
  • Minimum contribution: 250 USD
  • 18% bonus: (reduced every week)

Token Distribution: July 2019

  • Minimum / Soft Cap: 3,000 ETH (@ c225 USD per ETH =
  • 750,000 USD)
  • Maximum / Limit: 45,000 ETH (@ c225 USD per ETH =
  • 10,000,000 USD)

Bonus Tokens, Prizes and Reference Programs

ICO Dayta will include various programs that are useful for him
contribute earlier and during the ICO phase and so on

Bonus Token

The Investor Phase will include bonus tokens that are negotiated depending on the size of the contribution. 35% bonus Dayta tokens will be given to contribute during the pre-sale period. This bonus will be reduced by 18% and reduced every week for the public

Referral Program

The 10% reference benefit will be given to contributors who introduce other contributors during each ICO stage

Bounty Program

The prize program will apply to ICO Dayta. All details will be accessible from the Dayta ICO website.

Token Distribution and Fund Allocation

Distribution of Percentage of Token Distribution

Dayta tokens are distributed to the core team, founders and advisors will be released on the planned schedule.

In addition, shortly after the token sale event, Dayta tokens will be registered in various cryptocurrency exchanges, including cryptocurrency and fiat pairs.

Fiat pairing will also be used when 3rd party funds are needed to achieve the project’s strategic objectives.



Based on the data and facts seen, Dayta is very good for review and investment. This is based on reality for now, many projects are not good, and makes everyone who invests a lot of questions about their certainty and truth, so if you want to invest in this project, you should read all about the article that I made, so you can find out more about this ICO project from them.

To get more relevant details from the Dayta project or join social media and sales crowds, please follow some sources for the following references:

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