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The Dayta vision is to solve multiple data protection, consent and privacy issues all at once. The team has designed a roadmap to build a secure, easy-to-use and robust personal information Dapp and exchange mechanism within an integrated, digital ecosystem. Our aim to ensure all participants from companies to users protect and profit from a unified personal information blockchain which will ensure efficient data audit and transparent smart contracts and agreements.

What is dayta

DAYTA Is a blockchain based platform that will help users to manage, store and likewise share access to user’s personal data and information in order for the users to get more profits. It is observed most data company always share user’s data and earn money from it even without the consent of the real owner of the data. The most painful part is that after the company have sold their users data to some other companies, they failed to pay the true owner of the data for in which users and customers often time get angry with this. If users and customers have gotten control over their data it would be so easy for them to trace their account details and know whenever their data is been accessed and sold in the centralized platform. This is the reason why the centralized platforms are struggling with the issue of trust and transparency. They knew that the moment they gave full access to the customers and owners of the data in their centralized platform that’s the end of their games and that’s why they revoked access to user’s data. All these difficulties experienced by users have been identified by DAYTA platform and that’s why they have launched a decentralized blockchain based platform which gives users full access and control over their data, The advantages of DAYTA platform is that users can decide anytime they want whether to sell their data or not. User’s data is one of the great treasures of human life and customers wouldn’t take it easy with whichever companies that sold their data without their consent. Today all the worries of the users and customers can lay to rest simply because there is new blockchain based project called DAYTA which will help with the security of user’s data.

About Dayta

We in the Dayta project believe that your personal information is yours to consume, withhold, disseminate and manage as you see fit. GDPR and other data protection and data privacy regulations will help with this, especially in relation to marketing consent and 3rd party organisations that manage data. However, it is not the intention of regulatory authorities and legal frameworks to bludgeon businesses into avoiding the use of our personal data but make clear their responsibilities and the extent to which they are accountable for its use and safe-keeping, building on previous complimentary regulations such as the Data Privacy Directive (DPD), ePrivacy Directive and PECR

Why Dayta

Profit from your Personal Data

Dayta enables Users to finally partake in the profits companies produce by using our data for marketing purposes, behaviour analysis and customer insight.

Blockchain Infrastructure

Users, Businesses and Miners hold independent but interrelated roles, Underpinned by the Dayta blockchain and managed through the DAYTA token.

GDPR & Data Protection

Dayta has a GDPR-ready design to ensure users can easily manage and profit from their data worldwide.

Dayta Mobile App

From personal data baseline integration to Dayta marketplace exchange interaction, the Dayta mobile aao will be a user’s one-stop shop for maintaining control over and managing their personally identifiable information.

Personal data baseline & authentication

Consent traded data access agreements

EXP Summary & forecasts

DAYTA wallet integration (deposit / withdrawals)

Dayta Marketplace


ICO Sale

DAYTA tokens will be available prior to the public sale for registered participants. Bonuses will apply for early contributors at varying % dependent on date and amounts. Private investors can negotiate larger bonuses on a case-by-case basis.


Token Name => DAYTA

Token Type => ERC20

Token Supply for sale => 1,500,000,000 DAYTA

Pre-ICO Sales Date => May 01st 2019

ICO public Sale => May 11th 2019

Payment Method => ETH, BTC, LTC, DASH

Tokens exchange rate:

1 ETH = 33750 DAYTA, 1 BTC = 961200 DAYTA

1 LTC = 14823 DAYTA, 1 DASH = 22005 DAYTA

ICO Public sale: May 11, 2019 (12:05 AM)

Minimal transaction amount: 1 ETH/ 0.1 BTC/ 3 LTC /2 DASH


30% Allocated to Pre-ICO

30% Allocated to ICO

20% Allocated to Core Team and Advisors

10% Allocated to Partnerships

5% Allocated to Bounty


50% Allocated to Engineering

15% Allocated to Operations

15% Allocated to Marketing

10% Allocated to Business

5% Allocated to Legal

5% Allocated to Security

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