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Dear Readers…. today’s article is going to be interesting, entertaining and knowledge driven and without iota of doubt, i believe that after this article, you will key into this great project called MYDAYTA.

In order to succeed in business, it is not enough to use only marketing approaches, it is necessary to use modern high-performance technologies and methods of management of streaming processes, such as blockchain technology. This direction has already found and occupies its niche in the field of cryptocurrencies. Our community is changing by attracting and popularizing cryptocurrencies in the world, because this area is based on blockchain technology, where everything is transparent, maximally honest, safe; transactions are made instantly; all data is protected. Therefore, companies one after another enter into this area, because the benefits of project development in this system are obvious. The company DAYTA is no exception and is a unique platform that has no analogues, based on the blockchain, which will be a universal solution, the need for which is long overdue in the field of protection and storage of personal data.

How can we protect our data and what should we protect it from?! For example, You have made an online purchase and confirm that your name and address are required to place your item and the assumption that you have agreed to marketing (GDPR

requirement), you know that your data will be sold in the near future. But

which of your data will be used and for what purpose? There’s nothing wrong with marketing analysis, but you should know if your age, gender and place of residence is being used as part of marketing research and Analytics.

How is your data used?

What is less known is whether customers knew their personal data was being used. The GDPR (General data protection clause) will certainly help European and UK users, and it will be a guide for the rest to protect data and data privacy on a massive scale. Often you believe that your data is being processed as if it is somehow related to the services. You think you just signed up, but behavioral marketing data analysis, analytical assessments of transaction history, customer usage patterns, customer profiles, etc. often held to determine the best way to convince you to buy more.

Who uses your data?

The use of personal data is not simply in the “database” at headquarters

the company you interact with. There are dozens of databases, spreadsheets, “lake” data, some on equipment owned by the company, some using cloud services, others using external data providers to process data on their behalf. In addition to the dozens of departments in the retail network that you have purchased the product, there are marketing companies, customer research agencies. These companies are engaged in data storage, archival companies, data processors, companies engaged in data analysis, advertising agencies, etc. e. who also use this data for the same retailer. Your data, especially regarding consent to marketing, is used to move forward and often pursue aggressive sales and revenue goals. The most valuable commodity is Your personality.

Where is your data processed?

Data may and often is processed on behalf of the company you are thinking of, your data is also processed by another company or companies, some of which are not even in your country. And processing should not take place on one site, but on several sites around the world. For example, if You want your data to be transferred offshore, even if the GDPR requirements were met at the selected location? It’s both safety and preference and choice!

A common feature of data-centric ICO and launch of the block chain is a distributed database. Although we accept and support the use of blockchain for the purposes of consenting to and paying for the use of personal data, we do not feel that distributed storage of personal data is necessary or preferable. Data storage, both through a centralized database and through a decentralized data network carry the risk of security breaches, hacking and therefore personal data will be stolen EN masse. Security is an evolving space where security methods and standards are being reviewed and new algorithms and security technologies are forming the front lines between those who protect our data and those who can steal the profits from it.

Therefore, there is an unnecessary risk of losing data to millions of users when data is centralized. DAYTA believes that this risk should not be created from the beginning. Indeed, the protection of personal and confidential data in large centralized databases carries risks that cannot be mitigated in today’s security issues in relation to hacking. Equifax’s business was to secure customer data and security by spending tens of millions, and their hacking was one of the biggest. This does not mean that distributed storage is no better than centralized or federated storage. But if they deal with personal data, they are at the same risk, although they have a smaller degree. DAYTA will protect our data and offer you personally to earn money by managing your data!

The stages of project development Dayta:

March 2018 – conceptual design/structuring of the core team

October 2018 – publication of the White paper

December 2018 – smart contract creation

January 2019 – start of private sale

April 2019 – bounty program

May 2019 – pre-sale of tokens to ICO

June 2019 – ICO, main sale

July 2019 – token distribution, peer-to-peer listing

September 2019 – engineering and product management

October 2019 – MVP to release a custom application integrated into the blockchain

December 2019 – launch of the main network/customer service and business

January 2020 – business development and marketing strategy, business and customer improvement and additional services

Today the team moves according to the planned schedule.

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