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Cryptocurrencies are rapidly gaining a foothold of the world community – quotations are growing steadily, which causes an increasing interest of users. Cryptocurrency is a kind of digital currency, the creation and control of which are based on cryptographic methods of processing information. Cryptocurrency is an alternative to Fiat money. Everything is transparent here, as honestly as possible, projects are based on the blockchain technology – a distributed database that conducts instant transfers, you should not wait for confirmation of transactions, as in cases with banking operations, there are no unnecessary and unnecessary costs, and this technology protects against various frauds Payment fraud is excluded here. Operations are performed anonymously. The decentralized area is unusually new and is identified as a project that is still in its infancy, but has tremendous development opportunities in almost all sectors of the economy. Decentralization is a key feature of the blockchain application. DAYTA company creates a platform based on blockchain technology.

DAYTA is committed to enabling people to control their personal information. It’s time to protect your own data and extract profit from it, like other companies. Store, manage and share access to your personal information for profit.

Dayta is the future of the DAYTA token-based personal data exchange. The main idea of ​​Dayta is to simultaneously solve many issues of data protection, consent and privacy. The team developed an action plan for creating a secure, easy-to-use and reliable Dapp mechanism and sharing personal information within an integrated digital ecosystem. The goal is to provide all participants, from companies to users, with protection and benefits from a single chain of personal data that will ensure effective data auditing and transparent intellectual contracts and agreements.

Some facts. According to forecasts, spending on marketing services throughout the world in 2018 will exceed 600 billion dollars, the United States spent 159 billion dollars on marketing services. The total US spending on advertising and related services for the first time in 2016 exceeded $ 100 billion, almost doubled since 2000. Only Omnicom, a giant in the world of advertising and marketing, generated more than $ 15.3 billion in revenue compared to 12.7 billion dollars in 2007. Digital agencies have also achieved success, Sapient in 2017, whose income exceeded 11 billion dollars. Interestingly, the number of establishments in the field of advertising and related services falls from 25,567 in 2007 to 24,829 in 2016. As it follows from this, revenue and profits are growing, and the number of marketing and advertising companies are going down. Marketing concentration and advertising power is centralized due to the fact that more and more companies get more profit from our personal information. In the US, advertising costs will amount to 300 billion dollars from 2018. It comes down to an average of $ 1,000 to $ 1,500 per person. While this cost, revenue is generated from advertising, not including the concomitant and future sale of goods and services, is more than $ 100 billion, adding another $ 500 to advertising revenue. The key to this is that our personal information, as consumers, is estimated at more than $ 2,000 in expenses and advertising revenues just to ensure our attention. Add to this the actual revenues from the goods and services of a large corporation, and you will see how your data turns into a multi-billion dollar profit. In 2016 alone, revenue of $ 27 billion allowed each Facebook user to bring $ 20 a month. Most large companies that provide online services to customers with an emphasis on digital advertising have doubled their profits in the last two years. This exponential growth and profit arose as a result of aggressive monetization of our data, obtaining our personal data as assets that are worth protecting and using to generate billions.

Dayta will remove the “trust barrier” of digital identities, data and documents using the blockchain-based application development platform, which will ensure the reliability of all our documents and data. It’s an ecosystem with easy-to-use and customizable forms, as well as a completely new application that any organization can deploy when needed. All this will allow to provide consumers with relevant and adapted services for a variety of real-world scenarios. As a result, new sources of income from services that can be offered through the proposed platform will open. “Trust” is no longer just a word, because this offer already guarantees the authenticity of your digital data.

How it works

Dayta Ecosystem is a personal data management system that allows users to manage their data, track their data usage and trade access to their data.

Advantages of the DAYTA platform

Profit from your personal data – Dayta allows users to finally make a profit that companies receive using our data for marketing purposes to analyze customer behavior and analyze.

Blockchain Infrastructure – users, businesses and miners play independent but interrelated roles, supported by the Dayta blockchain and managed with the DAYTA token.

GDPR and Data Protection – Dayta has a design that is ready for GDP so that users can easily manage and profit from their data all over the world.

Below are the details of the ICO


This large-scale project is managed by experienced data center experts, cryptocurrency, and reputable financial experts with years of experience.


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