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The Dayta ecosystem introduces a personal data management framework that enables users to manage their data, monitor the use of their data, and trade access to their data.

Dayta is a unique personal data service that combines the user needs for security with the financial need for compensation of their data’s usage. Dayta also creates an ecosystem in which marketing and data analytics industries are disrupted, with the users at the centre of financial gain and complete control over their personal data.

Dayta will enable users to store all of their personal data offline on their own storage medium, whether it be a laptop, online storage, external storage device or smartphone. Your data will be yours and your alone, encrypted by you for your eyes only. This will be your personal data cache.

In addition, Dayta will bring marketing companies and users together in a harmonious interrelationship in an open ecosystem comprised of the following participants.

Blockchain Usage

It is valid to ask why a solution to store, manage and monetise personal data requires blockchain at all. With existing technologies being deployed across the industry at an increased pace by tech giants around the world, what can blockchain do that others have not already tried. To this we believe is a paradigm shift in thinking from a centralised or even federated processing of data to a fully decentralised and autonomous blockchain revolution needs to and is in the process of happening. The idea of storing personal data without justification and for as long as a company wants is being weeded out by GDPR, but blockchain technology through Dayta will provide the public transparency required to hold companies to account, whilst also ensuring users always know where their data is being used, by whom, for what and for how long.

Blockchain as a method of Authentication

With Equifax and similar household names experiencing data breaches of several hundred million customers affected, blockchain start-ups are looking to pioneer more secure methods of authentication. While companies such as Equifax store and manage customer personal data in servers they control, many projects look to enshrine self-sovereign principles into their blockchain design where individuals have access to and control their identification data, used then by companies as a means of authentication without storing it themselves. Where each user is the only user in a blockchain that can access their data, the single-point-of-failure found with centralised systems goes away, along with the risk of major personal data breaches.

Benefits of using Blockchain

The benefits of using Blockchain include:

1) Transparency – Provide full visibility of a company’s usage of customer information through the many ways in which its data is manipulated, including but not limited to processing for marketing, anonymised for trends / seasonal analysis, and sold on to other companies.

2) Security – The focus of blockchain ensuring that data within the blockchain is immutable, and not subject to alteration or deletion

3) Independence – Allowing individual users complete control over the information they hold on the blockchain, especially where users hold their own private key to their data (footnote needed for further info).

4) Ethereum architecture allows for smart contract scripting between parties based on consensual agreements. Ethereum as an internationally accepted means of exchanging utility is at the cornerstone of our processing model and provides a stable blockchain that encompasses the preceding 3 benefits.

Our aim is to ensure all participants from companies to users, protect and profit from a unified personal information blockchain which will ensure efficient data audit and transparent smart contracts and agreements.

Take control of your personal information.The Dayta ecosystem introduces a personal data management framework that enables users to manage their data, monitor use of their data, and trade access to their data.

Dayta Services

The Dayta venture is here to help unravel a portion of these inquiries by furnishing you with a base for your own personal information, a record of all organizations that make utilization of your information, regardless of whether it be legally binding (e.g. an advance), consensual (promoting assent) or lawful/gov (e.g. international ID

Dayta Mart

The Dayta Mart is the meeting place between users that wish to make use of their personal information for profit or not-for-profit reasons, and businesses that wish to make use of personal data for commercial, charitable or research reasons.

Token ICO Event

The Dayta token will be used as part of the Dayta ecosystem in order to facilitate consent agreements with companies that wish to make use of personal information and process such data with the owners of the personal information themselves. All data is stored locally by the user, and agreements are enshrined through smart contracts on the Dayta blockchain and therefore immutable, transparent and secure. No new tokens will be created Tokens Details


Token Name => DAYTA

Token Type => ERC20

Token Supply for sale => 1,500,000,000 DAYTA

Pre-ICO Sales Date => May 01st 2019

ICO public Sale => May 11th 2019

Payment Method => ETH, BTC, LTC, DASH

Tokens exchange rate:

1 ETH = 33750 DAYTA, 1 BTC = 961200 DAYTA

1 LTC = 14823 DAYTA, 1 DASH = 22005 DAYTA

ICO Public sale: May 11, 2019 (12:05 AM)

Minimal transaction amount: 1 ETH/ 0.1 BTC/ 3 LTC /2 DASH

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