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Who would have thought that knowledge in the existence of humanity would continue on the foremost drive of the evolution of the entire human race? We have focused on separating our experience and data that we have accumulated for thousands of years into this world. In the past, we can imagine that human beings recorded their cave drawings and their data. Therefore, in the context of the whole linguistic fact, there were some kinds of interactions with various characters in the completion of this range. Now we have tablets in our lives, we can use it instead of books.

Thousands of years later, the information turned into an innate digital format, and the speed of transfer was much increased. Another example is that when we wrote in advance, we would send it by post and it would take a long time to be transmitted, but now we can send it in electronic form in seconds. When we think about these developments, we can see a much larger content. A project was developed in line with these factors. This DAYTA project will give you information about this.


► Project objective

DAYTA is basically the easiest way to store and transfer your data when you create a request for your personal data. Not only can be stored safely but also ensures that all conditions are saved. On the basis of Blockchain technology, we have to say that it will have a very transparent transmission via smartcontract. It is ready to take your data as an interaction with the purchasers of a particular resource.



► Principle and advantages

This project won’t solely offer the legitimacy and legitimacy of all transactions with its integral functions and tools nevertheless, may attract the eye of individuals or different persons to whom sure restrictions are going to be known. To the place of these possibilities along, you may function a link between you and your knowledge receiver, and ultimately you may yet again tokenize the interpretation, which can improve the utilization quality of the DAYTA platform altogether components of our planet.


Of course, it’ll be characterized by the subtleties and differences of every part, as a result of every individual action has its own responsibility, which incorporates further tools that permit you to draw an image and show the best result.
For the convenience of victimization their systems, the installers have developed a contemporary Decentralized Applications (Dapp) wherever you’ll be able to perform all of your daring ideas.


DAYTA will be able to solve more than one protection simultaneously with these visions. That is why the team will ensure that all participants benefit from all the benefits efficiently. To benefit from these advantages, being a pre-sales participant will give you a different advantage. You should read carefully the important information for the following ICO sales and details.


►ICO sales and details

If we need to give information about the token information of this project called DAYTA, ERC20 will work in the blockchain standard on the Ethereum blockchain infrastructure. It will be called XPD if we need to express it as a symbol. There will be a total of 2,500,000,000 units in the market as supply. Only 1,500,000,000 of these will be sold. The unit price of XPD token will be 1 ETH for 37,500 XPD. Payments to be accepted during the sales process will be BTC, ETH, LTC, DASH. XPD ‘s sales process to attract applications for the participants have to say that additional bonus programs. This is a really important detail.

Soft cap target: 3,000 ETH
Hard cap target: 45,000 ETH

The distribution of markers and funds is as follows:



► Final words

We all know how insecure our personal data is. With this in mind, the most important goal of the DAYTA project is to use the data we have as a tool and make money on it. Legally, it will be top of the line with the use of technology in a transparent manner where reliability is at first.

The advantages of the project are not limited to what I write. There are many details about this. I have summarized the most remarkable sections of you. If you have a taste about the project, I have included the official sources of the project at the beginning of the article to get more detailed information. You can have detailed information about the project through these links.



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