One thing that is generally accepted in every human soceitynis the fact that heat is wealth. The acceptability can not be over emphasize in human existence is based on the premises that without health, man’s wealth is of no significant when his life is at stake. In other to enjoy one’s health therefore, individuals as well as communities of individuals put every effort in-place to make sure their health status is guaranteed. Some of these efforts include regular exercise, balance-diet, vocational tour, clinics and hospital visits.

For many year up to the present moment however, this system does not always easily allow providers to consult with other healthcare givers and then follow the patient’s progress as part of a holistic shared care plan because majorities of clinics and medical facilities today follow a one-on-one model of patient-provider interaction which puts the provider (clinician) at the centre of a patient’s care.

The result of this inefficiency is rigid and thus creates the data silos which prevent collaborative efforts for positive healthcare outcomes. After much consultations and research by a group of experts in various concerned field, the panacea to this mirage is found and incorporated into the blockchain platform called ‘dClinic.’

dClinic is a healthcare platform made to break down the traditional barriers of one-on-one interactions bringing about patient data that isn’t readily shared or accessible to other care providers. The dClinic platform prompts a Shared Care display where the patient is at the focal point of their care and the care is given via care team members who could be providers, clinicians, specialists, organizations and even family members.

dClinic puts the patient at the focal point of their care and does not permit brick walls to constrain their entrance to care. dClinic utilizes blockchain to help and reward consumers for their participation and adherence to their care plans. In this way, dClinic is ready to upset the healthcare business by presenting another model of healthcare which empowers collective endeavors for positive healthcare results.

Platform Architecture

The platform is outlined from the beginning to be particular so included functionalities, as they are produced, can be fused into the platform without disrupting the existing ecosystem. It is likewise advanced for a simple rollout at both the undertaking and individual levels, making it appropriate for use in vast, settled institutions and in addition little, autonomous clinics.dClinic’s Platform will involve the following nine basic features:

☆ dClinic Data eXchange Layer
☆ dClinic Blockchain APIs
☆ dClinic Datalake
☆ dClinic App Store (DAS)
☆ dClinic Dashboards
☆ Platform Intelligence
☆ Analytical Engine
☆ dClinic Reward System
☆ dClinic Feedback System

The team dClinic has numerous long stretches of involvement in the healthcare segment and it is obvious from our various overall implementations that the patient ought to be at the focal point of their care. Our proposal is, that by influencing the Shared Care To design the fundamental consumer and clinician gateway for getting to a consumer’s clinical and non-clinical data, dClinic will considerably help the healthcare division by giving the Care Team precise and ongoing data that comprehensively identifies with the patient, in this way driving better healthcare results.

dClinic’s platform (V1.0) has been a result of over two years being developed. It is by and by being demonstrated in Australia, Indonesia, Brazil, US and Singapore. The point is to build up a platform that can convey the dClinic vision. This Token Sale is to take the present infrastructure to a completely blockchain empowered platform for genuine patient-driven care and to authoritatively dispatch in Indonesia, a noteworthy developing business sector.

As the tittle of this article suggests, this is just the introduction to this amazing platform, dClinic. My article on the ICO Review on dClinic will publish in a short while. Before then however, you can visit the following links for more information :

Website: https://dclinic.io/
Whitepaper: https://dclinic.io/assets/doc/dClinic–whitepaper–new.pdf
Telegram: https://t.me/dClinic_io
Ann thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4904556
Medium: https://medium.com/dclinic-dhc


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