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The dClinic platform provides for a Shared Care model where the patient is at the center of their care.

Care is provided by care team members who could be providers, clinicians, specialists, organisations and even family members. dClinic puts the patient at the centre of their care and beaks through the brick walls that often constrain their access to care. dClinic also allows the consumer to contribute to their own Shared Care Plans through targeted Surveys and Wearables

dClinic uses blockchain to assist and reward consumers for their participation and adherence to their care plans.

dClinic has the potential to save lives and reduce healthcare costs..


Healthcare technology adoption is on the rise, but many providers have reached a critical juncture at which they must begin implementing healthcare IT or be left behind.

Healthcare technology gives care providers the ability to streamline processes and offer personalized care with more efficiency. The intersection of healthcare and IT is transforming the quality of the patient experience.

When you think about how many different healthcare facilities that any given patient might visit in a year — doctor’s office, pharmacy, hospital, etc. — anything a provider can do to modernize and improve patient care is a step in the right direction.

Continuous technological developments in healthcare have saved countless lives and improved the quality of life for even more. Not only has technology changed experiences for patients and their families, but it’s also had a huge impact on medical processes and the practices of healthcare professionals.

Let’s look at the latest technological innovations, and the benefits they bring to both patients and professionals.
Enhanced Patient Care
Improved Public Health
Ease of Workflow
Lower Healthcare Costs
We can’t deny that there are many advantages of technology in healthcare, but as with all tech breakthroughs, there are some issues to be worked out. Despite the obvious dangers, the impact of technology on healthcare is overall positive, with the benefits far outweighing the disadvantages

dClinic : Solves the Problem

Speaking of health, dClinic intends to present an innovation that will make health costs more affordable. dClinic and its experts, after working for many years with providers, governments and healthcare organisations, recognize that a more forward-thinking healthcare platform needs to be established to break down the traditional barriers of one-on-one.

Core Features

– dClinic Health Coins have value from day one. The consumer can help drive this dClinic Healthcare value proposition and be rewarded by engaging with dClinic.

– dClinic puts the consumer at the centre of their healthcare by driving all transactions via their Shared Care Plan.

– dClinic empowers the clinicians and care team members by allowing them access to the correct consumer data.

– Consumers can meaningfully interact with their Care Plans because the Care Plans are represented in consumer friendly terms and (non-clinical) language. Our choice for clinical modelling also allows language agnostic Care Plans.

– Contributors to the Shared Care Plan (and therefore potential Health Coin recipients) will include consumers, clinicians, care givers and family members. Contributors to the consumer’s care plan will get financial and healthcare rewards. dClinic’s platform is blockchain enabled and rewards all actors. Everyone benefits by participation and adherence to the Care Plans.

Reasons We Choose Blockchain

We designed this platform to run using blockchain technology as the basis for our platform development. Because since it first appeared, blockchain comes with the offer of fast and secure online transactions and supports all types of data and cryptocurrency. Blockchain technology uses a system, where every transaction is recorded and can not be changed forever, so transaction security and transparency can be maintained and reduce the possibility of data fraud.

Blockchain is inherently resistant to the modification of the data involved. Blockchain is a growing list of records, called blocks, connected and secured using cryptography. Each block usually contains a hash pointer as a link to the previous block, timestamp, and transaction data. Using blockchain for all our transactions will lower operating costs, increase transaction speed, create transparent and fair markets open, democratize value distribution and narrow down relationships between advertisers, network providers and customers.

Platform Architecture

The platform is outlined from the beginning to be particular so included functionalities, as they are produced, can be fused into the platform without disrupting the existing ecosystem. It is likewise advanced for a simple rollout at both the undertaking and individual levels, making it appropriate for use in vast, settled institutions and in addition little, autonomous clinics.dClinic’s Platform will involve the following nine basic features:

☆ dClinic Data eXchange Layer
☆ dClinic Blockchain APIs
☆ dClinic Datalake
☆ dClinic App Store (DAS)
☆ dClinic Dashboards
☆ Platform Intelligence
☆ Analytical Engine
☆ dClinic Reward System
☆ dClinic Feedback System

The team dClinic has numerous long stretches of involvement in the healthcare segment and it is obvious from our various overall implementations that the patient ought to be at the focal point of their care. Our proposal is, that by influencing the Shared Care To design the fundamental consumer and clinician gateway for getting to a consumer’s clinical and non-clinical data, dClinic will considerably help the healthcare division by giving the Care Team precise and ongoing data that comprehensively identifies with the patient, in this way driving better healthcare results.

dClinic’s platform (V1.0) has been a result of over two years being developed. It is by and by being demonstrated in Australia, Indonesia, Brazil, US and Singapore. The point is to build up a platform that can convey the dClinic vision. This Token Sale is to take the present infrastructure to a completely blockchain empowered platform for genuine patient-driven care and to authoritatively dispatch in Indonesia, a noteworthy developing business sector.

Token Sales

Token DHC
Price 1 DHC = 0.10 USD
Platform Ethereum
Accepting ETH, BTC
Soft cap 20,000,000 USD
Hard cap 50,000,000 USD
Country Singapore
Whitelist/KYC KYC & Whitelist
Restricted areas USA

December 31, 2016
• Beginning of the dClinic platform
• Scheduled Shared Service Scheduling (ShCP)
• Built-in Telemedicine platform for general service planning
• Embedded OpenEHR storage
• Built-in FHIR API
• Development of beta dClinic

December 31, 2017
• The dClinic V1.0 platform was completed
• The dClinic platform was completed and started on some beta sites
• New dClinic sites (clinics and hospitals) agreed in Indonesia
• An agreed partner for the delivery of medical services in Indonesia
• The Negotiating Office in Indonesia

March 31, 2018
• A consultative group of doctors and experts is health care and blocking
• A dClinic (DHC) token has been prepared,

June 30, 2018
• Finalized sale of dClinic (DHC) tokens
• Website and white paper audit
• Launch of the dClinic Build V2.0

• Beginning of the dClinic Open EHR block platform
• Smart Contracts audit

September 30, 2018
• Launch dClinic (DHC) token sales
• Continue building a dClinic platform included with Blockchain for a portable EHR
• Prepare a membership program in the cClinic fraud lottery
• Develop plans for at least two Bichoil listings, including one in Indonesia

December 31, 2018
• Completion of the release (based on analysis and refinement of existing agreed plans) Plans for the implementation of individual Indonesian projects
• Start of the Sanur for One Day project • Beginning of the project of the Villa Little Hansa Wellness Center
• Beginning of the project of the sanur development department local development)
• Complete plans for at least 2 Bitcoins, including one in Indonesia

March 31, 2019
• Launch the dClinic V2.0 platform
• Formulate a roadmap for the dClinic Platform for the next 2 years
• Start DHC with at least two Bitcom exchanges
• A clinical trial project begins
• The ASIH project for women and children’s hospitals begins

June 30, 2019
• Start the Kerobokan Viability Center project
• The hospital project begins Sahid Sahirman

30 September 2019
• Implementation of Indonesian projects

December 31, 2019
• Release the dClinic V3.0 platform
• Release the FHIR API to a wider market for third-party developers to use our dClinic and EHR platform

March 31, 2020
• Prepare the dClinic franchise model. Marketing and sales for dClinics all over the world. In particular, Malaysia, the Philippines, Brazil, Miami and Australia

June 30, 2020
• Initiate franchising opportunities in emerging markets
• Expand membership program in the dClinic monetary policy loyalty program
• Continue the implementation of Indonesian projects

September 30, 2020
• Continue the implementation of Indonesian projects
• Explore more opportunities for franchising in new emerging markets
• Increase the membership program in the fraud lottery dClinic Health Coin

December 31, 2020
• Develop a global franchise program
• The Carstensz life cycle project was launched

December 31, 2021
• All Indonesian projects, with the exception of the Karstensh Center for Sustainability

December 31, 2022
• All Indonesian projects


dCLINIC is a good ICO program.
Think business is pretty fantastic. It attracts people regularly.
Experienced and skilled cooperation is difficult to achieve.
We can build the ability to achieve goals.


More Information Visit The dCLINIC Link:

Website: https://dclinic.io
White Paper: https://dclinic.io/assets/doc/dClinic–whitepaper–new.pdf
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dClinic.io
Twitter: https://twitter.com/dClinic_io
Telegram: https://t.me/dClinic_io
ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4904556

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