Dealjoy – Crypto Cashbacks Made Convenient

Dealjoy is a privacy-focused global cashback platform designed to connect online shoppers with their favorite merchants to provide instant crypto cashbacks.

Dealjoy works between clients and online merchants, negotiating and adapting the best partnership deals. As our members move to the online store through the Dealjoy platform, they will receive commissions for their purchases, virtually without identifying personal information to a third party.

Global and anonymous micro-payments have been made possible by the ongoing massive adoption of cryptocurrencies. Using blockchain technology and a standardized ERC-20 token called DEAL, cashback will be provided privately, globally and instantly with no minimum payout limits.

Full GDPR compliance, anonymous instant payments and the ability for customers to remain completely unidentified by the platform.

Anonymous Payments
All Dealjoy cashbacks are paid anonymously in tokens compatible with ERC-20.

no personal data
Thanks to the ecosystem, based on the blockchain, no identifying personal information is not required.

Dealjoy works between clients, traders and exchanges.

Existing platforms use Bank transfers, paper checks and online payment systems such as PayPal to pay their customers. These payment methods are not private or truly global, and also include various fees such as reduced fees for cashbacks and intrusion into users ‘ privacy.

The partner industry is often accused of processing the client’s confidential data unethically in order to increase the rent. This has been made possible by customers who need to provide personal information and agree to questionable terms and conditions in order to get what they are owed. Sending personal information to cashback vendors along with a personal order history is something that customers understandably want to avoid.

Another problem, from the user’s point of view, is the delay between the purchase of goods and the receipt of the Commission. On existing platforms, it can take up to three months to get real cashback. This is a long wait, and far from the ideal of the client.

According to RetailMeNot2 Inc research, the following customer preferences were identified:

96% prefer not to use discounts by mail;
70% prefer to pay in a form other than a check;
55% prefer to buy out cashback offers online;
50% of that cashback offers are difficult to convert.
These results once again show that consumers want faster payouts, more convenient cashback platforms and modern payment methods.

Revolutionary solution for all problems – Platform Dealjoy that pays cashback your own tokens that are compatible with Ethereum.

This allows the platform team to focus on finding the best offers and bonuses for members instead of dealing with international Bank transfers, which requires minimum payout limits and reduced cashback percentages due to high payment processing costs.

Cashback Dealjoy paid almost instantly and with no minimum threshold. Members can withdraw their deserved DEAL tokens to their wallets at any time to trade for other cryptocurrencies, or to potentially increase the value. Our community-driven token model works for the benefit of token holders by reducing their circulation and creating pressure to purchase by redeeming tokens that will be distributed back to the community as commissions.

Due to the nature of the blockchain-based ecosystem, no personally identifiable information is required from our members. As cryptocurrency supporters and visionaries, personal data protection is a top priority for the platform team. The community will appreciate this transparent and confidential approach.


The main business model is to provide members of the platform with access to their favorite online stores from which Dealjoy will receive commissions shared with members for their purchases.

Dealjoy will hold a maximum of 20% of the revenue received from partners to pay for the total costs of the business and platform and follow long-term strategies for marketing, development and burning tokens. The rest-not less than 80% of the funds received, are paid to the members of the platform. Since the payments of participants are made in tokens, Dealjoy will constantly buy tokens on external exchanges.

To ensure a constant reserve of tokens and liquidity for instant cashbacks, 10% of the total initial token supply from the transaction is allocated to the company’s reserve.

Token Sale Detail:

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