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howdy all friends, this is good news for you who want to shop on-line. The platform offered with the aid of Dealjoy allows you to keep on line and get crypto money when you save. properly, if you are interested by becoming a member of and want to get money Even As Shopping, You higher Read The reason about Dealjoy underneath.

Dealjoy is a global cashback platform that continually focuses on privacy and is designed in order to Connect on line consumers with their preferred traders and offer cash lower back in the shape of immediate crypto. by the use of blockchain generation and Ethereum-based totally ERC-20 widespread tokens known as DEAL, cashback might be given personally, globally, and immediately Without a minimal charge limit.

Dealjoy operates among clients and online traders with the aid of negotiating and handling numerous exceptional affiliate transactions. And when contributors proceed to the web shop via the Deal-joy platform, they will obtain cashback commissions for every of their purchases, and with almost no private information had to identify what’s going to receive to third events.

To grow to be a member of Dealjoy is loose and that they can be accessed with the aid of everybody. you may get a Dealjoy account with the registration process in a simple place and deliver Dealjoy individuals entire get admission to to the platform, cashback, offers and DealShop.
except regular club, Dealjoy additionally offers premium offerings called Dealjoy Plus with diverse advantages. but, for an improve to Dealjoy Plus, you need to make a deposit and this may quickly lock some DEAL tokens.

All cashback prizes paid to customers are in The form Of DEAL TOKENS, this is Done to Create a simple and Attractive way Way To reward Members because they already use the Dealjoy platform.
The tokens that have been given can be used to make purchases at the integrated DealShop or are drawn to the external wallet of each member. And in deful, this DEAL token is stored in the user’s personal wallet on the Dealjoy platform itself.
Dealjoy also offers exceptional features that allow its members to interact. If you want to know more about the advanced features offered by Dealjoy, read on this article.

The Dealjoy Platform Dealjoy
platform is a fully organized dashboard display to explore and find various providers that offer the best and most attractive money back you can enjoy. You can also access Dealjoy via Dealjoy’s Android and iOS application.

Trader If you Are a Trader.? This Cashback Program Will Provide very impressive results that can be enjoyed in various sales performance indicators.

In addition to the basic operating model, Dealjoy also refers users to online stores to get money back for all their purchases and a platform that will enter product-specific offers and categories for each member to get benefits.

Dealjoy Explorer highly appreciates and gives freedom to its members to choose. Therefore, Dealjoy users can always pull their DEAL tokens into a personal Ethereum wallet or switch to an account, and exchange them for other coins, or sell fiat on an external exchange.
Refunds & Refunds
Affiliate commissions will be paid if the order is not returned to the merchant or returned because They were Damaged When Sending, The Package Was lost, etc.. However, there is a Period of Waiting for affiliate partners To approve and pay a commission for 4 weeks calculated from The Date of purchase.
Here is a detailed review of DEAL tokens that you can later use to shop or exchange them for other coins, or you can also sell fiat on an external exchange.


Token Information DEAL



Token Allocation





Looking at the programs and features that have been developed by Dealjoy, this is an amazing project That Continues to grow and get stronger because they are supported by Some of The largest online Markets that have been trusted for decades. Besides getting comfort while shopping, you can also enjoy Money back which can later be Used anywhere.
If you still want to know more about this project, you Can Read it on the Whitepaper Or Directly On the official website of Dealjoy which we include Below.

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