What is a Debit Network?

The Debitum Network is designed to bring together borrowers and people who help them implement them including investors (lenders), risk assessors, document validators, insurance companies, etc. So we can know that the network Debitum is a platform for financing small businesses using Blockchain.There are 3 main pillars that are poured by this debitum network include:

  1. Trust
  2. Decentralization
  3. Traditional currency liaison with cryptocurrency.

The Debit Network solves the problems facing many small businesses, especially those in emerging markets. Nearly seventy percent of micro and small enterprises in developing regions have no access to credit. This is a totally corrupted system that does not have a secure and fair international market.


Networks Built As A Hybrid Platform

This platform offers a hybrid solution that is the company’s financing will be done in a fiat that will further simplify the customer. We do not use crypto. We want to create a truly decentralized network through a motivated community, so it can be a living ecosystem, and not a group of individual organizations trying to handle a particular service. This is a pragmatic approach that works in real life.

All actions are processed through Ethereal Blockchain, making the Network Debitum a secure and non-destructive infrastructure. It consists of a family-based smart contract based on Ethereal, which is facilitated by one way of internal payments.

small business financing solutions

  • Fernando runs a timber company in Brazil and wants to export his production to the Netherlands.
  • Currently Fernando has no money for the growth of international business, he sells all his produce at a fairly cheap price to Alex, an intermediary who takes care of business development in the Netherlands and logistics.
  • Fernando invented the Debitum Network and applied for a loan of 20,000 USD at 12% interest rate, giving his production in the warehouse as collateral.
  • Many investors from the United States and Europe decided to finance Fernando and give him a loan of 20’000 USD.
  • Fernando likes to see his business grow because he has more money. As Fernando managed to build up his operations in the Netherlands with the help of his friend Sarah, the investor repaid his loan.

A Profitable Solution

We use your contribution to fully launch our solutions in many markets and for Everyone who has spare money can join the Debitum Network and lend to Fernando or other companies.As the Debitum Network grows worldwide, with a very limited number of DEB tokens on the market, the value of the token obtained can increase by about 10x times.



Debitum Network greatly helps small global businesses to grow and can be made a profitable investment in the future for investors. Let’s join the Debitum Network immediately to join Round B starting on
January 25, 2018 at 15:00 GMT.

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