Debitum Network: The next level of progress

 With the development of technologies, in particular the global Internet network, a new innovative thing has become available – a block system that has tremendous potential for its implementation in practice. This openness and transparency, globalization and the absence of bureaucratic red tape, independence from centralization – these benefits were immediately taken advantage of by IT entrepreneurs who created a lot of really new and useful products aimed at improving the quality of life of ordinary people-users.

Debitum Network  is a huge ecosystem in which all participants in the financing process are gathered, namely borrowers, lenders, investors, risk assessors, financiers and many other professionals who use the Debitum token as the only possible option for paying transactions on the network.The goal of Debitum is to unite specialists in financing small and medium businesses in one network and help them conduct international transactions without any problems.


The main objective of this project is to unite all participants in this area, namely borrowers, creditors, appraisers, insurance companies and those who check documents. Those who do this, can very simply join the network and immediately start working. This platform is very flexible, thanks to the use of modern technologies, such as block and smart contracts. All this is done on the basis of Ethereum. This platform works with paper currency, which is very well reflected in the work of organizations. Thanks to the simplicity of this idea. This platform solves market issues at a very tidy sum such as $ 2 trillion.


The platform is already a well-developed sphere in its own way. Since he already has experience in such business financing and has experienced specialists and waiting borrowers. All you need is funding for a full-fledged start to the project.

The DEBITUM token will be a full-fledged basis for each loan, which will allow its full increase in price. And DEBITUM already has a working product, which is based on the block system and the air system. And most importantly, this project was developed and conducted not by students of any educational institutions, but by real professionals in their field. Have vast experience in this area of ​​finance.

Advantages of Debitum Network

The Debit Network is designed to bring together borrowers and people who help them implement them: investors (lenders), risk assessors, document validators, insurance companies, etc.Companies or individual professionals working in alternative financing rooms can connect to the network for free and immediately begin facilitating cross-border transactions.

Debitum Token economy

  • The more loans processed through the Debitum Network, the more DEB tokens needed
  • Because all service providers need to freeze multiple tokens, token supplies of DEB are limited
  • In the crypto world, increased token values ​​often indicate that the company is expanding rapidly.

The Debitum (DEB) token itself will perform two main functions:

  • The main currency of the Debitum ecosystem

Tokens will be used by borrowers and creditors to purchase the services of the Debitum system and to set the price for their own services in the equivalent of DEB.

  • Guarantee and trust system

DEB will be used as a guarantee of the counterparty’s fulfillment of its terms of the transaction and fix it with the help of smart contracts in his personal trust rating. Thus, before you start working with a particular person, you can see his rating, the quality of the services performed and the like.


Symbol:  DEB

Price:  1 ETH = 2.888-3.750 DEB

Platform:  Ethereum

Soft Cap:  25,000 ETH

Hard Cap:  50,000 ETH


Distribution of DEB tokens

  1. 60% – sale of tokens to investors.
  2. 15% to the project team.
  3. 15% reserve
  4. 10% – to the team of project assistants

ICO:  January 25, 2018 at 15:00 GMT. The ICO is live now

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