We are living in a technologically advanced world, where we can even transact using coins through network service so that we do not even money. Coins will act as virtual currency or cryptocurrency. Debitum Network is working as the network service for the cryptocurrency.

This network system permits the investors to invest and the organization will work as a bypass to generate access to funds in non-banking small business intermediaries. The global economy has some credit gaps in terms of solving the major problems regarding regional financing and decentralized global financing. Debitum Network has made some solution to these major problems. The solution is divided into three pillars.


The team of Debitum Network has settled their services system making the ecosystem to the market by closing every gap by facilitating the markets to connect through SMEs among the global investors. Through community set up, they have introduced a system of rating in the calculation of algorithms for audit by Debitum Network Trust Arbitrage guarantee. After passing the audit, borrower or investors will leave their feedback mentioning their service.

Hybrid Connecting Crypto and Fiat

Debitum Network deals with the risk factors of the financing cycle related fees and also ensures the token freeze for bad services punishment. The fiat facilitator takes care of fiat transactions and keeps records of smart contracts. Debitum Network promotes blockchain solutions to the SMEs accessing credit gap issues in smaller business. The network operates their service keeping in mind about borrowers, investors and service providers. First they solve the lending tokens, then through the network providers will conservatively lend borrowers and stimulate them and at last, they will enable the solutions of FinTech solutions for existing incumbent companies.


Throughout the blockchain based financing process, Debitum Network makes sure about higher interest from SMEs and investors. In every operation, the positive experience such as successful execution of a service smart contract will add some trust rating points. On the other hand, every negative experience for example failure to provide services in the agreement prior to the time deducts some rating points of trust too. This process is highly effective to make transparency that allows investors to see the trust level and creates motivation to the borrowers, service provider communities and individual counterparties for responsible action.

Creating trust level by the approach can allow some informed decision making as well. Such as:

This will help to create transparency for the potential borrowers and can make decisions rated by trust and interest.

Such transparency will make counterparties interested to offer services by making a true balance of trust and price making service decision.

This approach will also let the members see how the individuals behave, allow making organizational decisions at the point of earning trust or losing the ability to have such objectives.

Debitum Network creates a new marketplace and a new asset class that satisfies the global investors demand to attract their available capital to solve the worldwide credit gap challenges for SMEs.

Debitum Network works hard to deal with the global credit gap in the ecosystem and therefore they have made solutions. It is a community that has maintained with a trusted team with the creation and development of the Debitum Network. From the initial phase of the business, the whole team is onboard to take the responsibility for the quality of the counterparties. The fiat facilitators and trust arbitrage parties give assurances for a decentralized ecosystem.

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