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Is a token that will be used in the idea of DECENTRALIZED FAN COACHING SYSTEM that is a project that will try to collect statistical data from people around the world and process those in real time during a match with using different technology in different ways and subjects to lead them to become a virtual out put that can be an end analysis of real group sport match.

**Social effects

As you know these day we are in a world of communication and technology. The aspect of using soft wares in input data and also output data can be very vast. In our input software we are trying to consider a social section that users can make groups and channels, planning for matches and many other things. Social effect of our idea is also in real life automatically. Variety of cultures around the world cause to specialize our software in some cases. A group of people or on a bigger scale all fans participation in a specific system that can be social and interesting in different ways.


Every matches and group games have fun for their fans and other people in some special events. Some of them can go to see the match directly and many of them watch the game from their devices and all of them are interesting in it, with participating in the match events and send opinion on the game can make the match more excited. There are also interesting events in output screen when you look at the people opinion and the coach decisions or in other world comparing Deccoach and Coach opinion is interesting.

Technologies that we should use in this project brings the focus of researchers, investigators, investors and big companies to this field and will provide business in different areas. These technologies related different subjects for instance, data storage, data processing, input systems and soft wares, out system and software, software design , hardware design, high speed processors and etc. because peaceful competition in sport events the competition in introduce related technologies will be appear beside our project.

As we discussed, this project requires different technologies and this would make many types of working positions available. These positions would require different levels of knowledge in various fields, from experts to positions that would not need a very high degree of expertise. Technologies related to hardware and software enhancement, technologies related to sport, technologies related to marketing and etc.


Also our idea is complex and need different technologies in field of hardware and software, but we have a bright roadmap. Roadmap details will release during our way on our website. We would like to inform you that our Roadmap is a primary version and maybe changed at the future according to our situation and conditions.

Initial idea

The initial idea popped up in the visionary mind of the founder. The creation of a new cryptocurrencies related to our idea to expand the idea. writing main point about it, after research about different topics that we will encounter during our project. the primary of white paper provided for starting our project.

Expanding Idea

The main purpose of the was clear but it has needed more details and expanding. After consulting we set up a team for expanding the idea and make roadmap more clear. In this way our founder and chief technical support was created.

Website design and Launch the token

Considering our idea’s complexity, research and work volume of it and also our special and numerous audience, we decided to use some tools to introduce our idea to appropriate audience. Designing a website that can help us to introduce and also a way to absorb investor lead us to setting up ICO. By using WavesPlatform we are going to launch our project token (Deccoach) on it.


We are trying to start our ICO from third quarter of 2018, our ICO will use some different packages for participating and investing in our project. We try to use some tools for our ICO; for example telegram bot and referral link programs. Our ICO also have a part for private investing on the Idea.

ICO continue

Because of the distance between us and our audience and also the distance between this type of technology and majority of people we obligatory continue our ICO for about 6 to 8 months. So this section of our road map is allocated to ICO.

Input software design

Input and output in this project is very important, So during previous sections of our roadmap we are trying to design the initial concept of input data, the initial version of our input software can be changed after first release. there will be special input software if some specific offer received during the project. in this section of the roadmap we release initial version.

Hardware facilities

If you read previous section of our road map according to our numerous audience in this project we need to have different hardware facilities; for example, data servers, monitoring, analyzers and many other things. So this section of our road map has been completely allocated to provide primary hardwares essentials.

**Data Process
Know we have huge number of data that can process for different output goals. according to type of our input data we can have different outputs. For first our pilot version of output we will make different team of expertises to work on data and provide desire output.

The budget outlined below presumes a scenario where our minimum cap of $3 million has been reached. Additional funds raised after the minimum cap will be used to add additional features to the application, API development, hardware essentials, research, marketing and overall growth of the platform. Funds raised from the ICO will be distributed as follows:
Application Development: 60%
Marketing & Promotion: 15%
Company: 15%
Legal: 5%
Security: 5%

Total Token Supply: 100,000,000
Token Sale: 70,000,000
Token Price: 0.0025 ETH
Token Blockchain: Ethereum
Private sale: Open
Hard Cap: USD 35,000,000
Accepted currencies: ETH

🔹Name of Token: Decentralizing Fan Coaching System (DecCoach)
🔹Symbol: DECO
🔹Token/Coin standard/blockchain: ERC20/ethereum
🔹Decimals: 18
🔹Role of token: utility token, use for participating in decentralizing of fan coaching
🔹Available Token: 100,000,000
🔹Available token for ICO: 70,000,000
🔹Period of sale: 4 months
🔹Soft cap/ minimum of sales: 1000ETH
🔹Hard cap/maximum sales: $70 million
🔹Accepted currencies:ETH

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