Decentralization redefined!

Maximizing Code Generation like never before via Daxico exchange.

In an approach to create user-friendly yet secured websites especially for exchange of cryptocurrencies, voluminous platforms have over the years, made it a little more tedious for users due to many security steps with the aim to achieve to actually offer secured transactions.

Such steps include email sign up and authentication or verification procedures as the terms may be on different platforms, followed sometimes by phone verification codes etc. these are bye-gone now as Daxico Exchange offer an exchange platform without those rituals.

Take a look at the image below:

It says: cryptocurrency exchange

• No email
• No phone
• No limits
• Easy sign up.

This is undeniably the most decentralized crypto exchange platform of all times. When you log on to the website at: What you will see is not less than what is displayed in the image. Once you log in the below image is exactly what you will meet:

For new users, click on “sign up” button
From this window, it will take you to:

In the login option, you only need to input your desired username, and password beginning with capital letter but must include a combination of small letters, special characters and number(s), tick the terms of use option and click on sign to complete this phase.

Then you proceed to the next step as show below:

Follow the instruction and just type in the code exactly as shown in the image.

The next step is the one in the image above, with complete details of the “dos” and “don’t” on how to keep your account secures using two factor authentication (2FA).
Once you tick the box to accept the conditions, click on proceed, and the image below is the next step as seen in the image shown:

Here you are faced with two options, either to skip the 2FA set up which is not recommended or you click on “set up now”. The set up option will navigate you to begin the security process. Once you select this, you have to save using the “save” button as well. Refer to image below:

The next step is to download any of the code generators of choice, either google authenticator or Authy 2-Factor Authentication.

Generate the codes following the necessary procedures or steps, scan using your device and finish up your account creation process. For clarity, I have added all the images to guide in your step by step registration. If there is anything left out, I know you will be able to find your way around on the website as it is user-friendly.

The interesting part:

• Once the sign up is done, you will be introduced to a very beautiful trading as well as buying/selling interface. There are over 300 cryptos readily available for trade and exchanges and more is to come.

• You are in charge of your wallet, as none of your details such as email or phone numbers is stored on the platform as stated above.

• The trading interface is for newbies as well as professional trading.

• Transfer of fund instantly anywhere globally without restriction and at no additional cost.

• Funds can be withdrawn into special account confirmed over time without the need to use the 2FA.

• As a user, you have the capacity to add more than one account for a single crypto asset and able to transfer

• Your love ones or employees can be granted access to your account only if you permit them to do so.

• Peer-2-peer transfer of funds is free on the platform

• Employees can be paid via Daxico exchange platform and more.

• In all, Daxico wallet can be used for trading/exchange, storage of various assets, and transfer of funds as may be required.

The simplicity in the services yet firm security measures make Daxico platform a sort after in today’s cryptocurrencies exchange market.

It is a bank where users have the control of their transactions. It is the only platform as at now that should be called decentralized. No spamming or unnecessary advert bombarding user’s email.

If the crypto community can come together to support the platform according to our various capacity, the platform will be a blessing to the crypto community in not distance time.

Thanks for reading.

Expect more articles soon.

Connect with Daxico platform using any of these links:

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