Decentralized and Computerized Banker Engine who serves as a financial services platform

The 21st century is one of the immense things that have never transpire to humanity since one of the colossal stages that was disclosure with abstrusely delectated the general population of this present age with some dumbfounding highlights which have made our quotidian life kineticism more facile and straightforward for us. with the assistance of QuantumPay application is the place you can put your QPAY token and there in additament. After a short time, the refreshed variation will fuse bitcoin and other propelled mazuma. Organizations included like shop, buy phone stack, pay charges, book lodgings, regalement characteristics, and send mazuma to any genuine bank or settlement center – all from our QPAY App.

About Quantumpay
Quantum Pay is a Decentralized and Computerized Banker Engine who fills in as a cash cognate organizations arrange. As an office dynamically on blockchain equipment, Quantum Pay uses automated cash as a little charge door to theory, advancing, sponsoring and dealing with a record, spreading the effect of financial relationship past their present outlet orchestrating to the number of people who are unbanked on the planet.
This withal passes on individual to-singular wallet handovers, charge utilizations, flexible best ups, operational shopping, and trade organizations. Its mazuma dispersal system shields countless, second-hand stores, cost outlets, and approach to-gateway kineticism through the world. . Utilizing Quantum Pay, clients have contact to an application wallet to be moved by the accumulation and workplaces, for instance, portions, communicate arrangement, charge portions, motel arrangements, redirection credits and online shopping at different dealers who yield automated mazuma.

The first thing you have to do is an App wallet. Make your wallet in minutes from our application, no base trade out sums, and no month to month expenses. Quantum Pay application is the place you can put your QPAY token and etherum moreover. Afore long, the overhauled form will incorporate bitcoin and other advanced mazuma. Administrations included like shop, purchase telephone stack, pay charges, book inns, diversion attributes, and send cash to any authentic bank or settlement focus – all from our QPAY App

Facile to Use and Convenient for Transaction – Carry out unfathomable exchanges to synchronize with blockchain and a simple to-utilize interface.
Private Keys, Modified Private Key Enhanced Security will be anchored consistently in an astute proximate to sandbox structure. This gives a stronghold another cull to the intricate envelope, to maintain a strategic distance from contingency or resource larceny.
Market Tracking and Signals – Ecumenical market keeps an ocular perceiver out for bits of learning reinforced by decided synchronization with front-line feature regions. An adaptable organized regard condition won’t miss a consequential market setting.
Can be utilized on the web or withdrew The QPAY application can be gotten to on the web and for no circumstance cognate with the web, QPAY SMS Operators must administer client exchanges
*Simple to Use and Convenient to Transact-Implement dealings without the desideratum to synchronize with the blockchain and it’s facile to utilize interface.
Self-held Private Keys, Amended Safety-Encoded Private Keys will be kept resolutely in down to business’ neighborhood sandbox structure. It passes on intricate envelope bolster culls, to keep up a key division from contingency or thievery of auspicious circumstances.
Market Tracing and Signals-Ecumenical market checking of bits of learning reinforced by perpetuating on synchronization with modernized component districts. Flexible regard masterminded conditions will never forsake a remarkable open entryway for essential market approaches.
Can be utilized on the web or isolated QPAY App can be gotten to on the web and even not cognate with the web, QPAY SMS Operator will direct the exchanging of the clients.

Wallet transfers
Hotel Bookings
Bill payments
Mobile top-ups
Online shopping
Remittance services
Game Credits
Offline monetary transmission
Donations directed to foundations
Mobile Bank Connections

Token info
Decentralized and Computerized Banker Engine who serves as a financial services platform.
Smart contract info:
Name: QuantumPay
Symbol: QPAY
Decimals: 8
Total supply:
Contract Address:
Stage 1 (CLOSE)
• 0.01 Eth – 250,000 QPAY
• 0.1 Eth – 2,500,000 QPAY
• 1 Eth – 25,000,000 QPAY
Stage 2
• 0.01 Eth – 150,000 QPAY
• 0.1 Eth – 1,500,000 QPAY
• 1 Eth – 15,000,000 QPAY
Token Distribution
• 40% – Selfdrop contribution
• 20% – Development
• 15% – Team
• 20% – Rewards Rewards
• 5% – Community
For more Information
White Paper:
Bitcointalk username: Timzbrand
Bitcointalk URL:;u=2040852
Ether address: 0xC7Ee1071822E818Be0e55AefD4BD3Ea033192609


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