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Welcome to the DABANKING Community ini this article I Will explain about DABANKING, especially for crypto fans


DABANKING is a Dapp entertainment platform with top leading developers having many years of experience and set the goal to become a prime company in Dapp development. DABANKING focuses on the core elements of transparency, safety and value creation to bring financial resources and entertainment to people around the world. The first phase of DABANKING concentrate on using the foundation of Ethereum Blockchain, then developing its own platform which has been built by the founding team to cooperate with other developers to expand the ecosystem. DABANKING creates a token distribution strategy and develop community creatively. Using the theory of the POC protocol, the distribution of DAB token creates a fair and safe exploitation environment for investors, promising a compelling promotion among community as well as increase value for DAB token. Also, DABANKING creates entertainment Dapps including lottery games FomoJackpot, Dice, Dual, Watch in the beginning and will constantly update new games to serve the growing demand of the community.

what is DAB and How to obtain DAB token :

DAB Token

DAB is the basis token of DABANKING, which is solely exploited by energy at Mining Wallet and has increasing difficulty over time. The maximum total supply of DAB token in Smart Contract is 200,000,000 DAB and the only way to obtain DAB Token is to use “Mining Wallet”.

How to obtain DAB token :

You can only own DAB token by exploiting by the energy at Mining Wallet or buying directly from others. Example: For mining DAB Token, users need to buy “Treasury Package”. The “Treasury Package” can be bought with a minimum amount of ETH of $ 200 — the price is based — and the maximum package is allowed by the developer at different times which is up to $ 5000. DAB does not mobilize capital through ICO or IEO, so if anyone wants to have DAB Token including Developer, the only way is to mine from “Mining wallet”.

with the goal of creating an ecosystem with free global entertainment content based on Blockchain platform, DAB will serve as a coin platform of DABANKING ecosystem generated with the mission of building a decentralized entertainment platform, bringing a fair and transparent environment to participants.

There are 3 specialized wallets that needs to be concerned when mining:

> Gold Wallet,

> Green Wallet,

> and Mining Wallet.

For example: If you buy Treasury Package for the first time with the value of $1000, you will have $8000 in “Gold Wallet” and $2000 in “Green Wallet” for the first purchase.

Every day your “Mining wallet” will receive $ 10 transferred from Green Wallet (0.5% x 2000 $).

When Mining Wallet reaches a value of $ 1000, you will receive $ 8 a day from the Green Wallet (0.4% x 2000 $)

You might be wondering, so how to get money from “Gold Wallet”?

“Gold Wallet” is the reward for developing your community (determined by new investors registering with your referral link). You will get:

• 50% of F1 investment package value.

• 10% of the investment package value from F2 to F10.

• 5% Value of investment package from F11 onwards.

This value is transferred directly from the Gold Wallet to the Green Wallet

For example:

There are investments as follows:

F1: 1000$, F2: 2000$, F3: 3000$,…, F11: 1000$, F12: 2000$

Then the total amount transferred from the Gold Wallet to your Green Wallet will be:

50% x1000$+ 10%x2000$+10%x3000$+…+5%x1000$+5%x2000$.

Benefit of DAB Token To miners:

>With the friendly display, the implementation is so easy that everyone can join if they want to invest on Token mining.

>Thanks to high mining efficiency, every day the Mining Wallet will receive up to 0.5% of the value of the Green Wallet

>The maximum profit ratio is up to 1000% of the “Treasury Package” value, which is so beneficial that no investors want to miss it

>The total amount of Eth from investors in “Treasury Package” will be locked in “Reserve Fund”. No one has the right to interfere with this fund including the developer. The Reserve Fund is the guarantee value for Token DAB. All are managed through smart contracts on Dapps (Decentralized Applications). Everyone can monitor and control their investment security at any time.

To use the DABANKING platform, you must to have:

-Metamask Wallet installs on your computer or TrustWallet on your phone;

-Having Ethereum (ETH) available in Metamask or Trust wallet;

-Visit the website to start experiencing our great services.


DAB will be the coin foundation in DABANKING platform. so all miners will receive profits from the development of DABANKING platform.

DABANKING’s development team is committed to bringing quality and valuable products to help develop a strong and sustainable community.

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