Decentralized ID (or DID) is a schema to provide authentication services securely on a Decentralized network. A Democratic Blockchain-based Foundation geared towards protecting people’s IDs on Decentralized Computer Systems.

There does not exist a two-way trust mechanism with ID transfers on the Blockchain. DID provides just that. There exists no secure way to issue an ID card, a license, a passport or a visa using the current communication channels. DID employs a public Blockchain network to show how ID can be issued securely on a Blockchain.

As of its launch in September 2017, DID comes with a working software schema based on mobile wallets and the Ethereum Network to show how ID verification can be performed on a Blockchain. DID also provides a draft proposal for how to achieve this and recommends starting a foundation to oversee how ID is being used/transferred in a Crypto-world.
The project is working closely with a Government department to conduct a pilot study of putting National ID cards on the Blockchain.

Why a Foundation

We believe that the Decentralized-world is a revolution and a paradigm shift from the communications structure we have in the world at the moment. Very soon, data will become decentralized and with that, people’s IDs. The proposed Foundation will work towards guaranteeing that people IDs and privacy are protected.

We currently see the Internet world in disarray with respect to privacy and IDs. Your data is being controlled by a few companies and on a few servers.

You do not have control over your IDs. Your IDs, be it a login or cookies on a website, are being misused and abused. We require an organization rather than a company as a bridge between ID-requesting bodies and IDholders.

The foundation intends to lead ID verification attempts on a decentralized scheme and drive a future where your ID is in your control.

All sums raised by the ICO will be forwarded to the proposed DID Foundation.

Democratic Foundation

The DID foundation will be entrusted with ensuring that people’s IDs are protected and in their control. The foundation will be seeking votes from all of its voting members to set a direction for the foundation and to direct the foundation on issues concerning their privacy and ID transfer in a Decentralized world.

All voting will take place in an Electronic format on a Blockchain. The votes will be available on a distributed ledger for inspection. We leave it to our members if they want to remove anonymity of their votes and claim entries on the distributed ledger. The resident members of the Foundation will carry out all voting procedure in a transparent manner.

The foundation will be obliged to take to its members any and every proposal/decision that affects people’s IDs.

The DID foundation will be the first non-profit Blockchain organization working towards privacy and users’ control over their data. We feel that it’s our duty to be Crypto-Positive and to spread this new leap in technology among the masses.

The foundation will hold regular events and activities to introduce the crypto world to the masses. We will present a positive image of the Decentralized world in front of the masses and try to cancel out all the negative propaganda about the Crypto-world.


Firstly before the emergence of DID this was how we store informations on cloud

1. Your ID is stored on a private cloud

2. Your ID is in control of an organization

3. Your ID is being abused and tracked

4. There is no proof of ID transfer

5. SSL is breakable and monopolized

6. There is a totalitarian approach to your ID request on the Internet

7. No way to issue IDs securely

You all will believe me when I say most of this above mentioned methods has created so any misunderstanding and stolen information

Now let’s try it the DID way

1.Your ID is stored on your own device.

2. Your ID is in your control which you transfer as you require

3. The DID Foundation ensures that any usage of your data is approved by you

4. Proof of transaction available on a distributed ledger

5. BOCA certificates ensure security and legitimacy of the request

6. The DID system provides a two-way trust mechanism

7. Complete Blockchain backed ID issuance scheme


Here is the breakdown

The DID system works by employing smart contracts on a distributed network. The smart contracts form the logical and programming unit of the schema. The DID software is broken down into the following blocks:

1. Mobile App: For the end-user to interact with the system.

2. DID endpoints: Carry out user instructions securely over the blockchain

3. DID API & Marketplace: For developers to provide a Login with DID system and to work with BOCA certificates.

4. BOCA issuance: A platform for the ID requesting bodies to register to provide their authenticity to the end users.

Currently based on the Ethereum Mainnet, DID is a functional schema that you can try today. See how your ID gets transferred over the Blockchain.


1. Logging into websites

2. Showing your Passport on a border

3. Proving your ID to an Office

4. Providing your ID like a business card to another person

5. Holding bank accounts

6. Holding memberships

7. As reward cards

8. As a Debit Card associated with your ID

9. Logging into smart devices

10. Proving presence

11. Logging in into an office (HR)

. A means to issue ID cards, Passports and Visas.

13. A means to issue licenses. E.g. Driving license, medical practitioner license, gun license.

14. A means to issue membership of an organization.

15. A means to issue Medical records on the Blockchain.

16. A means to provide trust in figures of Authority. E.g. Policemen, Traffic wardens etc.

17.A means to provide trust in an ID-requesting body.

Wow the internent is becoming filled with many ways to make our life easy

you can click on the below link to read more about this wonderful platform

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