Decentralized market place for Drone related products and services


💣ICO 1.05.18-1.06.18
💣Token DRONE
💣Price 1 DRONE = 0.00005 ETH
💣Bonus Available
💣Bounty Available
💣Platform Ethereum
💣Accepting ETH
💣Minimum investment 0.1 ETH
💣Soft cap 10,000 ETH
💣Hard cap 135,000 ETH
💣Country United Arab Emirates
💣Whitelist/KYC Whitelist
💣Restricted areas USA

Decentralized, intelligent, self-aware, autonomous drone traffic management platform Vertical Take-off and Landing (VTOL) aircrafts transporting people and goods running on DEEP AERO UTM. Decentralized market place for Drone related products and services Flight plans meet all regulatory requirements with AI driven, rules-based airspace intelligence for enterprise friendly drone operations.

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💥Like the internet and GPS technologies, drones have evolved beyond their military origin to become powerful business tools. The use of unmanned aerial vehicles (drones/UAVs) is increasing exponentially. Apart from leisure activities, drones are transforming the ways in which businesses and government carry out their missions.

💥Drones are transforming everything from agriculture and emergency management to national security and the delivery of goods and services. Drones take on an entirely new dimension as nodes in the emerging Internet of Things infrastructure. As replacements for stationary sensors drones expand the user’s ability to collect information. Society is at the very beginning of understanding how drones will factor into tomorrow’s technological infrastructure and how they will push the boundaries of what is possible.

💥At present, drones are a very efficient data collection platform that can accomplish tasks in hours that would otherwise take people days or weeks. They can provide deeply detailed visual data for a tiny fraction of the cost of acquiring the same data by other means. Drones have become crucial in workplace safety and are being frequently deployed to implement precarious processes such as cell-tower inspections, wind turbine inspections, humanitarian deliveries, disaster relief etc.

💥The importance of finding a way for drones to safely coexist with manned aircrafts is growing increasingly urgent. DEEP AERO is building a harmonized framework for air traffic management (ATM) and Drone/UAS traffic management (UTM). We are building an autonomous, self-governing, intelligent Drone/Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) Traffic Management (UTM) Platform that will be able to ensure safe flights of manned and unmanned aircrafts in the shared airspace.



💸1)October 2017
Concept development of DEEP AERO ecosystem

💸2)November 2017
DEEP AERO UTM Platform development

💸3)January 2018
DEEP AERO Whitepaper

💸4)March 2018
DEEP AERO Token Pre-sale

💸5)May 2018

💸6)May 2018
DEEP AERO Drone MarketPlace Development

💸7)June 2018
DEEP AERO Cargo Drone research and development

💸8)July 2018
Launch DEEP AERO Drone MarketPlace Beta version

💸9)August 2018
DEEP AERO Passenger Drones research and development

💸10)September 2018
Launch DEEP AERO MarketPlace

💸11)November 2018
DEEP AERO Cargo Drone testing

💸12)December 2018
Blockchain deployment for DEEP AERO UTM Platform

💸13)January 2019
DEEP AERO Passenger Drone Testing

💸14)April 2019
Launch DEEP AERO UTM Platform Beta version

💸15)July 2019
Launch DEEP AERO Cargo Drones

💸16)October 2019
Launch DEEP AERO UTM Platform

💸17)January 2020
Launch DEEP AERO Passenger Drones



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