Decentralized Payments for E-Commerce Ecosystems with Araw

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How are you today? On this occasion I want to share ARAW ico’s review. ARAW is a Decentralized Payment for E-Commerce Ecosystem which aims to provide end-to-end solutions for E-Commerce Marketplace, Touch & Pay Cryptocurrency Card, Online Cryptocurrency Payments, and Integrated Gift Systems supported by the Ethereum Blockchain.

E-commerce companies are now growing very rapidly and sales are expected to reach $ 4.5 trillion in 2021. Cryptocurrency is the preferred choice for transaction modes in most e-commerce businesses. Even large financial and banking industries are keen to move to blockchain and are expected in all industries to increase in the next few years. Araw is the first company in the UK to combine the benefits of the E-Commerce and Payments industry. The Araw platform addresses fundamental problems in e-commerce and the cryptocurrency economy.The goal of the ARAW token is to be a part of everyone’s day-to-day online & in-store shopping without them changing their shopping pattern or understanding the underlying complexity of Technology. E-Commerce and commercial prizes experienced a large growth in global sales through e-commerce in 2014 was 1.3 trillion dollars expected to double by 2020, and the number of online buyers is also expected to increase from 1.46 billion to 2 billion in 2020 Similarly, the cryptocurrency market is growing rapidly.

Araw Features

  • Araw Pay
  • Araw Touch & Pay Card
  • Transparent
  • Adoption
  • Unified Reward System
  • Plug and Play Widget
  • Cashback
  • Ease of Use
  • Merchant Adoption
  • Growth
  • End-To-End Solution
  • Self Managed
  • Transparent Ecosystem
The goal of the ARAW token is to be a part of everyone’s day-to-day online & in-store shopping. See how it works!

Blockchain User Adoption & The Araw Platform
The ARAW Token Ecosystem
Araw Pay
E-commerce Marketplace
Araw Card – Touch & Pay
Touch & Pay card aims to enable customers to make micropayments.
Open API Platform
Banking System Integration
Araw Mobile Wallet
Cryptocurrency Exchanges Integration

Ico Review

  • Token Information
  • Ticker : ARAW
  • Token type : ERC20
  • ICO token price : 1 ARAW = $0.01
  • Total tokens : 5,000,000,000
  • Available for token sale : 3,500,000,000 (70%)
  • Whitelist : YES (15 MAY – 30 JUNE )
  • KYC : YES
  • Pre-sale start date : 1 JULY
  • Public sale start date : TBA
  • Soft cap : 2,000,000 USD
  • Hard cap : 25,000,000 USD
  • Accepts : ETH
  • Contact us for pre-sale :
Fundraising Goals
Araw Team

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