DECOIN—-An Digital Ecosystem That Will Be Success Provided For All The User—-

Hi , Article lovers, nice to see you again,How Are You Today ?? Fine rights ? like a usually on this time I will tell you about the new project that have been present in the middle of crowded the crypto world connoisseurs . oke,, and no need long one anymore…have been present,,name of this project are….DECOIN Project.

On the pereod more advanced technology like its now and also follow up too by the people needs of understand about the needs to investation .so this project come to be your choice for investation or doing the process of sell and buy , with to many excellence and excess I hope you can participated too later..
let’s find know together about this project more !!!!.

DECOIN is an digital ecosystem that will be success provided for all the user. DECOIN will give the same income to the coin holders. Because DECOIN equality promising to success of the road togethers to the users , and absolutely of course for the users who have joined and followed all the procedures that have been defined by the DECOIN project..Join in this project do not rule out the possibility that you will achieve success together, because the project is transparent, easy and secure .By using advanced technology and assisted by a team of experts Fintech is very experienced and professional in finance and trader. By based technology Protocol Blockchain Proof Of Stake (POS), Transparency, Top-Level Security, and with direct support for one week , DECOIN is planning to develop a new decentralisasi Platform for the next generation. DECOIN easy Provided of use will be key to succeed in the world of crypto. It also applies to DECOIN that will strive to provide total comfort in investing with a investment of crypto they become FIAT money using credit card. DECOIN, differently works. Here You encourage to contact the team as soon as You have a problem and need help, and they will answer all your questions 24X7 hours with a wide variety of multi language. DECOIN will developing of trading platform is the next generation that will enable liquidity and generate money for investors and companies traded on DECOIN platform. DECOIN is an international company. With an experienced management team and a team of industry professionals leading.
DECOIN (DTEP), is supported by the platform Exchange &Trading (D-TEP) which redistributes the profits to the holders of DECOIN. Combining the Protocol Blockchain Proof Of Stake (POS), Transparency, Top-Level Security, and direct support 24×7, DECOIN is currently developing the next-generation platform for the world decentralized. By with of different creating standard for safety and comfort in the process of trade transactions. Even the highest security DECOIN promising its users a calm, relaxed and reliable experience to ensure transactions are achieved. DECOIN aimed to build a platform of exchange of currency and trading multicurrency easy-to-use, quick, simple, share the profit of the exchange by all holders of the coin. This Platform is fully regulated in a safe and transparent. good for beginners as well as experts. 70 million coins will be allocated and used to ensure the annual return of 6.2% which is promised to the holder of the DECOIN through the Staking of the coin on the wallet DECOIN their online D-TEP will allow the currency exchange DECOIN to other forms of digital assets.DECOIN also plan to allow trade Crypto-To-Fiat in the foreseeable future. All holders of the currency DECOIN automatically receive the trade discount at the D-TEP.
What do you think ??? Are you interested ??
Let’s participated at TokenSale is ongoing…

Token : DTEP
PreICO Price
1 DTEP = 0.67 USD
Price 1 DTEP = 0.9 USD
Bonus : Available
Bounty : Available
Platform : DECOIN Blockchain
Accepting : ETH, BTC, Fiat
Minimum investment : 500 USD
Soft cap : 4000000 USD
Hard cap : 30000000 USD


Q4 – 2017
–The birth of DECOIN

Q1 – 2018
–Started Development of DECOIN ExchangeEstablishment of an Online Customer Service CenterDevelopment of DECOIN pure PoS Blockchain

Q2 – 2018
–Completion of DECOIN Exchange Alpha stageStarted building DECOIN Crypto Index (DCI)EU Crypto License Application

Q3 – 2018
–Completion of DECOIN Exchange Beta stageApplication for an RMO license to the Monetary Authority of SingaporeEstablishment of DECOIN’s Singapore OfficePure PoS blockchain up and running

Q4 – 2018
–DECOIN Exchange LIVEWallet
–LaunchOperating DECOIN Exchange under RMO Sandbox provisionsCompletion of DECOIN Initial Coin Offering

Q1 – 2019
–Provide decoin debit card to Decoin holders launch the decoin index

Q2 – 2019
–Launch DTEP trading platform

Q3 – 2019
–Provide DECOIN enhanced credit card with credit facility

Q4 – 2019
–Receive required regulatory license and launch DTEP exchange and trading platform in North America

Q1 – 2020
–Launch of the DTEP decentralized exchange

–Shay Perry,CEO

–Nadav Moshe,Founder & CTO

–Ari Recht,VP Business Dev.

–Yuval Cherbis,CMO


–Itay Gissin,Advisor

–Yohei Otsubo,Advisor

–Sayshow Takizawa,Advisor,CEO of Bitsmith

–Mark Kreimerman,Advisor

All right… up here for an explanation about this project from me…And I hope you like it to reading..thank’s

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