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Decoin is the first POS crytpocurrency to share profits with the coin holders. New crypto coins with new innovations over its unique features,
Decoin gives many benefits to its users. With one-of-a-kind who will reward the warranty loyalty of an average customer increase of 6.2% for all coin holders, Decoin has promised to be a POS who will think so faithfully to his clients. In addition, Decoin holders will remain unaffected by market volatility. This means that out of all market ups and downs, the coin holders will still be able to enjoy the benefits of transaction costs and daily accumulated volumes on decoin. Furthermore, Decoin has come up with an exchange platform that will be used to allow direct access to the use of their personal D-TEP credit card.
We offer four different types of yield:
Profit Sharing – a percentage of the profit sharing generated on D-TEP. DECOIN will distribute up to 60% of its profits on D-TEP,
Proof Of Stake (POS) – All holders of DECOIN will achieve a 6.2% rate of growth Per Annum for staking the coins in their online DECOIN wallet
Discounted Trading Fee’s – for all holders of the DECOIN 40% discounted fee if you have DECOIN coins and you want to use them as the fee payment method (0.15% fee instead of 0.25%)
Value Creation – Potential increase in DECOIN value following the embracement of DECOIN’s one-of-a-kind Ecosystem
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DECOIN is the first company to develop sophisticated wallets that allow you to spend your digital currency whenever you want and where ever you are.
DECOIN provides five (5) types of credit cards with different benefits – depending your DECOIN investment amount
Our Vision is to enable every DECOIN holder to enjoy and access the profits he receives, regardless of whether he traded himself or had been awarded his share of DECOIN profits.
Token info
Token : DTEP
Platform : DECOIN Blockchain
Type : Coin
PreICO price : 1 DTEP = 0.6 USD
Price in ICO : 1 DTEP = 0.8 USD
Sale : 50%
Tokens for sale : 42,000,000
Sold tokens : 2,133,376
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