Today I will tell you about a very interesting project that you can generate well. This project is called decoin and is connected to a decentralized coin. Everyone knows very well that in cryptocurrency. So in this article, it’s just about how we can participate in all this, but not in the player role behind the gaming machine. We will be interested in revenue from one of the existing electronic bets. 


DECOIN is an open source for peering digital ecosystems based on Blockchain technology, which includes its own digital currency, DECOIN 

DECOIN is supported by D-TEP, a trading platform that redistributes the profits derived from the fee charged on the platform, back to the holder

6.2% ANNUAL GUARANTEE FOR ALL STAKEHOLDERS – The annual result is an integral part of the technology we build into coins. Our technology is developed so that the number of DECOINs made will be a fixed number. With the help of the Proof-Of-Stake consensus algorithm we can achieve these benefits

140 million coins @ MAXIMUM CAPACITY 70 million of these coins will be distributed 70 million coins will be allocated and used to guarantee the 6.2% annual return promised to DECOIN holders via Staking of the coin on their DECOIN online wallet D-TEP will enable DECOIN currency exchange to other forms of digital assets. We also plan to allow future Crypto-To-Fiat trades as well as All DECOIN currency holders automatically receive trade discounts on D-TEP 

We are developing a highly scalable, secure, and commercial blockchain class architecture 
Trade Income and Profit Sharing .
Whether the market is up or down – YOU as DECOIN holders get from transaction costs and daily volumes accumulate on the exchange. DECOIN shares all revenue and profits with its Coin holder. Trading revenue includes: spreads, commissions, aggregations, risk positions and interest margins 

Full support 
Accessing special information through our Online Customer Service, with detailed and appropriate information to get you started in crypto space 

Investment with Returns Unprecedented 
POS Algorithm DECOIN ensures flat a 6.2% annual rate of return for all coin holders who will bet their coins in DECOIN’s online wallet, appreciate their loyalty to the adoption of coins. 

Monetization and Disbursement
The First Exchange Platform that allows direct access to our benefits using your personal D-TEP credit card. Just another way you can save time and simplify the process 

DECOIN is a blockchain based “Profit Sharing Exchange” Coin. DECOIN is building a well-known, fast-action, easy, and simple Exchange Multicurrency and Trading Platform, which shares its exchange advantages with all its coin holders. In addition, top-notch security promises its users an easy, casual and reliable trading experience to ensure the transaction is completed. 

Vision Our 
vision and mission is to become the leading Stock Exchange and Trading Platform of cryptocurrency in the world.

D-TEP The main challenge faced by digital coin holders and traders on a regular basis is how to use their crypto currency and use it for daily expenses and expenses. DECOIN is the first company to have developed a sophisticated wallet that lets you spend your digital currency whenever you want and wherever you are. Our vision is to enable every DECOIN holder to enjoy and access the benefits he receives, regardless of whether he is trading on his own or has got a share of DECOIN’s profits. 


Allocation of Results

Q4 – 2017 
• Birth of DECOIN Development of DECOIN with consensus algorithm interest rate POS 6.2% PA 
• Establishment of Online Customer Service Setting up 10 global offices to serve as multi-lingual support and marketing that will promote and support DECOIN holders and new DECOIN users 
Q1 – 2018 
• Personal Sales 
• Initial Coin Offering (ICO) launches marketing and promotion for early-bird investors 
Q2 – 2018 
• Exchange Platform Beta Test (D-TEP) Launches Beta testing for our own exchange platform 
• Pre-ICO and Stage Phase ICO 
• Prepare all materials and information needed 
• Continue to strengthen the advisory team 
• Continue to develop our technology
• Complete ICO 
• Add DECOIN on some exchanges DECOIN listing in some of the biggest trading and exchange markets under the ticker symbol DTEP 
• Launch Wallet + Start distribution DECOINS Launch Wallet & Android app DECOIN mobile wallet / LINUX / MAC OS / Windows – Stake Wallets Submitted Online , and started the DECOINS distribution from DECOIN ICO Dashboard to DECOIN Wallet. 
Q3 – 2018 
• Launch of Exchange platform (D-TEP) Launch of Exchange for our own results 
• Launch of trading platform (D-TEP) Launch our own Revenue Sharing platform
Q4 -2018 • Launch of a decentralized Exchange platform Launching our Decentralized Exchange2019 – To Be Announced Shortly. . . Maybe just this, the reviews I made in terms of helping and telling everyone, participating in the ICO or Bounty campaign they run today. If there are any shortcomings in this review, please maff for your inconvenience in reading or searching for Information, but do not worry I have provided links you can visit, to find out more about the decoin project, and of course you will get reliable information from the team as well as Founder of the decoin project. All the information in great detail You can find on the project website decoin There is also a link to all the social networking project,

More information about decoin on this link, check this: • Website: 
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