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Is that Catena?

Catena is a distributed trading platform that utilizes the innovative capabilities of blockchain technology to transform the global trade economy. In the past three decades, world trade has increased significantly both in volume and turnover. Although the living conditions of many people are alleviated, this sector still faces challenges that hinder the realization of its full potential. This is a problem that Catena wants to solve.

The Catena leadership team consists of experienced professionals with extensive experience in trade, manufacturing, technology, quality control and so on.

Market review

Over the years, trade has contributed significantly to the growth and development of most economies throughout the world. Since 2006, global commodity exports have increased by more than 32%, exceeding $ 16 trillion last year. Similarly, commercial service exports grew by 64% to reach $ 4.8 trillion.

The large increase in global goods trade is strongly influenced by finished goods and agricultural products. Catena believes that the introduction of new technologies will continue this development.

The problem Catena sought to solve

The biggest challenge in this sector is the high prevalence of fraud. Currently. Fraud causes an annual loss of $ 4 trillion, mainly due to existing infrastructure vulnerabilities. As a result, the affected institutions are often forced to declare bankruptcy or, in severe cases, completely closed. Usually, most fraudsters make open accounts, buy goods and services, but avoid making payments.

In addition to fraud, the retail industry is also disrupted by problems in the supply chain. These problems include unfavorable regulations, corruption, poor transportation infrastructure, delayed deliveries and so on.

Catena DEX & COMAI Matching AI Match Solution

First, the Catena trading platform will try to remove barriers to entry and overcome world trade problems. After providing a platform for small and medium businesses, Catena will focus on providing strong tools to facilitate the growth of the global trade market. While the platform architecture is mainly based on distributed ledger technology, it also includes aspects of artificial intelligence.

Of course, decentralized exchanges are difficult to identify because of their complexity. However, the biggest advantage of the platform is their independence, because they do not need third party services to finance investors. Instead, transactions are mediated directly between users who denounce the Catena platform. This, coupled with Blockchain’s immortality, makes transactions transparent and immune to fraud.

Details of Token Catena ICO

Catena will make symbolic sales to raise funds for the implementation of this project. Token catena is an ERC20 standard token based on the Ethereum Blockchain. Total supply is limited to 250 million, and there will never be more coins printed. In particular, catena tokens will be the only currency that can be accepted in the catena ecosystem.

Token distribution

  • 58% – ICO.
  • 2% – ICO Partners.
  • 15% – Team.
  • 3% – initial contributors and consultants.
  • 20% – resolution center.
  • 2% – gift.

Fund distribution

  • 13.3% – system development.
  • 37.6% – exchange platform.
  • 24.7% – exchange ecosystem.
  • 13% – operating bed.
  • 6% – contingency and decentralized processing center.

Catena has a compromised solution for all the limitations of decentralization exchanges, Catena is connected with an excellent order book, which is connected to various exchanges and aggregates on a decentralized platform, in addition, equipped with an Orderinformation AI that makes it very easy and acts effectively and has features that more sophisticated than normal centralized exchange, but at the same time to provide the basis and all the benefits of decentralized exchange.

yes that is a little explanation from me about what “CATENA EXCHANGE” is for more information please visit the link below :


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