Since the invent of blockchain technology, developers have created thousands of cryptocurrencies which is focused on different sectors of the economy such as energy, agriculture, banking, shipping and so many others. Currently, the cryptocurrency market capitalization is worth over $610 billion. Despite the fact that the cryptocurrency market is still a growing market, there are more than 1500 cryptocurrencies today and there are still a lot more to come. However, these cryptocurrencies are faced with countless challenges such as listing on exchanges, difficulties in trading, high volatility, secure transaction, issue of storing coin and the high risk involved among others.

Cryptocurrency exchanges are online platforms where you can exchange one cryptocurrency for another cryptocurrency or sometimes for Fiat currency. A cryptocurrency exchange is a third-party platform from which one can purchase or trade Cryptocurrencies. A Cryptocurrency can simply be exchanged for Fiat or different Cryptocurrencies on an exchange. There are varieties of Cryptocurrency exchange depending on the type of services they give. They can be trading platforms, peer-to-peer exchanges or brokers. In determining an exchange, factors such as security, speed, fees, the process of buying, ease of use, effective customer service, etc. need to be analyzed.


There are two(2) types of cryptocurrency exchanges; Centralized and Decentralized exchanges.

  • Centralized Exchanges: A centralized exchange is an online cryptocurrency platform that makes use of a third party or middle man to execute transactions no matter the asset that may be in place. Just like customers trust banks to hold their money, traders trust these middle men operating in centralized exchanges to handle their assets.
  • Decentralized Exchange (DEX): A decentralized exchange on the other hand is an online cryptocurrency platform which eradicates middle men, and returns control and security of assets and private keys to their respective owners. A decentralized exchange can be termed as a “trust-less Environment”.


Decoin is a revolutionary decentralized cryptocurrency exchange project which is aimed at doing way more than most exchanges offer today. Decoin redistributes its revenue to users whom hold its native token known as DTEP. Decoin is on a mission to provide users and the whole world with a simple, reliable and low-cost service to use, buy, sell, and trade popular crypto assets such as DECOIN (DTEP), Dash (DASH), Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum (ETH), NEO (NEO), Ripple (XRP) • Cardono (ADA), Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Stellar (XLM).\


There are so many cryptocurrency exchanges existing in the world today, and many of them accept crypto to crypto trading pairs. Here are some of the problems facing the crypto exchanges of today.

  • High Trading And Withdrawal Fees: Popular exchanges can charge between 0.9% to 3% in fees.
  • Security: So many Exchanges do not have a strong security to protect users assets.
  • Poor Customer support Services: There are so many crypto exchanges that has a poor customer support services and do not reply to complaitnts and inquiries of user’s on the platform


  • Low Fees: Decoin exchange will charge fees on few services offered on the platform such as order creation. For commissions, Decoin will charge a Maximum fee of 0.25% per trade 0.15% for DECOIN holders, and for withdrawal, Decoin will charge maximum of 0.03% per withdrawal.
  • 24/7 Customer Support Services:The Decoin exchange support services is always available for users of the Decoin platform. Decoin support service is always available to answer any questions or enquirers made by users. Standard chat, messaging applications and email support are also available. DECOIN has live 24/7 multilingual call centers worldwide with experienced professionals standing by the telephones to directly answer your questions and assist traders in any Language of your choice.
  • Security: Decoin exchange platform will implement advanced security standards.
  • Multilingual Support: Unlike so many other traditional cryptocurrency exchanges, the Decoin exchange will support so many languages. The Default Language of the Decoin exchange will be English.
  • Modern User Interface: Decoin exchange has a well designed User interface that makes the trading experience enjoyable and convenient for Traders.


  • DECOIN BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGY: Decoin combines Proof Of Stake (POS) Blockchain protocol. Decoin POS coin is based on x11 hashing algorithm with 60 seconds Block-Time transaction per second speed, whiles take age of the DECOIN Blockchain is 1 hour – 60 minutes for the coins to mature in the wallet and produce high profits. Decoin Blockchain randomly selects validators for block creation.

The Decoin has developed a credit card program that gives users easy access to their crypto assets. The Decoin platform will convert users crypto assets to Fiat currencies and transfer it directly to the Users assigned Decoin Credit card. Thus making  accessibility to coin holders very easy.

  • D-TEP CRYPTO INDEX (DCI): DECOIN (DTEP) is powered by an Exchange & Trading platform (D-TEP) that redistributes revenues to DECOIN holders and the D-TEP crypto index (DCI).


DTEP Token known as the Decoin is a utility coin of the Decoin platform that is built on the Decoin Blockchian.



  • Token Ticker: DTEP
  • PreICO Price: 1 DTEP = $0.67 USD
  • Price: 1 DTEP = $0.9 USD
  • Platform: Decoin Blockchain
  • Min. investment: $500 USD
  • Accepting: ETH, BTC, Fiat
  • Distributed in ICO: 60% (42,000,000 DTEP)
  • Soft cap: $4,000,000 USD
  • Hard cap: $30,000,000 USD
  • Country: Bulgaria
  • Whitelist/KYC: KYC & Whitelist


📆 ICO STAGE   : $0.78

🤑 Bonus Discount  : UP to 15%

🔹Min. Investment  : $500USD

🔸Max Investment  : No Limit

🗑 Current Supply   : 70M DTEP

🗑 Max Supply      :140M DTEP

💰Token Price       : $0.90 (ICO Price)

💵 Market Cap      : 63M USD

💳Payment Method : ETH/ BTC/ CreditCard ( USD /EUR )



Participant    Amount (DTEP)     Stake

DECOIN holders   42,000,000      60%

Founde r&s Team  14,000,000      20%

Reserve     11,200,000      16%

Bounty Program   1,400,000       2%

Advisors      1,400,000       2%


Funds Usage Stake

Licensing & Legal Fee 23%

Sales & Compliance Team 20%

PR & Marketing 20%

Liquidity Pool 17%

Research & Development 15%

Operation 5%



For more information and participation please Visit

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Contact Information

18 Boon Lay way #05-95

TRADEHUB 21 Singapore 609966

City of Sofia 1680.

Krasno selo district, 59 Solun Str., r.c.

Bulgaria. entry G, 3rd floor, apt.8.

Support Email:

Support Phone: +442038085312

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