DEEP AERO, is building an autonomous drone economy powered by AI and Blockchain. We will completely change the urban transportation system by expediting demand aviation and cargo delivery at your fingertips. DEEP AERO, a worldwide leader in drone technology innovation, is building an AI-driven, autonomous, self-governing, intelligent drone/unmanned flying machine system (UAS) movement management (UTM) stage on the Blockchain. It is designed to enable safe low-altitude non military personnel flights of manned and unmanned airplane in the shared airspace. DEEP AERO’s decentralized market place will be the establishment of the drone economy.

What are Drone?

Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAVs) likewise known drone, are flying machines without a human pilot on broad. (UAVs) are a segment of an unmanned flying machines framework (UAS), which incorporate a UAV, a ground-based controller, and an arrangement of correspondence between the two. The excursion of UAVs may worked with different degrees of autonomy, either under remote control by a human administrator or self-governingly by locally accessible PCs.

The improvement of the universe of avionics innovation is as of now becoming rapidly by one of them since the rise of unmanned aerial vehicles or unmanned flying machine, flying machine of this plane turned out to be all the more notable in the gathering, on the grounds that such a critical number of uses. In this audit I will cover a vast venture that joins the mumble business with computerized reasoning innovation and chain squares, to be specific IN AERO.

At the point when Will Your Business Employ Drones…

Amazon Prime Air and Google’s Project Wing are anticipating make ramble conveyance a reality. Regardless of the considerable number of guidelines, controls and limitations ramble new companies are increasing in numbers. All things considered, U.K. is a stage in front of the U.S. in ramble control. Then again, Amazon is additionally anticipating take off automaton conveyance in Great Britain.

Moreover, carriers and oil rigs utilize rambles in investigating the hard types of gear. FAA has issued certain tenets to administer the utilization of automatons. The automaton development is now stretching the limits well past the tasks imagined in the FAA rules.

Sometime, automatons could turn into the mystery weapon that allows neighborhood organizations to go up against the expedient conveyance of online mammoths like Amazon and Walmart.


Decentralized traffic management platform, intelligent, self-aware, autonomous drone

AERO DEEP AERO & Cargo Drones
Vertical takeoff and landing aircraft (VTOL) transporting people and goods running on DEEP AERO UTM

DEEP AERO Drone Market Place
Decentralized markets for Drone related products and services.


The flight plan meets all regulatory requirements with AI, rule-based air intelligence for company-friendly drone operations.

Active or planned flights can adapt to changes in airspace conditions, including wind, visibility and temperature, for optimal performance.

Maximum situational awareness with real-time notification of nearby traffic, based on flight plans and direct telemetry

Drone Use Cases

Air Survey
Package Delivery
Air transport
Photography and filmmaking
Determine the delivery of pesticides
Forest fire fighting assistance
Traffic monitoring
Underground dumps, electricity, utilities, maintenance, and safety inspections
Maintenance of multi-storey commercial buildings and secure inspections
Security and supervision
Survey pipeline, security. management and maintenance
Control of the crowd / management
Livestock management / range
Maintenance of power lines and safety inspections
Maintenance of wind turbines and safety inspections
Wildlife conservation

Token Sale Security

DDOS security

We utilize Distributed DNS and an oversaw Web Application Firewall.

Site Security

Our site and structures have been infiltration tried by an outsider security appraisal firm, and the earth has been security solidified and all most recent patches and security refreshes introduced.

Government managed savings

The greater part of our online networking accounts have been secured with 2-factor validation and complex passwords.

all day, every day Monitoring

We are always checking our site for suspicious clients and movement.

Keen Contract Review

We’ve assembled the token deal brilliant contract as indicated by building best practice, and the sum total of what code has been surveyed and confirmed.


ICO Summary


Utilization of funds

DRONE Token Distribution

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