DEEP AERO, is building an autonomous drone economy powered by AI and Blockchain. We will completely change the urban transportation system by expediting demand aviation and cargo delivery at your fingertips. DEEP AERO, a worldwide leader in drone technology innovation, is building an AI-driven, autonomous, self-governing, intelligent drone/unmanned flying machine system (UAS) movement management (UTM) stage on the Blockchain. It is designed to enable safe low-altitude non military personnel flights of manned and unmanned airplane in the shared airspace. DEEP AERO’s decentralized market place will be the establishment of the drone economy.

What are Drone?

Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAVs) also known drone, are aircrafts without a human pilot on expansive. (UAVs) are a component of an unmanned aircrafts system (UAS), which include a UAV, a ground-based controller, and a system of correspondence between the two. The trip of UAVs may operated with various degrees of independence, either under remote control by a human operator or autonomously by locally available computers.

The development of the universe of aviation technology is currently growing very quickly by one of them since the emergence of unmanned aerial vehicles or unmanned flying machine, flying machine of this plane became more well known in the group, because such a significant number of applications. In this review I will cover a large project that incorporates the murmur industry with artificial intelligence technology and chain blocks, namely IN AERO.


At DEEP AERO, we are building an autonomous drone economy powered by AI and Blockchain. We will completely change the urban transportation system by expediting demand aviation and cargo delivery at your fingertips.

The Product

~DEEP AERO UTM~ Decentralized, intelligent, self-aware, autonomous drone movement management stage

~DEEP AERO Passenger and Cargo Drones~ Vertical Take-off and Landing (VTOL) aircrafts transporting people and goods running on DEEP AERO UTM

~DEEP AERO Drone Market Place~ Decentralized market place for Drone related products and services

The Features

~Compliant~ Flight plans meet every single regulatory requirement with AI driven, rules-based airspace intelligence for enterprise friendly drone operations

~Efficient~ Active or planned flights can adjust to change in airspace conditions, including wind, visibility and temperature, for ideal performance.

~Safe~ Maximum situational awareness with real-time notifications of nearby movement, based on the flight design and live telemetry.

Use Cases

~Aerial Survey

~Package Delivery

~Aerial Transportation

~Photography and film making

~Pinpoint pesticide delivery

~Forest fire battling assistance

~Traffic checking

~Underground sewer,power, utility, maintenance and safety inspection

~High-rise commercial building maintenance and saftey inspecton

~Security and surveillance

~Pipeline survey, security. management and maintenance

~Crowd control/management

~Livestock/range management

~Power line maintenance and safety inspection

~Wind turbine maintenance and safety inspection

~Wildlife conservation

Why Use Drones For Shipping

Amazon Prime Air and Google’s Project Wing are anticipating make drone delivery a reality. Despite every one of the rules, regulations and restrictions drone start-ups are duplicating in numbers. Well, U.K. is a step ahead of the U.S. in drone regulation. Then again, Amazon is also anticipating take off drone delivery in Great Britain. Furthermore, airlines and oil rigs use drones in inspecting the hard equipment. FAA has issued certain rules to govern the use of drones. The drone innovation is already pushing the envelope well beyond the operations envisioned in the FAA rules.

Sooner or later, drones could become the secret weapon that gives neighborhood businesses a chance to compete against the speedy delivery of online giants like Amazon and Walmart.


A sufficient size team with diverse backgrounds and skills. The team has what it takes in terms of business development, outreach, token model and stage development

The team has a decent group outreach with plenty of followers in the social media

The autonomous drone delivery industry is a sector that will definitely have a great deal of development in the next decades. Being able to develop the industry standard management stage for the movement is definitely going to be a valuable service across various drone service sectors if the market position is secured

Potential concerns

Add up to valuation of $250m is quite a ton for this stage of a project, especially when the business model, process or the overall sector value is not explained in great detail yet

The project will require more visibility in the blockchain industry and analysis sites to reach the minimum amount

No openly published partnership deals yet

DDOS protection

We use Distributed DNS and a managed Web Application Firewall.

Website Security

Our website and forms have been penetration tested by an outsider security assessment firm, and the environment has been security hardened and all latest patches and security updates installed.

Social Security

The majority of our social media accounts have been secured with 2-factor authentication and complex passwords.

all day, every day Monitoring

We are constantly observing our website for suspicious users and action.

Smart Contract Review

We’ve assembled the token sale smart contract as per engineering best practice, and the sum total of what code has been reviewed and certified.


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