DeepCloud IA.

Smart cities, use of computer resources in a decentralized way through the interaction with AI, monetization of information through encrypted algorithms and Dapps are some of the cases of use of this project that has a 5-star team, where characters such as Geeta Chauhan (CTO), former CTO of Nokia. Max Rye (CEO), former IT director of Hyatt Hotels corporation, are part of the corporate DeepCloud IA.

When we talk about new projects it is important to know the people who are behind these projects, this in order to know their experiences and know if they are able or not to create what is embodied in the white paper, in this case, I firmly believe that the DeepCloud IA team has the necessary experience

Now let’s see a use case to illustrate DeepCloud AI

A large company in the tourism sector has large amounts of computer resources that use in high season. However, when the off season arrives, the tourism company has plenty of computer resources, such as; storage and broadband. With DeepCloud AI, they can sell that excess resource to the decentralized cloud and receive compensation in DEEP cryptocurrencies. This is one hundred percent decentralized and managed by artificial intelligence. In addition, the hotel can sell the consumption data of its resources to companies that produce certain types of products. this through the decentralized cloud of DeepCloud AI, in a fair and encrypted way.

DeepCloud AI allows developers to create and run decentralized applications based on encrypted storage in the cloud, the innovative system has its own artificial intelligence that manages resources and makes the dapps work in optimal conditions.

In the market we found that the development of projects in the cloud is very advanced, however in general, these projects are centralized. Which means that there is a large entity that has access to personal information of people and can make changes in the information without consulting anyone.

This does not happen with DeepCloud AI, since the information is encrypted and decentralized through the system.

One of the most interesting aspects of DeepCloud AI is that regardless of its growth, the rules of the game remain intact, unmovable, written in stone, written on the blockchain. for which we can be certain that the development of shared economies will continue to be fair in the future, unlike examples in centralized technology.

The use of decentralized IOT applications can occur on a daily basis,  in the transmission and distribution of local and international TV Shows, all through the structure of DeepCloud IA. and it is at this point that I want to highlight the following, some of the strategic partners of the project;

Aztec TV Northeast.

Uniradio Group.

Autonomous University of Nuevo Leon MX.

and others.

In conclusion, DeepCloud AI, is one of those few projects that really unleash the enthusiasm of an investor experienced in cryptocurrencies like me.

At this time they have an Airdrop campaign where they are giving away $ 10 for completing a quiz, so I really recommend that you go and participate in the Airdrop.

About the project tokens:

The entire economy of the DeepCloud AI platform is built on the DEEP token. It is for him that users will be able to receive computing power, VIP users will get access to exclusive functions, and miners will receive this token as payment for providing capacity for platform scalability. Also, all third-party developers will also use and receive DEEP tokens. A total of 200 million DEEP will be released. Soft Cap is set at USD 8 million, Hard Cap is 15 million. 1 DEEP in the future will be equal to 0.25 USD.


DeepCloud AI is a very large and powerful project. This shows both an impressive list of commercial partners and well-known big names in the development team. Everything is created and worked out here so that everyone understands that this project is the beginning of a new way for the blockchain. That way, where everything will be faster, more convenient, safer. In general, definitely, DeepCloud AI is not to be missed. This event in the world of cryptocurrency! But how significant it will be – time will judge.

More information can be found here:

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