DEEX Beta Exchange

Deex Exchange Platform

Deex is a decentralized trade for exchange and trade of cryptographic money. All the more unequivocally, not by any means the trade, and the entire biological community, with their wallets, cards, and crypto maps, which is gone for mass clients and guarantees another dimension of usefulness, comfort, and speed.

The interface of this trade is instinctually sensible, and all completely considered is really for the solace of people. At first sight any, an even fresh individual can fathom and use all limits. By and by the trade activity will transform into a straightforward and magnificent enthusiasm for any person. It has all that you require.

The deex Exchange has a plenitude program We are fulfilled to report the dispatch of another Bounty program with a money related arrangement of 100,000 USD. Any person who needs to appreciate the enhancement of the assignment can share in this association. Wealth is a unimaginable open entryway not solely to educate other crypto devotees in regards to DEEX, yet notwithstanding wrap up a bit of the decentralized future together with DEEX. All of the focal points you can find from our official subject on Bitcointalk and Token deex adequately recorded on marketcap. DEEX have been endeavoring to get a posting at coinmarketcap for a noteworthy long time. All the essential data for the posting were sent, in any case, the plan of the token did not happen.

Deex trades have the errand of making their stock trades, which will be contenders of all bound together stock trades. Deex has an astoundingly strong gathering that makes trades, tokens are starting at now recorded on various trades, and summary courses of action are in advancement with various trades, and in parallel people are intending to dispatch the beta adjustment of the trade, when the beta variation of the trade turns out, I figure tokens will create in esteem, it’s essentially sitting tight for the finished thing, I’m sure in the achievement of Deex, and I endorse having a Deex token in the cryptograph.

The uniqueness and advantage of the stage

A stage for safe ICO direct related to the decentralized escrow toolbox from DEEX will be utilized as a stage for forthcoming venture’s ICO, our pros will complete full undertaking examination, assist them with receiving subsidizing from a perpetual pool of private financial specialists and further direct pre-deal and substantial scale ICO. DEEX tokens speculators will get an offer of incomes from all ICOs;

A stage for making a decentralized straightforward blockchain framework for cryptofund overseen by DEEX proficient merchants and issuing a proper stock token with programmed position on both all DEX-Exchanges and driving concentrated cryptographic money Exchanges;

Programming interface for the joining of outsider applications and administrations with the DEEX stage;

Production of the possess specialist system of crypto ATMs for the buy and clearance of digital currency for fiat cash with the capacity to work with bankcards.

Digital currency platinum cards connected to clients’ wallets on DEEX and combination into fiat portals, permitting to change over cryptographic money into fiat when paid via card in outlets;

The fundamental segments of the Deex environment

The decentralized Exchange Deex is a stock trade for individuals with a basic interface, a great deal of alternatives for renewal/withdrawal of Fiat and its center token. Right now, the trade works on the motor Bitshares 2.0 and is in trying mode;

Equipment crypto tote for cold stockpiling of money and tokens.

Digital currency charge cards, which are fixing straightforwardly to satchels and incorporated into Fiat doors for buy in ordinary stores.

Decentralized cryptographic money support on blockchain and stage for ICO with escrow from

A system of Crypmatatians in the biggest urban communities of Russia, the CIS nations and Turkey.


The DEEX Token is an Erc20 token standard built on the Ethereum Blockchian.


Token Symbol: DEEX

Platform: Ethereum

Total Supply: 100,000,000 DEEX

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