DEMETRACOIN – Redeveloping the Urban Areas

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Urbanization is sweeping across developing countries. In order to support these growing populations, future megacities are being forced to reimagine their infrastructure. These “smart cities” will be powered by blockchain technology and other distributed ledger technology.

With the rise of urbanization, cities around the world are faced with increased pressure to support growing populations. Cities face strained resources, shortage of power, insufficient water supplies, poor government services, unaffordable cost of living, inadequate public transportation, frequent traffic jams, pollution, depleting natural resources, among other things.

Smart cities are a framework for addressing the unique challenges of urbanization by combining new technology, advanced urban planning, energy and transportation management, and business planning.

In the last decades, the non-stop urbanization has subtracted a lot of space for nature, replacing it with residential and highly polluting industrial areas. A real wild cementification. Today’s human being has totally lost the connection with his own planet.

Demetracoin will start with the acquisition of unused lands in urban areas, where green islands will be created; inside these islands, free groves will be planted and green areas will be opened with free Wi-Fi where it will be possible to work outdoors and in the middle of nature.

Demetracoin is the first blockchain project that you can touch with your hand. Demetracoin is the first project based on blockchain technology with the aim of redeveloping the urban areas.

Demetracoin will begin with the acquisition of land not used in urban areas, where green islands will be created; inside these islands, free gardens will be planted and green areas will be opened with free Wi-Fi where it is possible to work outdoors and in the middle of nature. Demetracoin owners will have access to all services offered by the platform.

Demetracoin aims to set new standards for the urban transformation process, planning the development of a green environment, with living public spaces, where innovation is carried out with an open planning approach. With the Island of Demetra, the Science, Innovation and Knowledge Park, the city will become a new global center for life science services and research. A project that will be unique and unique in the international arena, becoming a model for sustainable cities to be shown to the world with sufficient innovation and willingness to offer a friendly and useful environment using the latest technology to serve everyone in ways that were never before seen but for more information, visit the website and read the white paper for further technical details.

Demetra Island

How to change previous industrial estates, non-building areas and non-building zones, in the Demetra Islands, innovation parks where green urban areas, sustainable buildings, and future mobility will be dominant.

Its name is the Island of Demetra, the new Science, Innovation and Knowledge Park, which will cover certain areas in all the largest cities in the world. Parks will expand on the surface of millions of square meters, where offices, research centers, universities, residences, and urban agricultural areas will increase. Many engineers, architects, agronomists, land surveyors and all Demetracoin staff will develop projects to determine the identity of national parks, and to choose better marketing strategies for local, national and worldwide promotion.

Anyone who will invest in the Demetracoin project will bring global change in the human lifestyle, towards a sustainable future.

This site will be one of the first in the world to have autonomous cars and will be a barrier to the pollution and chaos of the city, thanks to a network of congested pedestrians and bicycles, green islands and waters. Demetra Island will be a futuristic area, designed for internet of things (IoT) and for driverless mobility, sustainable and fully covered in its nature.

Demetra Coin

Demetracoin is a ERC-20 token generated within the Ethereum blockchain. The aim is to put the crowd in contact with the use of this new technology and this will possible thanks to the simplicity of Ethereum platform. The tokens created are 990 millions and 80% will be sold, the remaining 20% will be divided by the members of the team and all proceeds will be used for the realization of the project.

Use of proceeds

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Road Map

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  • March 2018 {idea}
  • April 2018 {white paper}
  • November 2018 {ERC-20 token creation}
  • December 2018 {first green island design}
  • Year 2019 {start work of first green Demetra island}
  • Year 2020 {presentation of the first green Demetra island}
  • Year 2021 {worldwide expansion of the Demetra network)
  • Year 2025 {first 100% eco-friendly city for Demetracoin owners}


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