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Crypto-currency has become the newest crowd-funding tool for the freelance creators from varied fields to provide nice works. The challenges within the trade nowadays aren’t the shortage of talent, but the survival of the freelance artists and music labels. Big firms have all the facility and cash to rent illustrious singers and turn out the standard songs. Music is life. we have a tendency to cannot live while not it. However, we have a tendency to hear the music has modified over the years, however, the love for music has solely adult over the years.

Raising cash is additionally one in every one of the numerous challenges that artists face in their standard of living. It existed before something was created on earth and it will exist once we have a tendency to are gone. Spotify is our go-to app for paying attention to the newest singles by our favorite singers. The freelance artists who turn out their own songs are trying to find an alternate for his or her comes. Therefore now there is one platform called DENCH MUSIC is designed and create a future of music with the help of AI and blockchain technology.

Solution Offered
The Dutch music production company, and that they have chosen the planet of crypto-currency to fund their comes. Integration the facility of blockchain technology, they’re making the new model of music production and distribution. DENCH music is manufacturing fifty songs from varied artists and DJs.

Utilizing blockchain to manage knowledge and knowledge concerning artists, songs and latest talent on board, they’re going to begin a replacement trend within the music trade. Individuals would contribute to the fund as they’re going to even be earning profits from the sales of the album.

The investors within the project can receive the share of profit once the songs are made within the market. It is an innovative thought to lift cash directly from the listeners who believe the particular artists and singers. Youtube, iTunes, and Spotify are some of the assorted revenue streams that the platform can utilize for the profit generation.
ICO Information

ICO is regular to be command within the month of June this year. they’re conjointly giving discounts on the contributions by the investors. MIC tokens are used for varied functions on the platform. The funds as mentioned are going to be used for the assembly of the songs.

Token Distribution

Use Of Funds

A team could be a competent cluster of individuals who have years of expertise operating with the assorted international artists.


The digital age has modified the manner music is being listened to. Streaming platforms have appropriated the media and industry. The music trade has greatly benefitted from the digital technology and currently, it’s the blockchain technology which can redefine the music trade. Independent artists can have the chance to attach on to their fans and produce new albums within the market. we have a tendency to are getting into the new world of music production and distribution with the assistance of blockchain technology.

The recognition of the platform is going to be enthusiastic about the acceptance of the listeners. Artists and singers are individuals within the field fancy success and fame whereas the individuals paying attention to the music fancy the divine peace. Though it remains to be seen however the prevailing trade players react to the introduction of the platform within the market.

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