Secure Health Listing, Two Way Doctor Communication, Payment Processing, Referral Transfer And Secure Bag Transfer.

Hi all .. in my Blog this time I want to introduce about Dentix project, here is the explanation:
What is Dentix?
Dentix is ​​a Global Health Dental Electronic Health platform that enables the provision of health records, secure health recordings, two-way doctor communication, secure payment processing and referral transfer and chart transfers.
Dentix globally puts all its efforts to improve the quality  of dental care around the world by reducing maintenance costs, improving  transparency costs and creating a dental community. DNTX  Token was created to help Dentix Global with us
Mission by empowering the community to take an active role  Dentix ecosystem Patients who use and apply this tool will  receive a Dentix token as a gift, which they can use later to pay  for dental care and other in-network services.
Our ultimate goal is not to compete with other crypto, but also to  provide solutions for the dental industry through  blockchain technology.
Benefit of the Dentix Platform, including:
Innovative patient initiation;
The practice-wide scheduling platform, with the promise of instantaneous  confirmation capabilities;
The patient chart is clinically tested with the following set of features:
  1. Complete hearing ability Dental and Perio;
  2. Substantial patient information resources;
  3. Creation, and completion of meeting records (patient visits)  in the patient chart;
  4. A complete and recommended history of the procedure;
  5. In-Network & out-of-network referral reference referrals and charts  ;
The Message Module will provide the ability for service providers to  send messages and transfer personal data to their patients  as well as in and out of other network providers;
  1. Chart transfers to other providers will only be possible afterwards
  2. Giving blockchain has been received from both patients and taking care of the dentist at this time, which will drastically increase the unauthorized information passed in and out of the system.
E Recipe, e-Lab and Imaging modules will also be  available as well; While it may not be available in some countries, we  will partner with country-specific service  providers to ensure maximum compatibility and interoperability.
The Reporting Module will provide a comprehensive report of the  owner of the practice;
Global Dental Health Record Platform for everyone
In eight years, crypto economy and blockchain technology will exceed 10 trillion dollars. It will be integrated into every aspect of our lives, and we will wonder how we can live without it.
Dentix stepped forward to provide EHR services to dentists and patients with current practicable disorders and adopted a modular and decentralized approach to the ‘pear component.
You Platform Kami
Bonded Modem Modeling Architecture
Our goal is to provide a completely different EHR platform, which will help dentists develop their business through social media assistance, and help patients service and exactly where they are at that time.
The True SaaS Platform
  • CDN optimized, global platform;
  • Multiple clinical locations with their own custom scheduling module;
  • The patient chart monitors securely between the location itself, or within the network provider;

Secure Pasien Records

  • Modular patient chart, safe blockchain;
  • Modul module safe for rotation purpose;
  • 4FA Authentication for Providers and Patients;
Secure messages
  • Each end device is its own messaging server;
  • Proper end-to-end encryption for sensitive patient data transport;
  • Patient-patient messaging systems via desktop and mobile applications;
DNTX payment
  • Patients can pay with DNTX for services;
  • Interesting monthly bonuses and incentives for DNTX holders;
  • We will grow our coin duties depending on the public demand;
Cardstack technology
Our backend is supported by NodeJS and the data is stored by MongoDB. Docker container helps us improve the development and deployment cycle. We use the sockets that match what we want for real-time experience. To filter out bugs in our codebase, we use Mocha’s automated unit tests and labor to make sure everything is working.
VueJS is our main choice framework for frontend coupled with the latest technologies such as: ES6, Webpack, Babel, SSR, Gulp, HTML5, CSS3, etc. SSR (server-side rendering) increases our app’s initial loading time which means users can interact with applications faster.
Sentry provides the best user experience to our customers by monitoring real-time collisions that improve the efficiency of our platform. Carrying out Hotjar allows us to gain better insights from our userbase.
Dentix Marketing Strategy
During our marketing research, we have identified the participants  will need onboarding:
• Patient / User Service;
• Dentist / Dental Office Staff;
• Nonprofit Node Services;
• Research Institute / Pharma;
• Insurance Operator;
Structure Token
Cost of Pre-ICO 1.3 DNTX 0.001 ETH
The cost of ICO 1 DNTX 0.001 ETH
30 day token sale period with possible final settlement;
The goal after ICO begins Forbidden
A total of 300,000
A safe way to get an Etherium token (ETH)
Softcap: US $ 1 200 000
Hardcap: US $ 28 000 000
Bonus Structure
For more information please visit some links below as source Reference:

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