DENTIX GLOBAL – Dental Electronic Health Records Platform

Dentix is ​​a Platform that means to give and build up a dental electronic health record service that depends on Blockchain innovation as the establishment of its advancement. Dentix is creating a globally distributed, user-centric Dental Electronic Health Record platform, which will enable patients to give access to their dental records to in-network professionals in a transparent and secure way. Moreover, Dentix will create auxiliary services that will enable Dentists to drastically improve the quality of service provided. Users will be able to leverage their dental data to power a variety of applications and services.

Mobile apps make some features like Access to treatments performed and planned, Payment information and detalization, Private messaging module, review module, etc. Dentix uses a token called DNTX tokens that are useful as a means of payment for users or trade in exchanges. Dentix focuses on providing and developing a dental care service, which will provide users with a secure and transparent dental care service, and more profitable for investors.

To improve overall dental care industry by adding multiple layers of security, availability and communications between dental professionals and their patients.

Dentix global is putting all of its efforts toward improving the quality of dental care worldwide by reducing the treatment costs, improving costs transparency and creating a dental community. The DNTX Token was created is created to help assist Dentix Global with our mission by empowering its’ community to have an active role in Dentix ecosystem. Patients who use and implement these tools will receive Dentix tokens as a reward, which they can use later to pay for their dental treatments and other in-network services. Our main goal is not to compete with other cryptocurrencies, but to provide a solution for the dental care industry through means of blockchain technology.

DNTX Token
Symbol: DNTX
Type: ERC20
Total number of tokens: 300,000,000
Soft Cap: US $1,200,000
Hard Cap: US $28,000,000
Pre-ICO Cost of 1.3 DNTX: 0.001 ETH
ICO Cost of 1 DNTX: 0.001 ETH

Dentix ICO will be a capped sale raising $28 million (28,000,000) equivalent of ETH with whitelisted contribution caps. Dentix will be issuing 300 million (300,000,000) ERC20 tokens to create a new blockchain based dental care system. Tokens offered in a crowd sale will allow participants to purchase Dentix tokens early as well as contribute and support the further development of Dentix platform. Starting on February 1st, 2018, participants will have the ability to contribute and receive DNTX in exchange for their ETH by sending Ether to a designated contract address. As of January 1st, 2018 the


  • February 2nd, 2018 – Public Pre-sale
    Pre-sale volume: 1 200 000 DXTN (0,4 % of the total supply)
    Price: 0,001 ETH / DNTX

Funds allocation:

  1. Continuous development of EHR Platform;
  2. Increased marketing efforts to increase Dentix Market Awareness;
  • March 1st, 2018 – Public Token Sale;
    ICO Hard-Cap Volume: 28 000 000 DXTN (9,33 % of the total supply)

Funds allocation:

  1. Continuous development and improvement of Dentix EHR platform;
  2. Development of Dentix True View (™) module;
  3. Development of Mobile Applications for both patient and provider;
  4. Continuous marketing effort;
  • March 1st, 2019 – Additional Token Sale (pending approval)

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