What is Desiko

DESICO is the first platform in the world to issue, buy, and sell token politics as a whole in accordance with the law. The ecosystem will include a global global capital market of $ 155 billion by introducing tokenmoney through blockchain.

The goal of DESICO is to create a gateway for retail and institutional investors to enter the VCdominated start room. At the same time, DESICO seeks to make global access, fair and inexpensive for a promising capital from anywhere in the world.

DESICO will benefit from ICO (Initial Coin Offerings) to create a larger ecosystem in the global capital market. DESICO will allow decentralization of pre-seed investments using unique blockchain technology capabilities and provide a legal way of purchasing tokens.

tokenisasi existing assets with income streams, or other hybrid token life. ICO is a growing class that has great potential to grow with the right market infrastructure. Currently, most are hybrids (some securities, some token utility), some utility tokens, and some are obviously securities.

The DESICO platform will facilitate the act of direct link tokens – digital asital in the initial effort, tokenisasi existing assets with income streams, or other hybrid tokens. DESICO will provide a complete infrastructure to access ICO, exchange financial token that governs and provides services under the e-money License.

The DESICO ecosystem function will be supported by DESICO’s utility token. Token tokens will include the priority right to access existing tokens on the DESICO platform in addition to other privileges. Tokens will also generate payouts for all services associated with the ecosystem. Therefore, investors and businesses will use DESICO tokens.

DESICO Save in Lithuania, European Union and Euro Zone Countries and will be used in the context of Lithdian Legal law Crowdfunding and under the supervision of Bank of Lithuania (under European Central Bank Control).

DESICO has received from the Ministry of Finance 1 and has been recognized to improve in the promotion of the legalization of ICO.

Why is blockchain important for DESICO?

To validate the effect

Blockchain will enable DESICO to implement the security of the securities. This will generate profits for global financial markets, in particular, removals that require payment for their services.

To build a decentralized platform based on smart contract

The use of smart contracts will allow full decentralization of DESICO platform and its services. Thanks to smart contracts, various services and community members of DESICO will be able to offer their services in the DESICO ecosystem, and deal directly with ICO.

The ledger is distributed

DESICO will build an efficient and transparent platform, which stores transaction-level data on blockchain. DESICO also to connect and transfer transactions.

Application of blockchain

DESlCO will operate on blockchain ethereum to facilitate the problem of lcos. Blockchain technology will enable DESlCO to take a big leap forward in implementing the tokenisasi investment assets. Tokenasi securities will bring benefits to global financial markets, in particular, the removal of moral and central gatekeeper. As with DESPERCO decentralization and disintermediation, it will not be the necessary action for the DESLCO platform.

The use of blockchain-based smart contracts will allow decentralization and automation of DESlCO platforms and services. Thanks to smart contracts, various services and members of the DESlCO community will be able to offer their services to the DESLCO ecosystem and communicate directly with businesses launching their LCO. Creating a DESl utility token will provide the ecosystem with additional and will increase the value with more businesses joining DESlCO. In addition, the implementation it creates is a system known as decentralized. This system will benefit each service provider and community member in the ecosystem. Inaccurate track record based on transaction data. Thanks to the smart contract,

DESlCO will build an efficient and transparent platform, which stores transaction-level data on blockchain. DESlCO … Sidechain will enable DESlCO to scale its operations and network congestion requirements, as well as the cost of using blockchain technology. Simultaneously, sidechain will also maintain the balance of the DESLCO ethernet blockchain core. Finally, there will be some transactions, providing privacy and additional privacy to the DESlCO community, as well as the independence of the DESlCO ecosystem in the event of malfunctioning or stagnating of the DESlCO core blockchain platform.

Decentralization of the ecosystem of DESICO and its services

As mentioned in the process described above, DESICO will involve external experts who will provide various services within the DESICO ecosystem. While most services will initially be provided by DESICO, the business plan is for DESICO to become a market, with an increasing number of quality external service providers to be auctioned to ensure platform scalability, accessibility, and integrity.

Token info

Token DESI
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20
Price in ICO 1 DESI = 0.08 USD
Tokens for sale 410,000,000

Investment info

Accepting ETH
Distributed in ICO 51%
Soft cap 3,500,000 USD
Hard cap 32,000,000 USD

Distribution token

DESICO will sell 51% of total token supplies during the crowdsale event. DESICO tokens that will not be put into money. The tokens allocated to the team will have a 12 month lock-up period.

Use of funds

Funds collected during the crowdsale event will be used solely for the development and promotion of DESICO. The initial DESICO budget, assuming that the project will reach its hardcap, is described below.

DESICO will use 32% of the funds raised for platform development, including the development of ICO launch infrastructure, platform interface, exchange operations, etc. DESICO will strive to promote its platform globally, so that 20% of funds will be allocated for marketing.

DESICO will use external attorney services to ensure full legal compliance from the platform and follow-up on the latest developments of regulations in various jurisdictions. Therefore, 9% of the budget is expected to be subject to legal fees from external lawyers.

Token Flow

The nature of the DESICO ecosystem will ensure continuous token flow. Investors will spend their DESI tokens to participate in ICO. ICO will pay services to various providers within the DESICO ecosystem. While startups have the right to decide what to do with the DESI token they receive from investors, we hope they put their DESI token back immediately to the token market after they complete their ICO and no longer need platform services. Similarly, service providers are also expected to sell their tokens back to tokens mar ket.

Token circulating in the market will once again be purchased by the new ICO who wants to be registered on the DESICO platform, as well as by new and previous investors who wish to participate in the sale of the token further.

Token economy

After DESICO succeeds in achieving its outlined objectives, the infrastructure to launch ICO security will open up a whole new world of possibilities for businesses and investors that currently do not participate in security token bids. As DESICO platform develops, this platform will encourage more startups to purchase DESICO tokens to spend on platform services. At the same time, more service providers will join the DESICO ecosystem and expand the platform capacity to receive ever larger ICO numbers.

At the same time, as more ICOs are listed on the DESICO platform, investors will demand more DESI tokens to participate in ICO. Finally, the network effect will further increase the demand for the DESI token.

As DESICO grows, more tokens will be listed on the exchange, and trading activity in them will grow. Increasing the number of transactions on the exchange will also increase the demand for the DESI token, to take advantage of the existing token design and to make exceptions to swap trade costs to the token holder above a certain limit.

Supply of DESI token will be fixed. All DESI tokens will be made at one time during the DESICOs token. Further creation of the DESI token will not be possible and will not be required for DESICO ecosystem development, therefore, there is no risk of value dilution.

DESICO plans to serve 50 ICOs and attract up to 50,000 investors to the DESICO platform during its first year of operation. In five years, they expect these numbers to increase to 1OOOOOO serviced each year, along with 1 million active investors. With the potential for the market to grow further, we estimate that the DESI token will be used for all platform services of all participants (investors, businesses, service providers) and will promote community growth and activity.

The DESICO core team project already has experience in developing the crowdfunding platform, and is therefore able to develop clear development plans and set realistic targets for the launch of DESICO. Below we list a summary of key steps completed before the DESECO token and future planned development schedule. Our target is to launch the full operational platform within 20 months after completion of DENI Token sales event. The key platform functionality will be available to test early users in beta, which we expect to launch within 6 months after the token sales event. While DESICO will initially be based in Lithuania, we plan to expand and establish offices in other European countries, in order to serve an increasing number of businesses and investors.


2015 Q3
DESICO core team establishes p2p lending platform. Key features: real time bidding, automated investments, secondary market, user friendly interface

2017 Q1
DESICO core team launches crowdfunding platform for businesses

2017 Q3
DESICO core team receives E-money license

2018 Q2 / Q3
DESICO Tokensale

2018 Q2
Formation of developers team. Promoting the platform among blockchain community

2018 Q1
DESICO core team – becomes a member of the ICO regulatory development team, setup by the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Lithuania

2019 Q2
Launch of Security ICO platform – Beta version

2019 Q3
Launch of payment system for Crypto/fiat

2019 Q4
Launch of built-in exchange.
Opening of office in Amsterdam and Berlin

2020 Q4
Launch of Security ICO platform – full version



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