It will not be a secret for anyone that the crypto-currency market is currently going through not such easy times, many respected analysts reduce it to the unorganized ICO market. And this is part of the truth, many coins are tied to many popular currencies from top 10 in terms of capitalization. And such an action leads to the standing of the market at one level, or generally to a slow drop in the rate. My opinion is that soon the time will begin to settle the ICO and this is already happening. Confer various summits and congresses of large investors or traders from around the world to solve this problem. But today I will tell you about a project that promotes settlement and gives certain guarantees to ICO participants and the projects themselves, in particular, meet Desico .

Desico is the world’s first platform for secure coin trading with full compliance with the law of a particular state. As the developers assure this platform can break the current situation in the venture capital market, which is estimated at 155 billion dollars a year! The main goal of the Desico project is to create a buffer zone or gateway between investors and companies for investment. In this way, Desico can become exactly the regulator I mentioned above, and create competition in the market and raise the value of the coins themselves at the start, and stimulate the market to grow.

Desico will allow decentralizing investments ahead of the most optlate for tokens, everything will happen safely and transparently, and it will be impossible to be deceived or thrown. How many we hear about scam projects that collect money and run away to an unknown direction, so Desico with this problem will completely understand! 
Desico is registered in Lithuania, the country of the European Union and the Eurozone and will operate within the framework of the legal framework of the Lithuanian law Crowdfunding and under the control of the Bank of Lithuania (which in turn is under the control of the European Central Bank). Desico has already received support from the Ministry of Finance and is recognized for its efforts to promote the legalization of the ICO.
Desico is headed by a team of entrepreneurs and specialists in financial technology, legal services and marketing. The founders have already launched a successful European reverse-scan platform and a peer-to-peer platform (that is, a platform that does not need a server, and everything happens when a person connects to a person). 
And so Desico includes such basic components as: 
• Crowdfunding platform. Desico is the platform that will connect the companies that will introduce ICO? while they will be protected before the law, and investors to buy tokens. 
• Built-in sharing. Desico will fully provide everyone with an adjustable exchange, Desicowill issue tokens immediately after the end of the ICO guaranteeing the safety and speed of delivery to you on wallets. 
• Electronic money. Any user can have in his circulation on the Desicoplatform both crypto-currency savings and fiat money, and also exchange from fiat to crypt can be made. 
• Full legal protection. Desico will fully work with the current securities laws and quotations in the Republic of Lithuania and the Eurozone. 
• Community. All those who wish to safely transfer their investments and receive their deposits immediately, as well as service providers associated with the ICO.

At the moment ICO is at the stage of launch, but there is already a lot of information that can be shared. The Desico platform will use the DESItoken , it is necessary for two main purposes:

  1. Payment method within Desico Ecosystem. ICO who want to release their sonnets via the Desico platform will have to deposit a certain number of DESI tokens onto the platform. Investors will be able to buy ICO tokens for internal DESI tokens , community members or platform employees will receive DESI as payment for their services.
  2. Privileges when storing or purchasing tokens. Holders of DESI coins will receive bonuses and exclusive rights on the Desico platform , for example exemption from trading fees. 
    It is also known that only 803 631 373 DESI coins will be issued , of which 409 852 000 will be allocated for sales. The Token ** DESI ** is based on the Etherium protocol, namely based on the ERC-20. It should be noted that the goals of the minimum and maximum fees have already been set, it is 3.5 million US dollars – Soft cap, and 32 million – Hard cap. 
    Distribution and use of coins is as follows:
    Unnamed: daddsadny.jpg
Also, according to the plans of the team, the DESI coin is expected to grow, which is proportional to the growth in demand for them, the demand will be inflated by the number of ICO on the site, because ICO needs DESIcoins for its ICO. 
The following graphs are presented:
Road map:
Unnamed: fasfn.jpg

As for me Desico is the strongest project, which as for me is really necessary for the current troubled time in the world of crypto currency. This solution can solve many problems that now exist, and Desicoplatform become a full-fledged guarantor of quality and safety for the investor and ICO projects, in particular. I see the prospect of the growth of coins on stock exchanges, only not at once, but over a long period of time, so I would keep the coin for the best of times, which as for me will necessarily come. Thanks to the project team for such an interesting solution to the existing problem, I’ll puff at them all and the platform will see the world! Thanks for reading my article, still count!

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