DESICO is the first platform in the world to issue, purchase and sell security tokens in full compliance with the law. The ecosystem will disrupt the $ 155 billion global venture capital market by introducing security tokens through blockchain. 

The DESICO ecosystem will include a crowdfunding platform set up to issue security tokens and exchanges that will provide liquidity for security tokens issued via DESICO from day one. DESICO will also have a payment system under European e-money licenses. This means that they will be able to provide ICO with IBAN account from their first day registered on the DESICO platform. 


The main component of DESICO Ecosystem

Crowdfunding Platform

Crowdfunding platform

DESICO will operate an EU-based global platform that offers a completely business-friendly way to issue ICOs, and to tokens buyers to acquire and trade these tokens.

Installed Exchange

DESICO will operate a fully regulated exchange. This will provide a security token with liquidity immediately after successfully completing ICO on the DESICO platform.

E-Money account

DESICO users will be able to manage ownership of crypto and fiat in the platform. They will also have the opportunity to exchange their cryptocurrency into the fiat currency in exchange for DESICO.

Full Legal Compliance

DESICO will operate fully in current securities and law crowdfunding Republic of Lithuania, European Union and member countries of the European Zone.


The DESICO community will consist of publishers of security tokens, investors and crypto fans, and ICO related service providers.

Why is blockchain important for DESICO?

To validate the effect

Blockchain will enable DESICO to implement the security of the securities. This will bring a number of advantages to global financial markets, in particular, the elimination of intermediaries that need to be paid for their services.

To build a decentralized platform based on smart contract

The use of smart contracts will allow full decentralization of DESICO platform and its services. Thanks to smart contracts, various service providers and community members of DESICO will be able to offer their services in the DESICO ecosystem, and communicate directly with ICO.

The ledger is distributed

DESICO will build an efficient and fully transparent platform, which stores transaction-level data on blockchain. DESICO also considers using sidechain to facilitate and record all transactions related to the sale and purchase of security tokens.


DESICO’s ecosystem functionality will be based on the DESI token. DESI Tokens will serve two main purposes:

Payment methods in the DESICO Ecosystem

DESICO Ecosystem

ICOs wishing to issue security tokens through the DESICO platform must donate a number of DESI tokens to the platform as a platform fee. The investor will be able to obtain a newly issued security token by paying in the DESI token. External experts and community members will receive DESI tokens in return for their services.

Privileges when obtaining security tokens


DESI token holders will be granted exclusive rights on the DESICO platform. This will include early bird access and bonuses such as whales when securing a security token, and exempt from DESICO trading expenses.

Token Economy

Supply of DESI token will be fixed. All DESI tokens will be created at one time during the DESICO token crowdsale. Due to their limited inventory, the number of rare DESICO tokens in circulation will increase in value as their demand increases.

Projection of ICO volume on DESICO platform

As the DESICO platform develops, this platform will encourage more startups to purchase DESI tokens to spend on platform services.

Trading volume projected at DESICO Exchange

As DESICO develops, more tokens will be listed on the exchange, and trading activities on them will grow to increase DESICO token demand.

Token Distribution

DESICO will sell 51% of total token supplies during all stages of the crowdsale event. DESI unsold tokens will be burned. The token allocated to the team will have a 12 month lock period.

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