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Cryptocurrencies is one of the most important inventions since the inception of the web. They are ushering in a new era of decentralization, privacy, and control of one’s own data that has the potential to revolutionize many parts of society. There are currently over one thousand cryptocurrencies in use, with hundreds more being released each year. Their combined market cap has grown from $10 billion in 2016, to over $400 billion at the time of writing, having previously been much higher. Only 1% of the world’s population own cryptocurrency. Companies involved with blockchain, the technology behind cryptocurrencies and altcoins are expected to experience significant growth over the coming years. Blockchain technology can solve dozens of previously intractable problems, like digital identities, supply chain integrity, data breaches and many, many more. The use of blockchain technology within society has been exponentially increasing since it was introduced to the world by Satoshi Nakamoto. The first use of blockchain technology was bitcoin. According to Gartner Insights, blockchain, the driving force behind the crypto market is estimated to grow in business value to $3.1 trillion by 2030. Blockchain is the fastest growing market in the world and the Desico token offers investors an opportunity to benefit from the growth in value. The age of blockchain technology is just beginning.
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A platform for issuing, investing, and trading security tokens for both institutional and retail investors, in full compliance with the law.

To provide a complete infrastructure for compliantly launching Security Tokens offerings, operate a regulated Security Tokens exchange and provide transaction services under an e-money license.

To create a gateway for retail and institutional investors to step into VC-dominated startup funding space. DESICO seeks to contribute to creating fully global, fair and less costly access to capital for promising businesses from anywhere in the world

Regulatory compliance
DESICO recognizes the importance of regulatory compliance and is developing a platform for issuing security tokens within the existing regulatory framework. Business founders need to be able to raise funds on the blockchain without legal risk. This regulatory hurdle is essential and unless it is resolved, all stakeholders, start-ups, investors, and the entire blockchain ecosystem, will be at a loss.

DESICO seeks to enable start-ups to attract funds on DESICO platform from a wide range of investors at a reduced cost.

DESICO seeks to unite entrepreneurs and crypto enthusiasts who seek a developed environment for Security Tokens. We believe that the creation of the DESICO ecosystem could significantly contribute to the growth and the transformation of capital markets through blockchain.

Application and KYC/AML procedures
At first the team of an upcoming Security Token funded business project shall submit their application to DESICO and complete a summary about their project. The team shall have to first complete full KYC/AML applications to be listed on the platform. KYC/AML services shall be provided by external parties serving under different jurisdictions. Once the KYC/AML provider approves the teams documentation, the project could be listed for screening.

Project screening
Initially, the DESICO team shall screen proposed Security Token offerings for potential scams. Once verified, the projects could be reviewed by the DESICO community who would evaluate the project’s idea and initial potential. Based on the results of the community’s screening, the best ideas and most promising projects shall be accepted onto the DESICO platform. Once accepted, the project team shall sign a service agreement with DESICO

Preparatory phase. Legal assistance:
As Security Token issuing ventures will need to meet Lithuanian regulatory requirements, the team of DESICO legal experts could assist start-ups with the preparation of the necessary documentation, incorporation onto the DESICO platform, opening an account and other practical aspects of setting up a company. As the DESICO ecosystem develops, external services from lawyers could be added to ensure full legal support to all fundraising projects listed on the DESICO platform.

Technological assistance
In order to ensure a standardized and secure crowdsale process, DESICO could offer smart-contract development and audit services. External developers and DESICO community members couldalso be able to offer their assistance to projects and get rewarded.

Launch of campaign
Once the preparation of the Security Token offering is complete, the project shall then be listed on the DESICO platform. It shall have a dedicated domain page with all the relevant information about the project, its crowdsale structure, its Whitepaper, its Minimal Viable Product, etc. The required compliance documentation about the project could be also published. The project shall be promoted to the DESICO community via dedicated newsletters, social networks, and other communication channels. The project team could also get a marketing package tailored to further promote its project more throughout the crypto community and crypto media

The project fundraising could receive funds in their preferred currency. All stages of the fundraising shall have to be completed within the DESICO platform only. By adopting this practice, the equal treatment of investors, irrespective of the size of their contribution, could be granted. It could also prevent the issuing of big discounts/bonuses to large-scale investors.

The successful completion of an STO and its token listing
The funds collected during an STO will be transferred to the STO’s wallet. Its newly-issued security tokens will be distributed to contributorswallets. The token will be then listed on the DESICO exchange

Fundraising company account
A fundraising company can open an account using the services of the DESICO ecosystem to immediately start its operations. Thereby the company founders could be able to move their funds from crypto to fiat and vice versa, and make payments in different currencies (i.e. pay salaries for employees, rent an office, purchase services, etc.).

Post-fundraising monitoring
The company shall have to file regular performance reports through the platform. These could be made accessible through the company’s dedicated profile on the DESICO platform.

The DESICO infrastructure seeks to open a new world of possibilities for businesses to launch Security Token offerings and for investors to finally have a legal and compliant way to participate in Security Token offering. As the DESICO platform evolves, it seeks to onboard an incresing number of companies who will spend on the platform services. At the same time, more service providers could join the DESICO ecosystem and expand the platforms capacity to accept a larger number of fundraising projects. As DESICO grows, more security tokens could be listed on its exchange, and trading activity on the exchange will also grow.
The goal will be revenue growth of the DESICO ecosystem by increasing the number of issuers using the platform, the number of service providers and the trading activity on the exchange.


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